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Live preview = page not found.

Working on it, hopefully! Updated! Sorry about that!

how do you change the email??

how do you change the email??

Contact me through the contact form on my profile please

I did yesterday and till now you did not answer?? what you sold me is not working

Just checked my spam! D: and replied!

The button on newsletter keep green. I need it RED . How i change?!

Search for ‘name=”subscribe”’

and change

‘class=”btn-large btn btn-success”’ to ‘class=”btn-large btn btn-danger”’

Thnks. And how o set font size 10 to about who?! Need to put a Large text.

just add #aboutwho p{ font-size: 10px; }

anywhere into the css

How to change the email?

Well if you buy the template, it’s included in the documentation


I would love to buy this theme but is there a possibility to convert the countdown to actual date alive.

I mean I want just the landing page to show how many days,weeks,etc the page is been online

Let me know if that is possible and how, I would love to buy the theme

You want it to count the amount of days it’s been live? Seems alright and doable, feel free to contact me through the contact page if you’d like more info!

Cheers BenSheppard

It appears something isn’t working with Java when I install the theme. The clock isn’t working and when I click on the links it just changes them in place and doesn’t jump down. The path structure seems to be fine. I’m testing in both Chrome and Firefox

Also getting java error: “Uncaught ReferenceError: iid is not defined: line 73 lookjavascript.js”

UPDATED: If the year isn’t set right it breaks java for the rest of the site.

Sorry for a late reply, yeah due to the counter being the “main” part of the template

Just FYI – the ticker (the thing going around the coming soon section) doesn’t work correctly in Firefox 17.0.1.

All fixed, updating now! I’ll keep you updated

Great! Cheers, mate :).

All done, thanks for letting me know

I’m running into issues getting Google Maps to embed properly in this code. I’m basically just copying the code (Customize Embed Code > Set the right dimensions > copy & paste), but it always winds up way off center, and doesn’t show the marker. Any suggestions?

If you use something like to help work with the offset?

I haven’t tried that, but what did work (despite being redundant) was to load the map in a separate document, then load that file into the iframe.

Thanks for the link though, I’ll check it out. The landing page works beautifully other than that!

Thank you very much! Sorry for the issues you’ve had :)

Hi, just purchase it and I can’t edit the lookjavascript.js I use mac with safari browser. Need ur advice asap..thx

What seems to be the issue?

Not sure on macs but can you…

Right click -> Edit in notepad (or mac alternative)

Really love this template but have had so much trouble doing the simplest things. I do not want a progress page so I remove the code for the progress section in the html but it causes the whole thing to be messed up. Is there something I’m missing?

If you’re removing the whole section I’m not sure what the issue could be? :/ If you send me a message though my profile page with a zip of the theme I’ll take the progress bar out for you! :)

Nice work, Good luck for sales;