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How does the audio and video section for sermons work? We have very little knowledge creating websites and the previous template we purchased for our church has the ability to upload video and audio but it does not work. Wanted to know if this one would satisfy our needs.

Hey there, great theme! I’m having an issue with creating a person. I can preview it just fine as I’m preparing it but once I publish, I get a “page not found” error. Have you seen this before? How can I fix this? Thanks!

Try going to Settings > Permalinks and clicking update. Then try to load that page again.

Thanks for the response. I went to Permalinks but am not given an Update button, just a Save Changes button. Regardless, this link is suddenly working again so not sure what happened but glad it’s all good now. Thanks!

Sorry that’s what I meant (Save Changes).


Thx. Just curious – what was the bug for the events calendar?

Excellent work!


Hi there,

Love the theme! Whenever I use the visual composer to make a custom-layed-out page, it also inserts the comments box. On pages! I’ve even disabled all comments in the settings » discussion tab.

You can see an example on the homepage here:

Go to Appearance > Theme Option and disable comments on pages in the Miscellaneous tab (at the bottom).

That’s great, thank you!

I miss the “back to top” button and after that, I think the theme will be perfect!

Thanks for the feedback!

I want to use the box layout and to have an image show in the background, how large does that image need to be and also how do I get the image to repeat? Thanks,

I’m going to be adding more background image options (repeat, fixed, etc.) but for now the image should probably about 2000px wide by however tall.

I would like to use a large background scene as my image, please let me know how to do that so it does not repeat but fades into a color as I have no idea what height to set it to.

Was wondering if you could add some more screenshots for this theme- I want to be able to make some annotations to it to show the church marketing team that I work for before committing to a purchase, but I just noticed there weren’t any images of the webpage.

You can grab screenshots from the demo site. On a mac just use Command + Shift + 3 and on a PC use the Print Screen button and paste that into any graphics software to save the screenshot.

Is there dummy data I can import? I’m having a hard time getting it setup.

Yep, there’s a folder in the full download from ThemeForest that contains the XML import data.

Can you please help me out with the slider? I sent a support item in.

I’m going through my support items soon, thanks for your patience so far! :)

How can I make the header an Image I want instead of a color?

I’ll be adding this feature shortly, stay tuned!

Hi, I absolutely love the look of this theme.

Is there any way to make it more generic though, in the backend as well?

I wish to use it for a project run by a University, so don’t want any references to Churches or Sermons etc. in the front or backend.


Hello? Anybody there?

Sorry about that. If you don’t install the Church Content plugin, then you won’t see the Sermons, etc. panels in the backend.


I am looking forward to buy this thing, few thing i wanted to know first -

  • How can i change the logo
  • Can i change slider image
  • i want to show a full blog post with right sidebar, is there any option.
  • Can Increase or decrease the size of the content area.
  • i want a fast loading theme, is it capable.

Please let me know about this theme as i am really interested to buy this theme.

You can change the logo, sliders, right/left/none sidebar options, etc. all from the settings.

The content area styling would need to be changed with some Custom CSS depending on what you mean by decreasing the size of it.

As for fast loading, this all depends on your hosting provider and how much content you pack onto the page. The theme is developed to load quickly, but it really depends on the amount of content/media on the page.


I’ve found couple of issues while viewing the demo site on an iPad Air.

These are just small issues of which you may be already aware, however I just wanted to let you know so you could fix them if necessary.

1. In the Left or Right sidebar page examples the page layout is a bit messed up, it’s too wide for the page and leaves a blank area that can be seen by swiping to view the right hand side. The Upcoming Events sidebar section is in the one-sixth section – which is also formatting incorrectly with two of the one_sixth columns wrapping down underneath the content above. The WordPress hosting advert square from the sidebar is placed slightly overlapping the four_fifth one_fifth section. The Basic Schedule sidebar section is just at the bottom spanning the full width of the page.

2. In the Week view for events, the menu dropdown is missing, and no events show for weeks that have events listed when viewed on a desktop.

I hope that helps.

This is only on iPad Air (iPhone 5 works fine). I’m running the latest Apple software on my iPad.


Have these issues been resolved?

I’ll make sure they are for the next update. Thanks!

Hi Justin, Would you consider adding Soundcloud to the list of Social links?That would be a great feature for Churches with sermons hosted on that platform.


Good idea, I’ll add it to the list!

Change the height of the slider with css code?

Help! I uploaded to the newest version of the theme but now the backend visual editor not working at all! Help!

Shoot me a ticket with your URL and login information and I’ll see what I can do!

it is now working I went in and purchased the event pro and now is all working well thanks.

LOVE this theme. Ready to buy, but have a question regarding the main nav: is it possible to have a second line of text for each page link (not as part of the drop down menu)? For example, one page link would be first line: “GATHERINGS” and second line would have explanatory text like: “Worship With Us.”

If the second line is possible, could the second line just appear on hover?

Thanks so much!

Not by default no, but anything is possible with customization.

If you’d like the theme customized, you can get in touch with one of the fantastic people at Envato Studio who, for a small price, will customize any theme you’d like. Check them out here:

Thanks very much for understanding!

Awesome. Thank you!

This is a wonderful theme. Could you tell me how I can change the text for the “view sermon” buttons?

You can edit the language using the built in language files and something like Loco Translate:

That worked perfectly! Last question, I promise! Is there a code to have the twitter feed on a carousel instead of having to press the buttons? Thanks

Not at the moment no, sorry about that!

Is it include .po file for translation?



Just noticed that on the homepage “Weekly Events” section, if you skip a few weeks ahead (pressing “next week”), the date jumps to 1969 -1970. Pressing “previous week” doesn’t bring you back to the present. I’m building this for my church and I don’t have a whole lot of experience, could you provide me with a quick fix? Any help would be awesome

I’ve heard this from other people here and there but I have yet been able to recreate the issue anywhere. It’s one of those things that’s hard to troubleshoot because I can’t get it to “break” on any of my machines.

Hmm. I can actually recreate the occurrence on your demo site: - Home page - Scroll down to “weekly events” section - Click “Next Week” twice – It goes from MAY 25, 2014 – MAY 31, 2014 to DECEMBER 28, 1969 – JANUARY 3, 1970 I have recreated this in all the latest versions of firefox, IE, and chrome.

Does it not do this for you?

Right, I’ve been told this before too. I cannot get it to do the same thing, no matter how hard I try (slow clicking, fast clicking, etc.) Very strange…