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Does these theme work with Event Espresso cos thats what my client want?

Not at this time, no. Sorry about that!

Anyone interested in making this a joomla theme?

Nice nice theme! An information. On demo: which is the font used for the big title “FOR CHURCHES”? Thanks.

It’s called Amatic, here you go!

Awesome theme, you’re very talented. I’m having trouble overwriting some of the theme styles, namely the theme options are not flexible enough to accommodate our design.

I want to change the text colors and nothing else. How do I do this?

I’m having trouble overwriting the colors assigned by the theme option settings, is there a way to disable the custom styles generated by the theme options? Thanks!

Best way to really override something is to use the !important tag in your CSS. Are you familiar with that?

Is this theme easy to integrate itunes with the sermons?

You can use the sermon RSS feed to add your sermon podcast to iTunes.

I’d like to tag off the above question… Can this theme (or The Church Theme Content) plugin do both Audio AND Video Podcasting?

I know it can accept both formats for a single sermon, but will it create both Podcasts from that information?

Thanks, Marcos

I’m not 100% sure, but the Church Theme Content team would know. I’m pretty sure it does though!

How do i reduce the font size of the theme, I mean the menu bar’s font size and every other title class?

The commenting can be turned on/off from Theme Options, and the Facebook ID is a long string of numbers (not sure if you pasted in the FB page name or the actual numbers). Shoot me a ticket with your login information and I’ll get it working for you:

Hi, I already sent you a support ticket concerning the commenting issue and the facebook widget but didn’t get a reply. I got the comment issue after hours of digging around the wp admin backend by clicking on screen options > discussion for the enabling the comments field and that fixed it.

I’ll be going through my tickets shortly, sorry about the delays!

We’ve noted there is a PSD for the Homepage available. How can we get hold of it please?

Check the readme.txt file that comes with the ThemeForest download. :)

Hey there!

I noticed a question asked about this earlier, but just wanted clarification… 1. Can the “shopping cart” be removed from the front page? 2. Also, is that area a place where a custom link or button could be placed?



If you don’t have WooCommerce active, the shopping cart doesn’t show up. However to stick a custom link there would be a customization to the theme.

I also saw this questioned, but never saw if there was a resolution…

The dates in the Events section go to 1969-1970 when clicked over twice…

Here’s a video:

Can this be corrected?

I’ve had this told to me on a few occasions but I still have yet to recreate the issue from my end. I’m working on trying to figure out the issue but it’s hard to troubleshoot without seeing the problem firsthand. :/

I don’t know if this helps…

On a mac (safari): Works as expected

On my iPhone (safari and chrome): Works as expected

On my Windows 7 PC (Chrome, Firefox & Explorer): Doesn’t Work Correctly

VERY helpful to know, thanks!

I have a few questions can the entire header be sticky.2.Can Phone Number be out where social icons are

With some customizations to the theme both of these are possible. But not by default no. Sorry about that!

Hello! This is a great theme thanks. But for the calendar Eveyrhting was translated except “Next Week” and “previous week” Where shall i go to translate this?

Those are part of the theme, so you should be able to translate those via the theme’s translation file.

This theme looks amazing, but I need it to be WPML compatible. Is it?

Probably in the next few weeks!

Is this theme WPML compatible yet?

Not yet, sorry. I’m not sure when it will be at this point. It’s still on my radar but I don’t have a solid date.

Hey BoxyStudio,

I’ve seen some additions that you had planned to add and was wondering if that’s happened just yet or not:

  1. make the header an Image I want instead of a color
  2. changing all the circles to squares with rounded corners
  3. staff ordering
  4. unlimited color options in theme vs only changing yellow, purple & white
  5. Retina Support
  6. more background image options (repeat, fixed, etc.)
  7. Sticky menu – done, right?

Thanks so much!

  1. Still coming
  2. Done!
  3. Done!
  4. Still coming
  5. Still coming
  6. Still coming
  7. Done!


This theme looks great! I’m in the process of marketing it to the Church so I can get the go-ahead to purchase it and use it.

Just one question – Is there/could there be a way of replacing the audio player for sermons so it is an embedded soundcloud player for that track instead? We haven’t yet decided on using our own hosting to host sermons, or to use SoundCloud. It would be great to use it in conjunction with your very polished looking site :)


Yep, you can either upload an audio file or simply paste in a URL from SoundCloud or any of these other sites:

Is there any way to include the most recent sermons as a widget in a side bar?

Not yet no. But a sermons widget is on my list!

Is there a way to add a “mega menu” item such as a drop down that includes more html (kind of like “Uber Menu”)?

Not by default no. You would need a plugin to do this most likely.


What happened to crowdpress? I just had one question about the header main menu, may I ask here? Is there a way to activate the main header menu’s items by clicking on them instead of hoovering? So I want the menu items to drop down by clicking on each not hoovering over.

Thank you!

Hi there!

CrowdPress is currently in the process of being transferred to another party. Please keep all communication about CrowdPress at my support system:

But to answer your question, you’d have to customize the javascript to get that working the way you want. Unfortunately, all forms of theme customization are not covered under my free support. I am also unavailable at this time to provide customizations myself. I can only cover the theme as is (bug fixes, setup guidance, etc.)

If you’d like the theme customized, you can get in touch with one of the fantastic people at Envato Studio who, for a small price, will customize any theme you’d like. Check them out here:

Thanks very much for understanding!

Really great theme – one of the best I have ever come across. Thanks! Just a questions – In the “Venues” section of the events section, there is a space for “Website”. (under EVENT ORGANIZER DETAILS)

That obviously is meant to display and provide a link to the event organiser’s website. however, at the moment it shows the HTML text rather than providing the link.

Eg, when I put “” in the box, on the page it displays:

Otherwise, all good, thanks!

that doesnt translate to this chat box because it formats correctly! derr! haha!! it displays: “

dammit! haha! it shows:

href="" target="self">

I see that as well, I’ll get it fixed in the next update! Thanks for letting me know!

Can I use the slider in a boxed mode rather than full width and also change the height?

You can use the slider in boxed mode but you can’t easily change the height unless you’re creating a Revolution Slider (a premium plugin that comes free with the theme).