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great work, :)

Thanks DeltaForce, appreciate it! :)

Thanks Mark :)

Great work!

But is this a admin theme for wordpress?

Thanks! :)

This is not an Admin Theme for Wordpress, this is an HTML template.

Great theme!

How do I change the theme to be either Red or Blue by default? Thanks

Thanks for purchasing!

I made a FAQ topic at the support forum you can find your answer here:

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Thanks! :)

Awesome work Philo!

Thanks Brandon! Appreciate it :)

Very nice… Very clean…

Thanks! :)

Very clean and simple. As a non web designer, you’ve saved me countless hours! ;-)

The documentation section is very helpful, thank you!

i can’t see preview

Works fine here

The theme is in one word perfect, i only have one problem in the menu, the problem is posted by 2 people on your support forum but you didn’t post how to fix (yet).

When i hover over the sub-menu the main menu text disappears.

How do i fix this??

Which browser are you using? And please make sure that you follow the documentation included. There are some structure requirements in order to make the menu work good.

Could you please email me the url to your website so I can check it out?

Kind regards,

Philo Hermans

I followed the documentation and the code is good i checked over a hundred times ;P.

I use IE8 , IE7 and Firefox.

Ill make you an account so you can login and see the menu yourself.

Where can i send the details to??

You can contact me here: Use the contact form found on the right side.

Your message was sent! My email = kai.rijswijk [at]

Still don’t have a solution on how to fix the menu problem, hoped the service was better here.

I have tested the demo in IE and FireFox, no problems here.

I have the same problem using Safari 4.0.4

Hovering on a submenu makes the main menu text disappear.

This should be fixed now, please take a look at the live demo. Let me know if the problem still occurs. I will submit an update to ThemeForest, it should be updated within a few hours.

Thanks! It seems that problem is fixed.

But, on sub (and sub-sub) menus, there needs to be a ROLLOVER effect, don’t you think?

At this point, it’s hard for users to see which button is active.

- E