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How do i show categories in food menu? Thanks!

Choose Foods Template 2, and don’t forget to add category for the food. To create the navigation with the category, just go to Appearance -> Menus and add foods category to the menu


Can i increase the number of sliding background on the homepahge?

No, you can only have 4 images

hi, is it possible have a sql dump file with sample contents?

thanks in advance Timpa

When i choose Food Template 2 and add food and categories they wont display in the category pages. I only get to see This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.

But when i choose the link in the menu i get to see all the added foods. This works fine, but the category pages won`t. Please help me.

Give me your url and I will check it

In waiting of an answer for the question above, I need to know if is it possible set differently the foods on the 2 foods pages. Better, I need to have 2 different pages, with the 2 different foods layout, but that displays 2 different foods categories. Is it possible? thanks

No sorry, it’s not possible

hi thanks for your reply, and what about the dump file?


very nice theme! do it works with any ecommerce module like woocommerce?

Hmm, I never try that, but I think it won’t work

Hi, it’s me again. Is it possible have the news excerpt in the Foodlovers news widget inside Sidebar Homepage widget? Thanks in advance

Other question, I’ve installed a multilingual plugin. How can I manage the Homepage Text 1-2-3 in other languages? Thanks again. Timpa

Hmm, that text come from theme setting, so I think you can’t use multilingual plugin for those.

Hi there. What a nice theme! I also can’t get the gallery to work. It only shows featured image.

You need to create a new page and choose Gallery as page template, now you need to post gallery from gallery custom post. Add the image on featured images. Give mw wp-admin access and I will help you to set up the gallery page

Could you please explain how the gallery should work? I try to insert many images in a gallery page, but there’s no gallery. I can only be able to add multiple gallery with one image under the same gallery cathegory. thanks

You need to create a new page and choose Gallery as page template, now you need to post gallery from gallery custom post. Add the image on featured images

the gallery option tab is empty! please answer!

Hi there,

I am looking forward to buy this theme but I got several questions. How can I remove the date, author and tags ? I know the comments are a Wordpress thing. But if I leave it blank would the Blogposts show: Comments closed? And if how can I remove that?

Is it possible to use several background sliders that I can click on? Maybe for seasons? Like in Spring it will show Asparagus, in Sommer it will show Strawberries and so on…

Can I increase the number of background images? I know you said no to a post before but maybe I can code one or to more. (Didn’t looked at the coding of this theme. But sometimes its really easy and sometimes not.)


Hi, there seems to be a problem with the implementation of the google map code, especially when you add a second “adress” with it´s own map code -> the first adress on the frontend will be shown the right way, the google map pin is in the middle of the map “box” but on the second tab, where it should be another map section, the map section jumps a little aside and so the map pin is hidden somewhere.

I hope you understand the problem ;)

You can see it on your themeforest demo site on the site -> “Main Office” is OK, but you will see the problem when you click on “Las Vegas” -> you have to scroll to see the pin

Hi, I liked the Theme. I need to meet delivery orders. Could do a suitability for delivery? For Example: Would have to have a button in each item of “FoodStyle 2” for the person going by clicking on each item that I would ask. Clicked items would go to a stand that would add the values. And at the end of the request would be sent the request to an email. Do not need to integrate payment system. Because the payment is made at the time that the person receives the request in your home. I wonder if you have possibility to do this and how much would it cost? Att

Hello, Great theme. I can not het the “address” to show the google map. I just get a black field. Can you assist me with this?

Hey! What kind of url does “Address” require/accept and how to get it out from gmaps: “Google Map URL:”

How can i add my pictures to the gallery?

I just upgraded from 1.0.1 to 1.1.1 (the new version is reflected in WordPress); however, the Twitter feed is still not working. I have tried using multiple Twitter accounts to test, and I have tried deleting the widget and putting it back in. But I still get nothing but “loading Twitter” in the widget.

The twitter.js file in wp-content/themes/foodlovers/script is dated Oct 16 2012 and is 8346 bytes. Is this the correct one? If it is, are there any plans to fix the problem?

Nevermind. When I went to the place where you got the js plugin, it came up with: “Twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API, so this widget has stopped working as of 2013-06-11.”

Supposedly, is supposed to be a workaround that works with Twitter now. Do you have any plan on implementing this into Foodlovers?

I will update it in the next release


is there anyway to implement cart66 or any other shopping carts to make online orders possible for food items?

please let me know

thank you

No sorry

Can I replace the green color boxes with a red color instead? Preferably #ce1127 ???? I would purchase a license if its possible. Thanks!

You need modify the css to do that