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Fantastic work Justin. Congrats man ;)

Thank you very much. :)

Congrats again for another one! :)


Very inspirational theme! :)

Thank you!

Looks promising Justin, a lot of options.
Fantastic work.
Wish you a lot of sales.

Kind Regards,

Thanks so much!

Hey Justin.

Great theme! I’ve used one of your themes in the past. We are currently looking at doing a complete website overhaul, and I have already forwarded this one on for consideration.

Fantastic, thanks for checking it out!

Hi Justin,

Great theme. Does it come with PSD files or a different color scheme besides the one in the demo link?


It comes with a homepage PSD file, and you can change the colors via the admin panel. :)

What is the grid system that powers this theme? Is it Bootstrap (whether in whole or in part), Foundation (whether in whole or in part) or entirely custom?

What is the Grid size in pixels? What is the maximum number horizontal columns across a page?

What theme options framework is being used? If custom, is it based off another?

Are the ShortCodes part of the theme’s core or implemented as a plugin instead?

Please note that the WooCommerce cart page is being cropped / cut off when viewed on a mobile phone in portrait orientation for resolutions less than 480 but equal to / greater 320px.

No grid system, all custom. Visual Composer (included) has a grid system in place that’s percentage based.

There are built in theme column shortcodes, but Visual Composer has plenty for you to choose from and they’re all plugin powered.

Thanks for letting me know about WooCommerce!

Amazing theme! One of the best I’ve seen. I keep searching for a theme that displays sermons well and I think this is the one!

One pre-buying question: Is your theme compatible to create heading images that stretch across the entire screen? (wider than the words) For example:

This is my only hesitation. Thank you!

You COULD use the parallax area for that type of image, but that’s the only option I have for you at the moment. :(

That’s a fair enough option. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Great looking theme!! Can the homepage be changed with the visual composer and is there a posibility to choose wether you want the rounded corners or not. Added to my favorites for now … who knows for next upcoming project.

Yep, you can edit the homepage just like any other page (add and remove sections, etc.). As for the rounded corners, you can set the theme to be full width and that would elimimate the sides and the top rounded corners.

I’ve so excited to buy this awesome theme. Congrats! Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t work with me. Please, Could you take a little look to discovery what happened whit my instalation?


Looks like you’re missing some files. I would do a complete reinstall (maybe manually via FTP) and see if that fixes things. If not, just shoot me a ticket:

I’ve submited a ticket to you

Great theme, Justin! I’m a big fan of your work.

Thanks so much!

Justin, this is a wonderful. And, I have to admit, the selling point was the fact that you have the “Proud to be a COGIC” t-shir listed as one of the sample products in the shop. I’m COGIC. :-)

Love this them.

Haha, thank you so much!

Hey Justin, This theme looks amazing. One question I have is what size is the theme zip file?

It’s about 10MB, but only because there are 4 plugins packed into it (for easy installation).

Very Creative , Good Luck ;)


Thank you. :)

This release is right on time. I hope to purchase for my church – I have been looking for this functionality in a simply format and this is perfect. Beautiful!!!

1. Can you add a snippet of select staff in one of the sections on the homepage? 2. Can the staff be created to add just the women’s staff to their ministry page, men’s staff to men’s ministry, etc.? 3. Does the Visual Creator work with custom shortcodes that may be created from other plugins? 4. When I viewed the demo on Android phone, the homepage parallax section did not scroll and the text was overflowing outside of that pictured area. 5. Could the sermon pages be connected to the shopping to allow purchasing the sermon mp3?

Yeah it should be, that’s why I wondered. Are you only seeing this issue on mobile?

Got it, thanks!

Love it! this is the perfect next theme for us.


Hey Justin could you recommend the best pixel size for images in the full width slider revolution?? cheers

Depends on how big the slider is that you’re building, but I always try to use a large image, like 2000×600 or so

Hey Justin,

I just bought the template , amazing work bro I have a problem , when i try to install it in WP I get a message to try again , the child didn’t had that problem only the template itself , can you take a look?

Very strange, shoot me a ticket with your login information and I’ll see what I can do:

Just give me the context of this message so I know which ticket it is. Thanks!

Thank for the quick respond , already sent you a ticket with details. Thank you again for your time.

Sorry I may be being really stupid, but how do I create am image that fits the circular feature images for the “people” and “blog” sections??? and what size is best for them. Cheers

Your best bet would be to use a square image about 400×400 at the least.