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I think I am having really tough issues with the Visual Composer and I need the new release – I do hope you can get to it soon.

Coming soon!

This theme is beautiful and wonderfully designed! I would like to know if you think it could be used for a nonprofit organization rather than a church and if it would be possible to create the staff page without the church theme content plugin.

You would still need to use the Church Theme Content plugin for the staff page, however no one would know on the front-end that you’re using the plugin.

Thank you for the quick response! If i can avoid using the plugin, I’d like to. Is this something you think Envato Studio could help me recreate?

Yeah, definitely!

Hey Justin! A great theme. Is possible to easily switch between boxed and wide layout as in the preview it is boxed only.

Thanks for your work!

Hi Justin, looks AWESOME like all your other work. :) My question, how customizable are those three navigation circles? Can I put any images, text, etc… (or a combination thereof) in them? Or is it very specific? For example, could I just have full images and a rollover image in them? (no text) Can they link to any pages I want them to?

Yeah sorry… you’d be choosing from the FontAwesome catalogue:

Ok, thanks for letting me know. (And so fast!)

When I set up a staff page, they sort by last posted. Can I sort by Order? I weighted the staff by assigning numbers in the order field, but it still sorts by last posted.

Sort options is something I’m adding with the next update.

I think I’ve found a pretty BIG problem. It seems your theme is disabling the widgets drag and drop, and the contextual menu dropdowns. I disabled the plugins one by one and had no success in being able to drag and drop widgets or expand widget areas. I then activated 2014 theme and it worked fine. This is a big problem since it essentially DISABLED the use of widgets for me.

Please fix this.

I’m not seeing this issue on my demo theme. However I can definitely take a look at it for you if you submit a ticket with your URL and login information. Thanks!

Hi, Did I just see a comment to the effect that in order to use the “recurring events” feature on the calender plugin, one needs to buy a pro version? Kindly clarify. This is a great theme. Well done.

Correct, you’ll need to get the Event Calendar Pro version to add recurring events. And thanks!

Hi Justin, I purchased the theme but I have a few issues with it for example on the mobile version it doesn’t show my social media icons, also the footer box doe at show either and the link colors for social media in full size are pale and cannot change them say to at least white for more visibility and if I change the order of the elements it leaves a blank space in between for example I want to have the latest sermon closer to the bottom of the page together with the bottom widgets but looks bad whit that big gap. And for future updates please make the circles uniform in mobile version as it’s in full version for more more uniform design instead of boxes and more options to color different areas and overall more options to customize it.

Please help!

Shoot me a ticket with your WordPress login information and I’ll see what I can do, thanks!

Hi Justin,

Just wanted to wish you all the best on the Theme update, really looking forward to it :).

Thanks in advance. Brent

Thanks Brent!

How can I activate the visual composer? I don’t have a liscence key for it

You don’t need a license to activate it. You just can’t update it via normal means. You can always grab the latest version by removing the plugin and then reinstalling it via Forgiven’s plugin installer. It will then grab the latest version.

For some reason, the favicons on the features circle are not showing on my homepage.Any pointers please?


Great theme. Awesome support. Easy to work with. I would suggest more colour customization options in future updates. For example I would love to have the header background colour to be different from the button colours etc.

Indeed, it’s on the list of to do’s!

I have been submitting support tickets for for the Forgiven theme for over a week now through Boxy Support for the same issues and I cannot get anyone there to even acknowledge receipt of them. Can someone please take a look? Thank you!

I have all of your tickets in my support system and will be getting back to you shortly!

I’m still here. Did you try to get back with me?

Sorry it’s the weekend, I will be back to my tickets on Monday.

Sir, I got your email stating, “I responded a few hours ago, did you get that email? I got the 4 recent ones you sent in as well. Maybe you entered the wrong email address when you registered?” Prior to this email I have not received anything from you. Your link for support on my Purchase Confirmation page sent to me by ThemeForest takes me to your BoxyStudio page. That page does not allow me to sign on anywhere, just to send you new support tickets. My name is Russell Ichenberg. my user id is rtichenberg and I am signed on at Envato with it. I am able to send you tickets but I do not have anywhere else to sign in to read or to respond to your addressing my tickets. I have all the documentation that you might want but have no way to get it to you. When I tried just now to send all this to you, your email address is not accepting email and it gets returned to me. Right here on this page is the ONLY way that I have to get to you. I need support desperately and I don’t have any means to get it. Since moving over to your new Boxy page where I enter new tickets, I have not been able to contact you or to see replies except that you email me at Previous to the new BoxyStudio page you responded to me and I was able to respond to you. Now I cannot.

Hey! Love the theme and would love to use it for our church but I had one question. I was a little confused by the sermon page layouts so this is probably a silly question but I just want to make sure. If our church does a series on Ruth for 4 weeks, then lets say a series on Serving thats 5 weeks long and so forth. is there an option to display sermons by series, then when clicking each specific series it displays each weeks content? Sorry if you have answered this question before!

Yep you can view Sermon’s by series!

Hi Justin,

Great Update thank you !!!

- Just wanted to check if you could please give me a list of the changes, I did see it when I did the update though WordPress BUT I did not make a copy. - I see you removed the Menu on the mobile phone view , is it possible to put the menu back or have a option to turn it on or off ? - Still have a issue with the The Events Calendar, on mobile you can click the dates BUT does not display the activity, - AND The Events Calendar, when you put your mouse over a activity it does not bring a pop up window like the demo – this was working before the update of The Events Calendar, in early version 3.

Thanks in Advance Brent :)

Justin, that is great, works well, and thanks for all your hard work !

Thanks Justin, Events Calendar All Working !!!! 10/10

Awesome, glad to hear it! Thanks again for letting me know so quick! :)

Hi I am looking to purchase this for a charity and would like to know can we set the background of the website to a pattern image?

Yep, you sure can!

Hi – we’re most likely going to buy this theme, great work. Quick novice question. Can we add a search plugin function easily?


Depends on the plugin, but I don’t see why not!

Hi there. Love this theme… Purchased it awhile ago and so far it’s working well for our needs.

I am however having trouble getting rid of a random grey bar on the homepage. I originally uploaded the dummy content and am working around it… I have added custom content in the page content section of the homepage using the visual composer and am getting a blank horizontal grey bar under this section before it continues back into the dummy content.

Can you please advice how to get rid of this? Thank you.

Shoot me a ticket with a URL and your login information. Thanks!

Hi… I sent a ticket a few days ago and haven’t heard back. Can you please assist me with this issue? Thank you.

Responded to all of my tickets this morning, hopefully you got a response?

How does the twitter slider work? Is it a plugin?

You enter your Twitter API credentials through the Theme Options panel and then you can put it on the page from the Page Settings panel below the page content editor.