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Hi, We currently using Exodus wordpress theme but want a refresh. so i orded this theme. im trying to duplicate our hosted website by exporting the database en ftp content. installed it and everything works ok. but the church theme content is not included. so 798 sermons are not there. do you have any idea what might cause this problem? something to do with phpmyadmin versions?

This is not the proper channel for detailed support, please submit a ticket here:

Hi, we are from Argentina. Our church needs to redesign its website. We want to use it for our 4 daughter churches. But due to lack of resources I want to know if we buy one theme, we can use it for our four daughter churches.

Thank you very much for your collaboration. Blessings Fabian Carreño

I personally would be fine with it, but you would need to clear this with Envato first. Let them know I’m fine with it (show them this comment) and see if they can allow it. :)

I’ve not had a response to a support questions on the ticket system and I wondered if someone could get back to me? I raised the item three days ago and it would be good if I could have a reply as I have a client waiting. Thanks!

Going through my tickets now!

Is it possible to add a Donate option to this theme? Everything else about it looks great!

I just purchased this theme. When I upload it to my Network Admin panel, I get a message stating “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Any ideas?

SOLVED: I was installing the downloaded .zip package instead of just the theme “”. The theme is now successfully installed.

Hi, when i search something the result is always the same! how i fix it! thanks!


hprooms Purchased

the version of visual composer that comes with this theme is two versions out of date. can you please update it and provide a new package?

Feature circles have now stopped working since the latest update, as well as featured images on posts. Boxystudio no longer offers any (even paid) support for this theme.

Will be updating themes soon.

Support no more? I need a copy of Revolution Slider in order to update it but there’s no way to contact you. Also, are you not updating this theme so I should look for a new one?

All theme will be getting major refreshes within the next few months. If you need the most up to date version of Revolution Slider, I would suggest purchasing a license from them so you can update when needed:

Hi, I am an issue in regards to the filter option/menu on the sermons archive page. When I first installed the website. The filter table was showing up – well, now its not showing up anymore. I checked the “sermons-archive.php” to see if anything has changed since the install. Nothing appears out of sort – I was hoping you can help/direct me on how to enable the filter table again for the sermons archive page.

Thank you.

Here is what the sermons-archive.php code looks like at the moment. I’m I missing something?

<article <?php post_class(‘full page-content’); ?>><?php if (have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post(); js_breadcrumbs(); ?>

<?php the_title(); ?>

<?php the_content(); endwhile; endif; $paged = (get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’) : 1; $args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘ctc_sermon’, ‘paged’ => $paged ); query_posts($args); if (have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post(); get_template_part(‘singlerow’,’ctc_sermon’); endwhile; endif; js_get_pagination(); wp_reset_query(); ?></article>

MOBILE ISSUES. I’m having a few issues when viewing the site on mobile devices (iPhones).

1. The top bar (with address and phone number) is not visible in mo​bile. Is there a way to make this visible? It’s important to have address and phone # at the top on mobile devices.

​2. For the Featured Circles, it takes two clicks to activate the link since the first click activates a rollover. Is there a way to disable the rollover so it only takes one click to go to the linked page?

3. The “Parallax Zone Display” on pages is not working on mobile. It just shows a zoomed-in corner of the image. See the Contact page for an example. Can this be remedied?

4. Is it possible to remove the “recurring” field from events? For example, where it says “Every Week” and “Every Month”? I contacted the plugin developer (Church Theme Content – Custom Recurring Events​) and they said the theme was delivering that content.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you! FYI, when I clicked to renew support via Envato, it said “BoxyStudio does not support this item” so I didn’t continue. Please advise. Thank you.


nelmat Purchased

Would be great if you could display a changelog, or a link to it, on the item page.

Sorry about that, just added a link. Here ya go:

nelmat Purchased

Thank you!

Hello, i have just purchased your theme but am having an issue with the twitter feed.

i have entered the access token and secret key in theme Option but the tweets but dont appear in the corresponding section. you can see the problem here : (at the bottom, only the title “latest tweets” shows)

I could find no answer to this problem in there unfortunately

You need to submit a support ticket there, providing your login information, so I can take a look at this for you. Thanks!

Great theme! I used this for my church’s website. Please add this to your showcase.

Very nice!

Hello, I have deactivated the WooCommerce plugin, but the shopping cart expandable tab in the footer is still there. How can I remove this?

Not sure what you mean, can you shoot me a ticket?

So I’m trying to connect my twitter account to the website, i have the widget already set up on my front page but every time i click the link that is the first step in the theme options it takes me to a page that just says ‘page does not exist’. the link isn’t taking me to the page i need? This one..

Sorry, they changed the URL. Try this:


pin4eva Purchased

Hi, I have sucessfully installed and activated the forgiven theme. I have also imported all the wordpress demo contents. I am having troubles adding the soliloquy content and the envira galary theme. To cut the long story, I simply want the theme to appear the way i saw it before purchase. Thank you

I have sorted this out. But I have a new challenge with the feature circles on the forgiven add-on. I can’t modify the existing circles and I can’t add mine. After I hit the publish button, everything comes back the way they were. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the theme yet having same issues. I really need a way out of this.

[responded via the support desk]

Any more word about a monthly calendar display for events? This would be SO helpful!

Sorry, not at this time.

We have implemented the calendar and it seems to work, except when the event in the calendar is clicked on. The theme returns a blank page with no content. Why is that?

Sorry, I cannot offer support for


eighty8s Purchased

When using a mobile device(iphone, ipad) I can not get the “save audio” feature to work in the sermons pages without using dropbox or some other app to save the audio file. On a computer the “save audio” button works perfectly. Is this normal?


rpdecker Purchased

I purchased your forgiven theme a year ago, and I love it! My only question right now, is when are you going to update (Visual Composer) in your repository? I have been waiting for the latest version to be available for months now. I currently have version 5.1.1, and the latest is 5.2.1! Any idea when update will be available?

Sorry about that, I’ll update it now. :)