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Support Now Available!

We are finally back and will be providing support for customers who have purchased our products since I have been busy over the past year due to personal reasons.

We have disabled the forum we used to use due to certain spam problems. For now please use the item comments section here for support!

We also apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused whilst we have been absent in terms of support questions although this it is not mandatory for authors to provide support, we understand how hard it is to get used to a new theme!

Regards, George ThemeProvince

Hi there,

I contacted you a while ago regarding fixing a chrome bug, it seems that you have released an updated version that fixed that. How do I go about updating my current website without loosing everything in it and having to set it up all over again?

I noticed that through WP your footage theme doesn’t seem to have an update available?


Hi there,

Download the new jQuery version. and upload to your server.

Open header.php in the theme folder. Search for where jQuery is being included and replace the old file path with the new jQuery script you just uploaded.


I am using Footage theme purchased from themeforest. None of the SEO plugins are working for this theme so i have put a support request for All in One Seo Package. The reply i have received from them is below

“The problem is with your theme. When you click on a link to a page the page is displayed as part of your homepage and not as it’s own distinctive page. You’ll need to contact whoever developed that theme and work with them to fix the theme so that each internal page is displayed as it’s own page and not loaded as part of the homepage.”

Now how can i make the pages as individual ones ?



SO there is no way to do SEO on each page ?

With different keywords / title / description ?

Since this theme is an AJAX theme that is true yes. Sorry.

Hi- I need help logging in to support. I bought the footage video production theme, and I need help with the video portion.

Hi support is managed through the comments here as we are updating our support system.


in my url is a ”#” hash. How can I change this? For example ( /#/ ): http:/ about-us /

kind regards val

This cannot be changed sorry.

Hi, I’ve bought your theme last month and I’m satisfied enough because of the quality of your project and graphic design. But I have a BIG problem opening it with iPad and other mobile devices. The theme is not responsive at all, but it would not be a damage if… Once the submenu is open, it covers the page it opens and it doesn’t let to read it. It doesn’t close itself, evenif I tap out of it to make it desappear. The most of people look at websites from this kind of devices that don’t support the hover property of the mouse, so how to solve this problem? Please give me a tip, :) Thank you very much for your help, Rachele

the website is at this address: excuse me for my english…

Hi, it’s possible add two cursors on the left navigation thumbs to go up and down it? How much add this function?

thank you so much.

We don’t offer premium customisations on our themes. Contact a freelancer for a quote.

thanks, but at least you can slow down the movement of the left navigation thumbs? because on mouse over up and down is too fast.

You can slow it down by making some changes to the code.

Hi, there is no way i can try before buy right? lol

Unfortunately not sorry :( we don’t have any test demo setup.


Love the project… is there a HTML version of it, or just WD?


Just WordPress

Hi, and thanks for a great theme. It has served us well over the years. Are there plans to update for WordPress 4.1?

Thank you for your time.

Hi there, Thanks!

Have you found any issues with the theme in regards to 4.1 compatibility as we can’t think of a reason why it wouldnt work on 4.1.


I haven’t tried to update Wordpress yet. I only ask because it states in the product compatibility up to WordPress 3.9.

I’ll go ahead with the update and let you if I run into any problems. Thank you for the reply.


I just had a couple of questions before purchasing. Is it possible to change the font of the menus? And is it possible to relocate the menus either to the top or bottom rather than on the side? By this I mean either the thumbnails or the nav bar.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Sorry but these are not options you will find in the backend. You would have to modify the code yourself to achieve this.


Hey there, this is by far the best video theme that I’ve found even after 3 years… but, the only thing it’s lacking which is more important nowadays is smartphone/tablet response. Any plan to include this, either in this theme or a future similar theme?

Hi Mungous,

Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately we do not have plans to add responsiveness due to the lack of sales of this theme. We are planning to create a similar theme (with responsiveness) in the future though so stay tuned :)



Wicked. Honestly I don’t know why it’s so hard to find them, there are plenty of directors and production companies out there who are after good ones, I guess just not as many as there are photographers. Would be happy to pay a higher price for a good one. Will keep an ear out. Something like this – Footage was pretty close!

Some questions before buying the template:

Sorry! (please delate)

Some questions before buying the template:

1) When I play a video in the video galley the sound start mixing with the sound of the background video. Is posible to fix this with some option inside the wp admin?

2) There is a minimum of videos to put in the main gallery-menu?

3) Comes with a Demo Content file?


Hi there,

1) I’m unsure what you mean my this.

2) There is no minimum amount of videos you need to add.

3) The demo file is called footage.xml in the main download.


Thanks! You have some link to an image where I can see the some of the back-end options? That will help. You template have so many bad comments over here…

Hi, I’ve been using the Footage theme for several years now. Just realized that my site, aside from the background image and vertical portfolio, isn’t functioning properly in Chrome. The company logo in the upper left and any page or post appear completely blank.

No idea how long this has been the case, but wondering if it has anything to do with the “Chrome bug” you mentioned in the comments here 1 year ago?

If so, I need a more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to:

- Identify which version of Jquery I currently have, and

- how after downloading the correct newer version I then “upload to the server.”


Hi Woofer,

Sorry I didn’t see your message.

I believe if you replace your current version the version of the theme with the latest version of the theme it will automatically solve the problem.


Hi i just purchase this theme. im just little bit confuse about home. how can i have thumbnail of videos on left side and full video on right? also can i have multi pages like that? like wedding music videos and etc. i understand i can make pages in portfolio but i prefer to have portfolio in my pages and like home page, thanks

i have purchased this template a while back but have just now downloaded it and installed it. i can get my video to show up to the left as a thumbnail but none of my photo galleries show up. am i missing something?

UPDATE 1.3 FEATURES Fixed: Chrome Menu Bug

Where can 1.3 be downloaded? The package available through Envato is only up to 1.2


Hi, is this theme available anymore? I can’t see the live preview.