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Would you consider creating a “Specials” widget? I currently use the calendar to be able to display the day’s specials, however the calendar removes the event once the start time arrives! Is there a way to customize the calendar to remove events after the event “end time” rather than “start time”? Please help…

The other option is to recode the events program and to make it work differently.

Could you please let me know which file I would need to edit? Is it upcommingevents.php? If you could point me to the section of code would be great, thank you. I really think it would help to have the event stay up until the end of the day rather than after the start time…

in the inc/apps folder and cal-func.php you will find the calendar engine. but you will first need to add a function to the metaboxes to add how loong the show must be s oyou will add a meta-box entry first in public/meta-boxes/content.php around line 214.

Then you need to incorporate the minutes to lengthen to the main calendar function around line 556 of the cal-func.php to add the additional calculations into the calendar array that it returned.

Once that it done you can start to work to change the display on the site.

Hi again,

There’s a transparent box on the pages that I’ve created for my site, (ie. Menu, Contact, etc.)

I'd like to either remove the box completely and place my logo in that spot or remove my logo on those pages (only keeping my logo on themain page) so that the boxes (with text) appear.

I’ve searched through the help section & faq’s but can’t find any info on this issue.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Necole Wings n Tings

Hi WingsnTings

Thanks for making contact.

ot remove the titles on follow on pafges add the following to the last line of the style.css:

.cro_headerspace .cro_title { display :none; }



Hi there,

Great theme ! I’d like to know where I can find the diamond pattern you use on your slider images. Thank you :)


more on removing the responsive code here

I did it but as you can see on, there are some display bugs on an iphone (and i assume it’s the same on an ipad)

Any idea of why and how to fix?

Thank you

Can you make contact and we can iron out the last bit of kinks for you.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here

Regards Aj

Hi, couple of questions. How do I set the time for the events? Right now it is only letting me select the start time but I am looking for both start and end times.

Also, is there any easy way to integrate Mailchimp into the Newsletter widget?

Hi jtap.

Thanks for the support.

The calendar is only concerned with the starting time of an event. We have not added the end times, but left a lot of space to describe the event in the descriptions.

We have not integrated newsletter services with the widget and are not sure about the process involved.



How does the “Image Link” widget work exactly? I am trying to add a image link to the Event Calendar page but don’t see where I can add an image link or anyhting like that. How do I add a page as a carousel item? Thanks!

Also, is there a way to have the Team Members shortcode redirect to a different page? I am using this shortcode as a way to add interior links to the pages since I really like to the look of them but the functionality is limited. It would have been nice to just have a general shortcode rather than having to rely on using the members section.

The image link is available as a widget but not as a short code.

The banner carousel is for events and promotions, and will show all your promotions and events. Currently pages cannot be added to the banner carousel.

I can take a look at addign an alternative link to the team members page for you.

We had the image link banners in our older themes, but did not carry on with them, because no one was using them.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hi, how responsive is the site? Looking on my iPhone it does not seem to be responsive at all. It just displays the website as is just small.

Do you have a link to a responsive version I can view on mobile?

Hi treefroginternational.

Thanks for the message. you cna view the site directly without the iframe here



Does it have food menu feature ? I couldn’t find it in demo. Also, is it compatible with WP 3.6 and 3.6.1 ?

Hi nimsadvertising.

The foodmenu layouts are listed under the “menu’s” tab on the theme main menu.

The theme are compatible wit hwordpress 3.6 and WordPress 3.6.1



Can you let me know what are the main differences in forked and feast ?

The main difference is the addition of promotions and responsive design in the forked theme.


I have a question. Can I use with this template Qtranslate or some other Plugins to use it as Multi language??

Thanks :)

Hi Ricardo Virag.

Some of the apps implemented like the bookings calendar and promotions engine don’t do so well with multi language.

Regards AJ

Hello, I have this error code on the reservation page : Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 151519232) (tried to allocate 16 bytes) in /homepages/30/d215591004/htdocs/ocomptoir/demo/wp-content/themes/forked/inc/framework/bookings/book-controller.php on line 106

Hi roca01

Thanks for making contact.

This message tells you that with wordpress and all the plugins and theme on your site, you are starting to run out of processing memory.

The best way forward is to make contact with your host and ask them to increase your memory for you.

64MB should be enough to get you going.



Interested in purchasing this template. On your homepage there is a tweeter feed box. Is that just a preview or is it functional? So in the dashboard, I just put in my Twitter username and password and it will automatically pull my latest tweet?

Also what are my options for the circle icons at the top right? What is the max number I can put up there?


Hi sambpham

Thanks for making contact

The twitter feed will work without any plugins that you will need to add. You will register on the twitter site to be able to get your tweet and add it in the theme options and the feed will work.

Currently we have most of the social options covered in the link to outside, but add more as our buyers require more.



Hi Net-Labs,

Can you tell me how to insert the message “Grab your fork, lets eat” which is located on the home page? I want to do the same (text + background image)


Hi Samuel.

First you will create a new page that will be your welcome message, and add a featured image that you want for the background

in the Croma.dash general tab and general sub-tab bottom left, you will link to the page with your welcome message.

The background image will be the featured image of the welcome message

The title will be the title of the welcome message

The content will be the content of the welcome message


Hi-Net Labs

I would like to put different images in the header of my pages. As in your demo page: Specials, About, News …

Thank you in advance,

more on page headers here

Hi, nice theme! I already asked this question for your theme Fast but can you tell me how is working the Translation for this one.. I need to do my website with a choice between 3 different languages for the visitor. is it possible ? thanks

If you just want ot translate your into another language, it’s quiite easy and completely attainable.

More info here

ok. thanks. that’s great. just a remark ; what about the social network, I don’t see anything about this (exepted the twitter box). Is it something with facebook?

Because of the fact that Facebook have strict rules about this things we kept Facebook integration away. The only integration that Facebook allows are their widgets, so there’s really nothing that we can do.

I am having a problem getting the contact form to send to the right email address. Each time it sends to the original WordPress admin, but it will not send to the email address defined in Croma Dash. Thanks in advance for your support.


I received your email and will reply

Also, I am trying to see if I can make it so that the Welcome Message does not scramble when visitors come to the site.


I received your email and will reply


gxk Purchased

Dear sir,

i need 2 language Chinese and English to support my website.

so i brought the WPML, but seem like the Fork theme doesn’t fully compitable with it, especially the footer Widget section.

This is our website. you can see the footer won’t translate after i select either 1 language.

Need you help for it. thks.

Need help from you

The widget section should have no problems with the wpml. It’s when you work with the booking system and calendar that things can get quite difficult.

We have not added support for wpml to the theme, but make contact and i’ll take a look at assisting.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hello. I have a problem with the booking app. At the beginning of the process it works right, but it does not send any email to the guest/client when the reservation has been confirmed by us. Neither Guests/clients do not receive any email when the reservation is declined, cancelled, or for reminders. So, the app is only working to say to the client that the form has been submitted. I have completed all the fields in “emails” section, and I have checked all your help videos, and I do not find the solution. Can you help me? Many thanks.

Hi abordaseddy.

Thanks for the email and your support.

I can take a look and assist if you make contact

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here

Regards Aj


My client is not capable in working with Wordpress therefor my following question;

1) Is it possible that he only can edit the reservations-tool (that he does’nt see the pages, posts, reactions, members in the sidebar etc etc)?

2) the reservations that are incoming are all labeled “private” can I edit in the dashboard that they all come in normal?

Thnx in advance!

3) Another question; the permalinks (they’re not working I still have page names like this:

I found a tip in this comments section but this doesn’t work at my site. I’ve found the following;

Because of all the specialist code the blog type naming structure does not work. The correct permalink to use will be “

/ category /postname%/

Hi eigen

Thanks for making ocntact.

I can assist you to set it up if you make contact.

We keep the reservation posts private os they do not get read by google and get indexed.

I’ll take a look at your permalinks if you make contact.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hi. I have 2 errors after every post update. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/u6956721/data/www/ in /var/www/u6956721/data/www/ on line 222 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/u6956721/data/www/ in /var/www/u6956721/data/www/ on line 875 WP 3.6. Need update theme to it. Thanks!

hi hmbanan666

Thanks for making ocntact.

this error shows that someone made changes to your config.php file and the result is causing errors.

If you want me to assist with debugging, you are welcome to make contact and I can assist you to reset things.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Ok. Ill check that. Nice theme by the way, 5 stars :D


Just made the purchase; great theme!

Do you include PSD files of other pages/views? I only see one file, showing only half of the front page…

Hi abwheel.

Thanks for purchasing forked.

The theme Was actually designed in the browser, and the psd was created to get a feel for the elements created in the theme, that’s why we added the frontpage.