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Sorry about my mistake.. lat post i flag it! :(

I am asking if its possible background images on different pages with this trick: .page-id-10 { background: #fff url(images/kalamaki-xoirino.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:top center; }


Why my food category menu that i created on widget area dont let me show the foods of each category. Looks like wordpress doesn’t recognize the food category and foods like posts. error: This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Could you give me the url please?

nvm.. i removed menu item and i added again.. after that its work! :)

Hi there,

Why can’t I upload this theme into my wordpress webside through wp-admin page? Whenever I try to upload it keeps saying “are you sure you want to do this?” and nothing happens.

Hope you can help me.

Please compress the foodlovers folder only and try to upload it again. Do not upload all the compress file.

It´s me again, I was able to install the theme through my hostserver hostgator. But I have a problem with the address ads-on, I can´t get the google map url to work no matter what I try.

The full html code is this: <iframe width=”425” height=”350” frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0” marginwidth=”0” src=”,+Sentrum,+0160+Oslo&t=m&source=embed&z=14&iwloc=A&ll=59.912398,10.735105&output=embed”></iframe>
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What do I need to copy for it to work? I have tried different url from this html, but none work.

- Also how can I add so the website can be viewed and switched between languages?

-I also tried to share my webside on facebook, and the link it shows up have “food lover” icon and “Food lover restaurant elite wordpress” title. I do not want that cause it´s inconvenient when my customers want to share the website around etc.

Hope you can help.

I already answer your email check it.

Greetings. Great theme. I wanted to ask does it come with a demo .xml file so it can be setup like the demo?


Hi, I want to create the “contact us” page on the website as an example. How can I do? Should I create a “page”? How do I enter a “new address” and display it with the buttons in the same page? Thank you very much

Yes please create the page and in Page template choose Address. Now you just need to add the contact from Address custom post.

sorry, another question. How do I remove the menu in the “Open Daily” box on the home page? I can do that by just changing the css? Thanks

Hi replace it with any widget you want by putting any widget in Footer Middle widget area

Purchased your theme a few days back Plentong. Its a super theme. However still, I do need some help with the following items if you please.

1. Homepage Right Box – How do I remove the scroll bars? 2. How do I add additional photos to the homepage slider? 3. Is there a way I can stream music throughout the website? 4. The maps are working but not displaying the pointer for addresses. The map has to be realigned to see the pointer and address. Kindly let me know how can this be managed. 5. For foods > Can I showcase multiple categories on a same page with some kind of jquery navigation? Is this possible.

Request you to address my queries as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your support.

1. Please reduce the image size and the amount of the text. If you have a lot of text the scrollbar will appear. 2. Go to Appearance -> Theme Setting 3. Hmmm not sure about that, you need to modify the code. 4. Open your location in google maps, and center it in your location. If you use the code your maps will display similar like that. 5. You can display multiple category if you use Food Style 1 template

Like some others, I can’t get the Google map to show up on the Address page either.

Worked like a champ. Thanks!

Hi, great theme so far (just got it). Is there a way to easily change the background color and rollovers in the navigation menu (green)?

Also, I’m having a hard time identifying the second info box underneath the main photos (next to the contact us…you have the hours listed there in your demo). I’d like to change the info there.

Thank you!


I figured out the background issue and I figured out the second box info, so please ignore that part of my post.

Still need to see how to change the color (green) in the navigation bar.


Hmm, but the navigation color is white? do you want to change it into green color?

The rollover color (the little tab with the down-pointing arrow) on the Menu bar (top of page) is green for me as is the default background color on sub-pages (I replaced with a graphic).

I sent you a direct Email about an urgent issue (I also made you an admin of the site so you could check it out). We were filling the menu with items when literally all-of-a-sudden, the food categories just disappeared. You can’t access them at all. We were planning on launching the site this weekend – can you help?

Just purchased – great template! However just wondering if there is a way to get rid of those ugly scroll bars on the home page intro box/section??

Hi plentong, just finished my client’s new website but still waiting on a solution for the scroll bars. Even with minimal content these static scroll bars still show – see screen shot Please help :)

Just fixed it; in the stylesheet I came across this;

panel-front {

width:230px; height:473px; background:url(images/panel-front.png) no-repeat; float:right; margin:16px 13px 0 0; padding:23px 25px; overflow:scroll;

‘overflow’ is set to ‘scroll’ – I just changed it to ‘hidden’ and the scroll bars have now gone.

update: ok it fixed the problem in IE but not Chrome or Firefox – they still show scroll bars :(

update: ok all sorted now – cleared cache in Chrome and Firefox and scroll bars have gone. I’m happy! :)

Hi there,

Can you please tell me how to change the default green background for another color or images? Thanks in advance!


Oh it’s solved! Can you please help me outembadding the google maps into the address page? Thank!

Hi there,

It’s a bit silly, but.. can you explain me how gallery works? Thnks!

Gallery figured out!

I may be missing it, but how do I set the homepage to show only posts? We want to use this theme as a blog, not a traditional website.


Setting -> Reading, in front page display choose “A static page” and choose your blog page

Hi, I have a question on this theme.

How can i get rid of the menu appearing of the middle footer box and having only “Opening Hours”; just as it is on the demo?

Set the Menu from “Appearance -> Menus” and create your own navigation for “Footer Navigation”


How do I go about setting up a page for my blog posts. It seems that no matter what I put in the readings settings, I cannot assign a page for my posts.

Please Help.

Create a new page and in page atrribute in bottom right choose “News” as page template. That page will automatically became blog post