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Hello! How can I swicth off decorative fonts and choose just simple Arial? Cannot ffind the file with the link to the fonts.

To do that you can modify “functions/jquery-css-include.php” file and comment out lines 13-28 to disable loading google fonts. After that you will need to modify the “css/fonts.php” and “css/main-stylesheet.css” files to change the fonts to Arial.

hi, composer license is not incluide?

This should answer the question:

if I read the answer, but the plugin does not update when I update the theme

You will have to update this plugin manually using this guide:

hi happy hollidays! visual composer plugin include in theme is not updatable? I have to buy a separate license?

Is it possible that there will be a news ticker avalible in the theme in the future ?

We will consider adding this update.

That would be sweet, i really need it, and considered to make my own that fitted to the design after i looked around for a plugin, and found out theres really nothing i could use to this theme who fitted my needs. :)

Hi, pre sales question? Is it possible to turn off the “Rating System” easily. And does this work with “Jet Pack” for social media sharing of posts, like and tweet images or posts?

The rating system by default is off unless you put in any data for it.
The Jet Pack should be working fine.

We have purchased and installed this theme on our website. Now we are getting error in wordpress editor admin, jquery(...).dialog is not defined. Can someone contact us , so that we can provide details and can fix the issue asap


Rahul A.

We apologize for the hold on.
Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Let me know your email ID please? I can’t send you all details here on the comment for obvious reasons.

You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile. It will send it to our email


There seems to be an issue with Wordpress 4.2.

Just updated and received the following error message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home/server1/public_html/ in /home/server1/public_html/ on line 134

Thank you

Hello! There was problem with new Wordpress 4.2 version and our integrated function. We working hard to rewrite theme code and after few hours you receive theme update.

Has there been a solution to the issue Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in??

It’s been 14 days.

Disregard. Thanks.

Hello! Please reinstall theme again (download newest version from themeforest) but install via FTP!

Hi! I wanted to ask, does this theme include an Italian language pack? And also is there a Quick Install package?

Currently we do not include any other languages than English but it can be translated by using WPML plugin or this guide:

Hi, i have these theme, i now have got the “white screen of death” as they call it, when i’m going to /wp-admin is only a white page! I disable this theme, so i have the original theme, then it work, when i’m going back to this theme again, not working! Help??!

We replied to your forum thread.

Do you have any release notes? What was in the last update? How do I tell what version I have? I can see the version in style.css but I dont update that as it has custom css in it.

What is the latest version 1.1.7?

There will be a changes.txt file in the theme directory listing all the files changed. The latest version is 1.2.0.

Hello, the homepage news slider is not shwing up on my homepage. Is there something im missing?

You can add it while editing the homepage blocks:
Make sure that there are posts that are set as the Slider News:

Hi, Is there any chance of getting the homepage configuration from the demo? Or at least the settings, you have posted them before, but the dropbox links are dead. Thanks

Hello I purchased the theme from a diffrent account, Is it possible to have the pop up trigger with every visit

It can be done by modifying footer.php file and changing the “cookie_timeout” value.

What value should i use?

It depends on how often you want to show it, if you want it to show on every pageview, you can simply change the setcookie value:
setcookie              : false,

How can I remove “review-item” form URL?

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?

I would like to remove “review-item” from wordpress slug(URL) for example to be

Hello, Currently we are not using such slug / post type, make sure that it isn’t a plugin doing it.


kefe Purchased


My website uses SSL, but your theme keeps loading items from youtube and other sites over HTTP instead of HTTPS, for now I changed these lines manually, but will in a future release be better SSL support included?

Thanks for notice!

We will update this on our side too, so you wouldn’t lose those changes after updates.


I’ve been using the theme for quite some time now. Since the site traffic was declining, I started looking into mobile optimization of my page ( ).

When looking up the page, Google already says in the search output that “this site is not optimized for mobile devices” and when I run PageSpeed Insights there are also a bunch of problems.

I thought that this theme was responsive and therefore optimized for mobiles, too. Is this false?


These tools how just what else could be improved in the page, they don’t say the page is slow, fast or bad.

Okay thanks. Good to know. I’ve updated the theme now and it looks like the build in shortcodes don’t work properly anymore, when I revisit and update an existing article.

For example, the more tag doesn’t work and the whole article gets cut off (I had to remove the tag in each article), but also shortcodes like:

[spacer style=”2” icon=”9888” color=”FF3C00” iconcolor=”FF0D0D”

don’t appear in the frontend anymore. Not sure what went wrong.

Sorry but you support license has expired and you will need to renew it to receive support.

Can I get the full demo? without pics but with placeholers?


Sorry but your support licence has expired and you will need to renew it.

Anyway this won’t be possible, you can import the demo without images and then you can add your placeholders to the images.

Pre Purchase question: will that work on current Word press version 4.8? Will I be able to use plugins like Yoast SEO, akismet, insert header footer and so on with it? What about the plugin update of this theme? I went your FAQ page and that’s confusing. Is the process is same like reguler wordpress theme or different?


It should work fine with WordPress 4.8, for the Yoast SEO plugin there will be needed some small modifications in theme header.php, you will need to remove the title tag.

Does the latest version of this theme allow you to remove a sidebar so the page is full width? I dont want a sidebar on every post.

With version 1.17? I’m not able to remove the sidebar from posts.

I installed 1.2.2 and still dont see how you can remove a sidebar from a Post

At the moment this template can be applied only to pages.