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Very nice theme. I think You should make it for Wordpress!

Thank you!
There already is a wordpress theme for it. :)

Nice work! Good luck ;)

Great template! GLWS! :)

Thank you! :)

Looks great.. GLWS ;)

For me is one thing missing… tables.

Thank you for your feedback, we will add this feature on our next update.

hello, can you add to the html version. activity pages / members / groups / register the WP version? and have the same footer with tag cloud / explore forca / categories? I find it nice ?

I tried with 1024 * 768 resolution and it turns out that we are too wide (width: 1200px) which is a shame: ‘(

thanks you!

If i buy your template, you can config this for i can view the right sidebar on a screen resolution 1024*768 please or not possible ? thanks you.

Unfortunately no, this feature will not be available on lower resolutions.

Hi. Is there a light version of this template?

Unfortunately not, but you might want to check our our Legatus theme, it is light and the features are very similar.

Hello. I purchased this theme a little while ago and have just received notice of an update. Could you let us know what you have updated so that we know what files to change? Also does the contact form work on the theme?

It should be located in the archive.

Just downloaded the zip again from Themeforest. After extraction the only folders are ‘html’, ‘manual’ and psd. No changes.txt file either in them or outside.

Sorry for that, the changed file is “js/theme-scripts.js”

Hi I need a way for ‘sidebar-content’ to be pushed down the page instead of being hidden for widths smaller than desktop. Is there a way to achieve this?

Currently there is no option for this, you will have to modify the files in “css/responsive” to achieve this functionality. This will require programming knowledge.

Thanks, I got the css to work how I want

Great! :)
Would you mind also rating our theme on themeforest?
That would be great help to us! :)

Hi, Do you have Arabic version? I mean direction from right to left

Unfortunately currently this theme does not support RTL languages.

Hi, Any way to get Newest Events shown i a Widget? Please help.

Sorry for the hold on, we were on Easter Holiday.

Unfortunately currently this widget is not available, but there should be plugins that allow you to list custom post type posts.

Hi, can this theme be used on weebly? Urgent reponse needed pls. Thanks

This is a simple HTML template, that means that it is static layout code. We currently are not familiar with Weebly, but most likely you will need to modify it in order to make it work.


In the HTML version, I cannot make the top 728×90 banner visible, it isn’t working in the live preview either… Could you please help with this?

Make sure you have disabled advertisement blocking extensions in your browser.

Thank you, it was my adBlock, I didn’t realized it is that effective :) Thanks again

Do you have an updated documentation for this? I just bought it and it is pretty outdated. Expecting your response as soon as possible.


Have you bought a html or WordPress versions?

And also is there a way to install the actual demo that you have on my wordpress site? So I can just modify it? You know what I mean?

We can set up your page 1:1 as our demo, but only if we can reset your existing installation or you have a clean installation.

Please open a ticket here:

Hi ! Did you add the tables ? I cant find an example on the demo. Thanks !


The theme doesn’t come with styled tables, but you can try to add for example bootstrap tables there.

Ok, thanks.

This version:

Is not for wordpress right ? I dont want to buy the wordpress version.


Yes this will be a HTML version.

WordPress version can be found here