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I’ve got a warning “This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at"

How to solve that?

There is answer to your question here

Please use support forum for your problems.


Hi, i used Dreamweaver to edit the site but everytime i change the text in the left the buttons hide also the text on left!

plz advice

Very good, but I like the wordpress version, there will be some update to this to keep the look in wp.

Few questions

1) Do both the forms work (meaning will they send me the details filled in), so is there a .php mailer file included that works. Does this validate the form if so

2) If I buy this theme, will I get all the pictures included in the demo?

Thanks and let me know asap please..

1. There is php mailer with validation

2. No

Thanks for comment

Hi, thanks for the reply, then please tell me which images are included and what’s not?


Hi 2 things which may help make that sale for this site please

1) can you please upload a version of the site as a purchaser would receive and give me the URL so I can see what I get & visualise What additional work is involved by me after purchase

2) when viewing on the iPhone browser. The globe decides to always centre itself if I try to read any text in the right body section of the site, is there a way to definately avoid this issue happening on tablets and smart phones?

Thanks for theme but when I modif something in Dreamweaver template not working. So some suggestion? or I can ask for refund.

Example : chanege text in Save the Ozone to Test

Earth not show, hovever not working.

Right now refund is only one logical step. / also i purchase wordpress version – not tested yet but right now html version is needed /


hey, Pleae let me know how to center the website. now all the contents are left sided. How do we brong it to center?

This template is great but has 2 very serious problems:

1. It does not stretch and fit all resolutions. even resolution of 1024/760 does not work well. 2. The effect of the cubes in the home page does not work in explorer 9 although the developer wrote it is compatible with explorer 9.

I hope the developer will unswer my support request about those points and fix them.

This proved very problematic implementing with new picture and elements and the client decided not to use it. Now I am thinking of using it on one my site. Can you please let me know how to include the content section like you used in your WordPress edition?


Send me email and I will see what i can do.


hi i just purchased this theme i get the error ‘javascript new google map key’ where is this key? also pl help me register for your support it asks for some purchase key

thanks deepa

just like brandadmin am having problems implementing a new picture and elements…

i havent got a reply at all for past 2 days , have sent an email to the author as well as posted in the support forum of the author. please arrange to give me refund. this theme does not work at all! on changing the image in dreamweaver the whole code gets broken and jammed

the examples domain expired

worst support from author….chooses not to reply! i need a refund….

style.css is bugged, no or invalid theme header. useless if you don’t want to debug it yourself

I have to take that back, I got the wrong version (html5)