Discussion on Forever - Wedding Couple & Agency/Planner HTML5 Template

Discussion on Forever - Wedding Couple & Agency/Planner HTML5 Template

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Hello, I bought this theme a while back… the CONTACT FORM was working. but it stopped delivering to a “gmail” email account a few weeks ago – I can get it to deliver to my own email, but not to the clients gmail. it’s not going to JUNK – Is this odd? Can you help please?

Live site here: https://www.glowskincare.ca/

Hi Dear, It’s really strange and sorry to say that here nothing to do with code. The best solution will be to talk to the server support or if firewall support (if any) because due to these cases emails are not getting received to the client.

yep i agree with you. thank you!!

Hi, I bought the template a few days ago, I copy the demo (without making any change) and there is an error which I must need correct:

In the contact form, the placeholders from fields “name” “email” “phone” and “Wedding Date” is gray, while the placeholder of the “Message” field is white, (I mean the text color of the default fields)

I need all the placeholders of the contact form to be white, how can I do it?

Also, I need to know how to do so that the form fields are not required?. Thank you!

Is there a way to make the menu options disappear once I click into one of its options? (I’m using Iphone)

No, There is no any such option

Hello, I sent you an email about a week ago and still don’t have a reply!

My issue is that I can’t insert an image anywhere, not even on the html editor! There is a conflict with WP Bakery page builder, because when I deactivate it works. But I cant change the visual without it. Can you please help me? Did you have this issue before?

Regards, Manos

You are writing here in HTML thread. Please contact support at support@theemon.com

I’m trying to install the theme, the files do not go to FTP .. can anyone help me?

Please share WP details, FTP at support@theemon.com

Hello, how do I change the width of the photo? It’s a big one and I need to reduce it. Thank you.

File: assets/js/jquery.revolution.js
responsiveLevels : [1240, 1024, 778, 480],
visibilityLevels : [1240, 1024, 778, 480],
gridwidth : [1240, 1024, 778, 480],
gridheight : [1050, 950, 960, 800],

Thank you very much!


Thanks for creating the template. :)

My client bought your template and told me to customize. All is done. But why the “Blog” parallax image does not work? Please see the link- http://doctorgetsengineered.com/rituals.html

Can you tell me it please?

Please send all details at support@theemon.com along with purchase code, ftp details & admin credentials.

Hi, does it come with the php file already armed for the contact form? Thank you.

Yes, Contact form is already working with php mail.

I have looked at the documentation that you provided to find where I place my google API key and am unable to see any information on it. Where do I insert my API key?

I talked to my hosting company and they were unable to help, kind of like dhallakx7. They said that it didn’t make since that this was a cross browser issue. I have to agree with them, I downloaded your template and then uploaded it to Bluehost and GoDaddy’s servers with and was seeing the icon errors. I had to go into the style.css and make changes to the .time-line-divider:before / content. I added the icons directly into it, in order for it to work. So as far as do I think it is a coding issue, YES, I do. At the very least, I believe that the service you provided to me was very poor. Just emailing me and saying that it is a cross browser issue and it’s not your code is not an answer. You stated that you support all browsers. That is not the case if it is a cross browser issue. The way that you and/or you company handled it self with my comments and review is worse than the service that you provided. I gave you a bad review, yes, I had bad service. You are trying to get my review taken off. Then you post in a public comment, that do I still think it’s your code. And then proceed to state you will take off your comment if I take my down. I left a comment and review about my experience, and the level of services that was provided to me. I will not be bullied to remove a comment because it hurts you. You deliver bad service; you get a bad comment.

I suggested a tutorial at beginning that have suggestion to write full path of icons. Anyways your problem is resolved now that’s great.

This is what you sent me. It seem that it’s cross browser issue. Can you please check assets/css/font-awesome.css & write the fill url path on place of ../. Better please talk to your host. You said nothing for replacing the content css with the icons. Don’t try to make it seem like you tried to help. This was the ONLY suggestion that you gave me. Yes, my problem has been resolved after hours of my time rewriting the css. I want to add, I want to say, that you have added more stress to a already stressful wedding.

where do I change the Google map location

Please check the documentation there you can find the way to change map location. It’s in site.js file.

Please response to ticket ID : RV00327404

You mentioned Resolved :)


Hi, I bought the template html5 “forever wedding”. I need because then the dynamic am with ColdFusion.

But the thing that I do not like so much is the SLIDER (<!- START REVOLUTION SLIDER ->). I saw instead the same template in wordpress the Slider is much better.

You tell me what should I do to have the slider of the wordpress template in html5 template?

Even paying but it is urgent. Sorry for my english, Thank you.


If it will resolve the problem we can expect a 5 star rating as appreciation :)

OK, FADE, the fact, but the written and arrows in the other are central, the FONT is different and the words have that effect different. I tried to copy the code does not work … as I put change these parameters ??

I put 5 stars, if you could you would put 20. I could open a consulting fee for mail to staff?

Can you please share URL where you made changes. Please respond on same ticket you received from support@theemon.com

Hi, testimonial fonts are returning sym ? at URL http://biggdayy.com/forever, pls help

Give at least some suggestion .. you are the code owner you must have knowledge, you can inspect the code, and let me know where it is missing, you can also let me know if the part of the css are incorrect anything you can help me out easily .

Is it called through AwsomeFonts or symbol?

it’s special characters not font awsome or symbol.

Hi, I have a issue, i can not able to see the footer of the index page? could you please find out if something wrong happening ? the online URL is : http://biggdayy.com/forever/

Just noticed that footer is there on your URL. FOr any other help please write us at support@theemon.com

Hello, I can not see BLOG (header) background image ? I have also emailed for this purpose, source is also pasted

Hi folks. Just bought this site a few minutes ago and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this bug, or if it’s just my system, ‘cause it’s a real head scratcher.

I bought the site template, downloaded it, opened it up in dreamweaver (html version of the site) and when I clicked to preview in Chrome for the browser, most all of the little “heart” shapes that are pink with the white inner heart, like on the logo, down the vertical timeline, etc… don’t show the pink areas. Only the white inner heart’s show, no pink, which renders them virtually invisible. However… the preview site on themeforest shows the pink circles around the white hearts.

I thought it was a script issue, so I uploaded the whole shebang to my ftp server and tried viewing the site in chrome… same thing. No pink, only white hearts.

So…. went I thought maybe it was a chrome issue, so I opened the site up in firefox and safari…. no problem at all. The white hearts show up throughout the site with the nice pink borders like it’s supposed too.

So I’m kind of at a loss. The preview site on themeforest shows the pink circle around the white hearts…. viewed in Chrome. yet when I download the site and try viewing the downloaded site through chrome with no changes whatsoever to the source files…. no pink circle around the hearts. But they show up in other browsers, and show up just fine in chrome when looking at the themeforest preview.

It makes abso-freaking-lutely no sense. Not sure why the pink circles would show up in all the other browsers except for chrome on my pc. Yet the themeforest preview would show the pink circles in chrome.

Anyone else experience that? Or do I need to slap my laptop around to show it who is boss? lol

spoke with godaddy, they are at a loss. I’ve checked in the ftp file manager, there are no protections or permissions set for that file, so it should be being read by the site. The odd thing still is that even when if I unzip the raw files from the original download from themeforest and open them up in dreamweaver, the info from skin.lss still doesn’t take effect on the site when previewed offline. Even just by double clicking index.html to open that page up. It still looks exactly as it does in the link above whether using safari, firefox, chrome, or IE. shrugs

The only thing that I’ve noticed is that when I view any files, be they javascript files for the site, css files for the site, html files for the site, php files for the site, when viewed in a text editor or dreamweaver, every line of syntax is color coded like normal in the editors. Classes/id’s are one color, styles another color, text is black, etc, etc, etc… just like normal.

However of all of the pages that make up the site, there is only one page where every line of text/syntax in that page is black with no other color coding whatsoever. That’s skin.less. Never gotten a template with a .less file in it before, so not sure if it’s normal or not for the information in a .less file to have no color coding in the code. Not sure if that’s normal, or an error somewhere in the syntax. shrugs

I tried copying all of the info out of the .less file and pasting it into the styles.css page hoping that that would work, nope. Kinda at a loss right now. I know it’s probably something simple that I’m just missing.

Hello Dear, LESS is latest technique for HTML CSS it’s kind of variable. All of our templates are based on LESS CSS if you will search on google then you will be happy to know about it’s advantage. Copying/Paste the code is other files will not work.

2nd concern: If you are looking it ponline then you need to check it on http://localhost as LESS need http/https protocal. I guess you are checking on file system.

Permission issue: I was talking about server permissions not about the file permission. Check the tutorial:


Hi folks, long time not post. :) Just wanted to let anyone who had the same issue as me know that I resolved it quickly and easily after some more google searching. Turns out that my installation of dreamweaver just will NOT allow me to install plugins, one of them being a plugin that lets you compile *.less files into a *.css file that the browser will then be able to use to style your site. Not the author’s fault.

I went and downloaded a free utility called SimpLESS. Downloaded it, opened it, pointed it at the *.less file for the site, clicked a button, and it compiled it into a working *.css file for me. Put that *.css file into my *css directory for the site, then just added <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”assets/css/skin.css”> into the <head> section of each page.

It compiled skin.less into skin.css for me. Ever since I did that one click with simpLESS the one single time, then put the skin.css file into my css directory, I’ve never had to do it again, and after that, everything is fine and I just do the regular style editing via the styles.css file like you normally would.

Thanks to the author for their patience. The fault was not theirs, the fault was with my installation of dreamweaver, which for whatever reason, won’t allow me to properly install plugins (you can download a plugin for dreamweaver which will do the compiling for you) but I had to find a 3rd party application to do it. 1 click and done, not a problem.

Hey I’ve messaged your support a few times, but not getting a response. Can you help me figure out why “links” disappear within parts of your content? It’s got to be an CSS issue – but I can not figure it out. SITE: http://www.glowskincare.ca - under “SKINCARE TREATMENTS” you’ll see links like “botox.ca” - but i can not make it “active” or it messes up the text / forgetting. Help? thanks so much!!

can you emil it to me, or copy it here – or put a link where i can read it all? thank you!!

Dear Tareina,

1. Link issue: We resolved the issue on your server. 2. Replace background-image in line no.1583 in style.CSS

Written you email from 3 email id’s (including gmain) not sure you received or not. If not then please check with your host why you are not receiving email from us.

Proof: Gmail: http://prntscr.com/cqgcut Support Ticket: http://prntscr.com/cqgdjd alok@theemon.com: can’t provide you online screenshot of that :)

Now please update the rating to 5 star :)

I would like to implement the table structure (sql data) and price plans? Is there HTML elements available in it ?

No these are not coded in HTML template

Congrats for reaching 100 sales :-)

Thanks Dear :).. Looking forward for better sale as WP Theme


i purchased this theme and im wondering how i can change the animation of the revolution slider? in the code of the html file are just a lot of data attributes which looks like auto-generated code like “y:[-100%];z:0;rZ:35deg;sX:1;sY:1;skX:0;skY:0;s:2000;e:Power4.easeInOut;” and inline-style attributes…

so i checked the documentation of your product and cant find any informations…

there is no slider revolution plugin available like in your description, there is just some generated sliders which are included as static html files…

Hi Dear, We are using std way of Revolution slider provided in their documentation. I guess you are checking source code not the direct code.


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