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Hi there,

I am having trouble adding images to the front content section. (the four main images on the homepage)

I click upload and search out the image and it seems to upload fine. Then when I try to save the image disappears. I have tried this in both Chrome and Safari and the same thing happens. It work okay before but not now!

Any ideas

Many thanks


Hi Simon

Thanks for taking the time to touch base on the Forked theme

After uploading the image you will see a dialog box opening That will give to access to additional settings for the image uploaded. Right at the bottom of the dialog box will be a blue link “set as featured image”. Just click the link and the image will be set as featured image and will be available.


Hi there.

It is a very nice theme and easy to work with.

At the moment on my Events page the theme only displays 15 events (Calendar, Upcoming Events). How can I change it to show all of them or show next page?

Thanks Olga

Hi Olechka137

Thanks for reaching out on the Forked theme.

In the inc/apps/ folder and cal-func.php file on line 378 you will find the following:

$prt = get_upcomming_arr(15);

Just change the 15 you what you need .


I need to star a booking system for two restaurants and only one web, how to know in which restaurant is booking the customer, is it possible to add something that can force the customer to chose a restaurant??

Hi kikogarci.

Thanks for making contact.

The booking system will currently not allow booking of multiple locations unfortunately.


I will be very easy, only add a drop-down menu in the booking form and a new column in the reservation page, have a multiple location system but not multiple location booking, looks something is missing Thanks

Thanks for the feedback.


Hi. Nice work and easy to setup!

I’d like to add some content on the front page below what’s already in the template. How can I do it?

I’ve tried inserting agenda shortcut in the front page text editor with no results.


Hi ultraman.

Thanks for making contact.

I can take a look at assisting with a solution.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Hi AJ!

I am still loving this theme! Viewing the site on my cell (, I find a few elements are not quite adjusting correctly. When purchasing, almond butter crunch, the qty and add to cart boxes are covered by search bar.

Please advise.

Thank you!


Hi Frances

Thanks for making contact.

I had a look and I’m not seeing the same.

Which browser are you using. Maybe the issue is browser specific.



Where to change the top menu font color, and font color on hover.


Hi varghesedxb

Thanks for making contact

To change the color:

#access a {
  color: #FFFFFF !important;

to change the hover

#access a:hover {
  color: #FFFFFF !important;


Hi, Just bought your theme. One recommendation. It would be good to add booking schedule exceptions for your booking app like (free plugin: you can try)

Hi AJ, Thanks for your kind reply. So we can set the exception by the day. However we can not set the TIME of the day for Exception, right?

that’s correct

Thanks for your reply.


Currently On the booking page, there are 4 fields (Name, Email, Telephone and Guests). I want to add one more field “How did you find out about us?” and drop down selection (google, friends, and etc). Is it easy to add new field on the Booking app page? Thanks for great theme!

Hi There

We did not add the option for additional fields in the bokings plugin.


Thanks for that. Just suggestion. It might be good to add a message section on the booking page. Name, Email, Telephone, Number of Guests and Message like Because a lot of customers request for something when they book. It’s just a suggestion.

Hi AJ,

When I set the gallery page for “ALL Galleries” [cro_gallery no=”0”] , does it show all galleries in a gallery page or it has paging navigation so each page shows number of maximum galleries only? for example, maximum 12 galleries each page or something and you have to click page 2 to see next galleries.

Hi AJ, Thanks for that. Yes, I know it shows the featured image with a link of a lightbox. My question is that if there are 10 galleries, can we have paging navigation like [1,2] for gallery page? If we set the number of gallery limit to 8 for one page, in page 1 it shows 8 galleries and in page 2 it shows 2 galleries. Can we have paging navigation for galleries in the gallery page? because I don’t want to know too many galleries in the gallery page at once.

I have experienced with using paging navigation plugin for different theme before. Not sure if this will work with your theme for galleries.

The paging corresponds with the paging that’s set in the settings->reading section of the theme.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi AJ,

I can see you have “Latest News [ c ]” widget in your theme. Any ways to show the “Latest News” in the page content? I want to show it in the homepage content area just under the slider. Not in the Footer Area (by Widgets).

Hi sangwh.

It is possible but will need to be coded. This is not a default feature of this theme.


Thanks AJ. How about making the Front Page Widget Area “Front Page left” “Front Page center” “Front Page right” to “Front Page column 1” “Front Page column 2” “Front Page column 3” “Front Page column 4”? Front Page 3 columns -> Front Page 4 columns

Wow I’m not understanding this.

Do you want ot change the widgets to 4 columns?



how to remove LEAVE A REPLY from blog landing page.

Hi varghesedxb

Thanks for touching base on the forked theme.

You can set the replies in the admin section in settings->discussion.


Great theme. I’m working on a multisite setup. I have a question about that.

Is it possible to activate the banner (for instance the countdown timer of an event) from site A to de banner of site B?

Hi BartDeLange

Thanks for taking the time to touch base on the Bistro theme.

Wow, good question.

I do not think that sites share data in a multi site setup, only designs and layout.


No, they don’t share data. That’s why i probably need to recode the header (or another php file) in order to look at the data of anonther site. In which php file and which line is the countdown banner called upon..??

I think that If you write your own small api you’ll be able to share the data easily between sites.

Calling the following code:

<?php echo get_upcomming_arr(1); ?>

Will return a array with a post number and a upcoming utc timevalue.

If you add it to a page without a header content and footer will enable you to create all kinds of shareable data.




I am having trouble removing the make contact and make reservation button on slider home page & Contact page, and the preset top header image for contact & about page.

Please help!

Thanks UY

Hi Charcolates.

Thanks for touching base on the Forked theme.

The links that you are looking for is editable / removable in appearances->menu. They are actually noting more than navigation menus.


Loving the theme wondering can i stretch it to fit a health coach website

1. need booking of ‘multiple products’ – showing free time slots 2. need a forum (members area) 3. need shop commerce area

will it possible or a lot of work ?

Hi interslice.

Thanks for touching base on the Forked theme.

The shop area will be easily possible and the forum using plugins. The booking of multiple products will be possible if you use a bookings plugin.


Hi AJ,

When the customer book online, customer will get the automatic “Thank you for your booking” email. When I tried it myself putting email address as a customer, I got the “Thank you for your booking” email to It’s good. When I checked the “Thank you for your booking” email, this email is FROM too. It should be FROM admin email address. The “Thank you for your booking” email is going to SPAM because I didn’t send them from How can I change the FROM email address?

Hi sangwh.

Thanks for making contact.

i can certainly assist in changing the headers for you and try and circumvent this for you.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Thanks AJ,

I sent you a message. Please let me know how to do it via email. Thank you.

Please help.

This morning I received the following error message on the Twitter widget that I use on the frontpage of my forked-themed site:

Warning: illegal string offset ‘thepublicmarket’ in /home/stage/public_html/wp-content/themes/forked/inc/widgets/widget-helper.php on line 145

Warning: illegal string offset ‘thepublicmarket’ in /home/stage/public_html/wp-content/themes/forked/inc/widgets/twitter.php on line 58

Fatal Error: cannot use string offset as an array in /home/stage120/public_html/wp-content/themes/forked/inc/widgets/twitter.php on line 58

Hi ChristineMalia

Thanks for making contact.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here



I noticed that all banner images are zoomed, how to remove that effect?



Hi Matt

Thanks for making contact.

Just replied to your email.


Hi There,

Quick question – is there anywhere I can add the code for setting up Google Analytics on the site?



H sjrickwood.

The best way to set up the analytics error free on your site is to use a analytics plugin.

Try the one here


Hello Aj ,

Excellent stuff, Good Luck!

I want to ask you if it’s possible to change some expressions without localizations , something like : “make booking” button >> “Make Booking Now!” , and like : “Select a timeslot” >> “Step2: Select a timeslot”

I had tried to modify it in localize.po with no luck.

Can you tell me where i can update those expressions ?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Aj !

You had helped me a lot Brother!

I would like to just change a title in the reservation page, like “Telephone” i would like to make it “Your Email: (Optional)” ,

I had changed that in : /themes/forked/languages/localize.po as the following :

: inc/framework/ajax.php:60 inc/framework/ajax.php:88

: inc/framework/bookings/book-controller.php:169

: inc/framework/bookings/book-controller.php:209

: public/app/bookingform.php:98 public/meta-boxes/content.php:418

msgid “Your Email” msgstr “Your Email: (Optional)”

Should i re-scan the files ? and how can i rescan them ?

I had installed the localization plugin , but i cannot see the main English language so that i can re-scan.

Thanks again , You are amazing Seller & Developer !

Thanks for the feedabck.

If you make contact I can take a look and asisst.

You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Hi ,,

Thanks , I did already.


Hello – How can I change the background of the submenu and remove the dropshadow behind menu text? Thank you.

Hi glynngs

Thanks for making contact.

I’m not quite sure i understand which items you want ot style.

If you can give me more info I can take a look and asisst wit ha solution.


When I added images to a blog post and created a caption, the caption displayed like regular paragraph text. It makes the page difficult to read. Example: Ideally I would want the styling to be a couple of sizes smaller and italicized.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here