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Nice job, GLWS o7

Great Work! GLWS! ;)

It says that it is missing a CSS style sheet when I try to upload it to wordpress.


How ca I use it as an html website?

open the zip file, you will see a folder called html site. upload all the files in your server your site will be ready.

Hi !

this template is wordpress?

No this is a muse template. You can also use it as html website but it is not available as wordpress

Yes it is responsive

My money just got drained in the water..i downloaded it for wordpress and its not installing It says that it is missing a CSS style sheet when I try to upload it to wordpress.

Very poor themeforest..pathetic

Thus is not a wordpress thene. This is a muse template. You should read before purchasing.

hello I would like to know if this theme works on joomla 3.3 and if it is responsive

thank you

This is not a Joomla Template. This is a Muse Template and it can work only with Adobe Muse or as a static html website.

Do you have a reference for the soccer stock images that were used in the carousel slider? Thanks in advance – Marcus

These are the images from a photos bundle that i bought from

I would like a refund on the theme because it is not wordpress.

You can contact envato support for refund.

hi, how do a change the backgrounds in the master page?

never mind, got it :)

Hey, I know it says easy to edit in the description, does it include color customization? I would need to change the yellow color to something else. Thank you :)

You need to select all the elements to change the color in one click. It doesn’t take more than one minute.

Hello, I purchased this, but I am having a very hard time custamzing the site, any chance you have a help file. I have used other muse templates much easier, but for some odd reason I am having a very hard time with this. Its very beautiful though. I just need a little help

Which part of the template is difficult for you. Please share with us so that we can help you in customization.

I’m trying to figure out how to configure the team page. How do I change the grid size and number of boxes.

Thank you

It is a slider box on which the team members are situated. If you double click one time on a team member picture it will select the complete slide and if you double click twice it will select the single team member.

What grid size you are talking about? Page grids or team section grid?

Now It displays two rows of 4 images. How would I change the slider to show 3 rows of 3 images.

Just Select the image box with two double clicks and then drag it to match your desired size.

hi, how do I change the backgrounds in the master page? (The soccer images that scroll right-left). Thanks!

Hi, 1. Select the slider with mouse click. 2. Now you can see the blue arrow icon on the top right of slider. 3. Click on blue arrow icon to open the slider options 4. Now click on add image to add new images.

Thanks for super fast answer! Got it and will buy again for sure!

Please consider giving 5 stars to the template if you like it :)

i have donloaded this template and. museJsassert error is coming… cannot access style of null in dialog box… plz respond urgently

Can you please send me the screenshot?

in a resolution under 1000px the responsiveness is bad, is it something that you are looking to fix?

In adobe muse you can’t have any option to fix it. It allows you to add only three versions, one each for desktop tablet and mobile. If the resolution is different it can’t do anything about it.