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1. How can I edit the feature circles? 2. Also, how can I get them arranged underneath the main revolution slider (so it can look like the demo theme)? 3. How do I remove the page title above the revolution slider? It does not show up on the visual composer- but then I see it on our website. 4. How can I change the margins on the webpage (extra space on sides) so that my address, etc can be moved further out to the side? 5. Is there a way to view and work on the actual website while still having an under construction sign on the site if someone pulls it up?

Shoot me a ticket with all of these questions and I’ll give you a hand (send along your URL and WordPress login information if you could):

Absolutely love working with this theme. Wondering if there are plans to make the option of loading a background image for individual pages available anytime soon. Such a feature would be awesome.


Not for individual pages, but I do plan on adding a lot of new color/image options for the entire site.

Hello hi, im using the forgiven theme in my wordpress project. It is running very slowly i don’t know what is the problem???In default theme its running very fastly but in forgiven theme its running very slow. Im using the event calendar, church content, woo commerce plugin in my project. Can you help me to solve this issue? Thanks in advance

Ya okay, can you tell me how to create that event slider in the home page???

I responded to your other comment. :)

Hello hi, i’m also using the forgiven theme but i don’t know how to create that event slider and featured sermon in home page. Can you tell me how to create it?

You can use the Page Settings panel on each page edit screen to add those blocks. It’s a big purple panel under the page editor window.

Hi! First of all: thank you for making this great theme.

One question left: “next week” and “previous week” on the homepage aren’t translate-friendly, I tried everything, but unfortunately it won’t work. What to do?

Hope to hear soon from you, thanks in advance.


Sorry about that, I’ll have it fixed in the next major update for sure. :)

Thanks! When will it be available?

How can I reorder people groups?

the version that comes with the them doesn’t have the options that show up on the Themepunch page. Like enabling hyperlinks.

Never mind. I’m stupid.

No problem! :)

Hi I sent you a ticket in your support forum but didn’t hear back from you so wanted to follow up, how can I display custom post types? All my custom post types come up blank, do I need to create a single/archive-page/post template? Please help thanks.

If you’re creating your own custom post types I can’t really support those. I can only cover the theme as is (bug fixes, setup guidance, etc.)

If you’d like someone to troubleshoot your website, you can get in touch with one of the fantastic people at Envato Studio who, for a small price, will take a look and fix anything you’d like. Check them out here:

Thanks very much for understanding!

so if your theme does not support custom post types (besides the ones that come with the theme), can’t you at least provide documentation on how to do implement them? it’s pretty much a standard across the board that themes support custom post types, any help would be appreciated.

It’s not that the theme doesn’t support them, it just doesn’t have anything to do with my theme, so I can’t provide support for a customization that I didn’t create. Custom Post Types are standard, but still “custom” in terms of development. If you don’t have them coded properly, etc. then you’d have to have a developer take a look for you. Out of curiosity, are you creating the custom post types in the code itself or with a plugin?

For the life of me I can’t get sidebars to show on my pages. I choose right sidebar, select a widget area, update and nothing. It stays full width. Any ideas?

Strange! Can you shoot me a ticket?


I have a pre-sales question :

I need to password protect anything in the /events/ directory behind a registration signup. Is there any way to do that through the use of external plugins?

This isn’t something I’ve tried before sorry. I would see what the folks over at Tribe (The Events Calendar plugin developers) can do for you.



What happened to CrowdPress?

I am about to use the theme. Is that ok?

Is there a major update connected to the transfer? And which webshop is taking it over?

It has been transferred to Ignition Deck, though I’m not sure of what changes they’ll be making to it from here on out. Sorry about the confusion!

no worries. Thanks for the update. :)

Hi, for the “people/biographies” section we are having trouble getting it in a grid view. Right now, it is in one straight vertical line down the pages. How do we get this into a grid view like the example “forgiven” template?

Also, if possible – do you know how we can rename “sermon” and “book” in the church theme plugin?

Lastly, how do I get a “sermon archive” to display on our live site? We created the sermons but can not seem to post an archive for visitors to search.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Forgiven comes with a page template called Staff. If you create a page that uses that template, you should see the people show up in a grid view.

You can’t rename the post types without delving into the code a bit unfortunately. You might be able to rename the front-end names with a language plugin like Loco Translate:

Create a page that uses the Sermons page template. This will display all of them in a nice way for you.

Hello hi, im using the forgiven theme. Its working very well for me but the problem is search option is not working. When i search a specific page it is redirecting to the home page only. I don’t know how to fix it? Can you help me to fix it?

Hmmm, that seems odd. Can you shoot me a message from my support form?

New at this whole website building. Are there any tutorials/explanations on how to make a website using this theme for a church website?

Or is it just trial and error – learn as you go?

I saw the installation video and some instructions. I’m thinking installing the demo content would help, but I can’t get the demo content to install. Not sure what the issue is… I installed the plugin

Shoot me a ticket and provide some login information so I can help you out. Thanks!

Is there a way to show the sermon video, rather than just audio in the featured sermon bar on the home page? Thanks!

Not yet no, however I know there’s definitely a need for this so I’ll see what I can do for the next update!

I’ve done a little bit of research and found that the “SOLILOQUY” slider is a lot faster than those provided (even though its a little less feature rich!). I have bought it and added it as a shortcode into the body of the homepage, and set “homepage content” to be displayed first, but it still comes up second to the feature circles. Also, its not coming in as fullscreen along the edges of the “windowed” theme.

Is there a way for me to either add this into the slider dropdown, or integrate it a little better into this theme?

If not just let me know and ill get a refund on my purchase of the slider because its not suitable. Thanks!

What I would need to do is add support to the theme to allow you to choose a Soliloquy slider from the Page Settings and then it would simply show up at the top of the page. Just shoot me a ticket and I’ll provide you with a quick quote on the customization:

How to set up WooCommerce?

the theme has no reference to a certain plugin or nether mentioned on the documentation nor the demo content has details other than empty pages with [woocommerce_checkout], like in checkout page.

You set up WooCommerce on this theme just like you would any other theme. Install the plugin, and then follow the instructions that WooCommerce provides. When it asks if you want it to create the pages for you, tell it to do so. Then use their documentation to set up the rest of the functionality.

On the sermon archive is there a way to make the image square and not a circle?

There is but I think there’s a bug at the moment, preventing it from working. I will get this fixed in the next update!

i know that it goes to a square image on the actual audio, but is there a way to make the picture square on the audio list, or sermon page?

There is, but like I said there’s a bug. When you switch to the square option it should be changing it on that list view as well. I’ll have a fix out soon. Thanks for letting me know!

Hi there, this is a pre-purchase question… I have a client who wishes to have a rather word heavy navigation. I know for sure that its not going to all fit on one line like the majority of navigations do. Is there a way that this theme will accommodate for that either by placing the words on two lines (ie. forna / forna) or the navigation itself running onto two lines without messing up the navigation mechanism?


It doesn’t support that unfortunately, at least not without some customization… so sorry!


I have an issue with the Forgiven Upcoming Event widget. It displays the current date instead for the events date. In your live demo as well. Where can I fix that?

Thank you and good job that’s an awesome theme!

That’s a bug I’m fixing in the next update, stay tuned!

Hi again,

I also have an issue creating single staff member pages, I get 404, weird canonical tags… Is something you encountered before? Thanks

You might need to do a permalinks reset. Go to Settings > Permalinks and click the button at the bottom to save the settings.