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This is a nice theme cmt! Really clean and tidy. Keep up the awesome work and good luck with sales.

Thank you so much, WildeMedia!

My Twitter sidebar is not working. I’ve put in my Twitter name under appearance, but when I load the page it says “Loading Tweets..” then nothing. Any help?

Hi, mcmcghee0519, thanks for purchasing the theme!
In order for the Twitter messages to show, first follow rebootdigital’s advice below.
Make sure that you’ve entered your username correctly. Also note that sometimes retweets are not shown.

If you still have that problem, please let me know.
Thank you!

are your tweets set a private? check your settings on twitter.

The problem with loading tweets has been solved and an update is available now. Please re-download and see the description.

Nice and simple. Good job!


Thank you, Paul. :)

Great looking theme. You should see it up on my site in a couple days. Nice work.

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Wow, thanks for the feature, mate!

Hi I am interested on buying this theme though I got a question first. Is it possible to change the social bookmark icons like the facebook and twitter icons on the right panel?

The icons are a single image file (sprite), and the PSD for it is included in the download pack. All you need to do is edit the PSD with your icons, upload it and add a line in Customize > Advanced > Add custom CSS , to overwrite the current image url. You can email me if you need any help.

Thanks for being interested!

Hi again, well which file should I edit and replace the images? the main psd or the icons gif? and also how can I show my pages on the right sidebar? and last question. Can u help me out with the css after I replace the images?

also I’d like to move my pages near the logo on the right how do i do this? email me here evarsamis@me.com

Just sent you a mail. :)

Really great work mate! :)

Can you tell me just how to change the RSS thing to FeedBurner? I can’t find the option or in the code.

Hi, mate, thank you for purchasing!

The link to the RSS is located on line 117:
<li><a href="{RSS}" title="Subscribe to RSS" class="rss sprite">rss</a></li>.

You can also change the rss link in the head (for auto-discovery) on line 50: <link href="{RSS}" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" />

Just replace the href on both places.
Let me know if you are experiencing any problems and please don’t forget to rate the theme, if you already haven’t. :)

Thank you!

I found the option in Tumblr to put the FeedBurner link and it everything works. Few more questions:

1. Can you tell me what font is in that logo image? 2. My tweets aren’t working. Username is right, my tweets aren’t private. What’s the problem?

Thanks. :)

(1) The font is what the whole template uses – Lucida Sans. :)
(2) Could you double check if you haven’t altered the code anywhere? The twitter plugin has been changed and tested already, it’s strange it isn’t working. :impatient:

Twitter started to work ^^. Thanks a lot mate. Rating the theme now! :)

How can i change the color of the links in my menu? The font color is really dark and you can’t see it. Check it out on my site: beepflow.tumblr.com

Hi, mathiasf, thank you for purchasing the theme!

There isn’t any special option for the menu to change. However, you could add a line in Customize >> Advanced >> Add custom CSS like this:

div.main-head ul.pages a { color: red; }

Hi. Love the theme but…......

Can you tell me if I am able to change the colour of the picture frames and white spaces to black?

Also can I change the background image?


Hi SteveOh_UK, thank you for being interested!

The colors of the picture frames can be easily changed via adding a line the Add Custom CSS field in your Customize admin page. I’m not really sure what do you mean about the white spaces.

The background image can be easily changed, I have made a special option for that in the Admin panel – see the last screenshot. Instructions on that are provided in the documentation, you can also view Screencast 1 from the item description to see how easy it is.

Thank you

Hi cmt.

My “Likes” aren’t showing up. I have ticked the box and show that I like two posts, but they still wont show, Any ideas?

Hi Steve,

That sounds strange and unreasonable for the theme to do. Could you confirm that http://www.tumblr.com/liked/by/your_tumblr_name returns any likes?

Thank you

Hi cmt. At that url i get: “Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page. If you believe this is in error, please contact support.”

But if I go to my dashboard and click “Liked 3 posts” at the top of the right column, I see the posts I liked.

Hi Steve,

If you can’t access the URL I provided, then it’s not the Forma’s settings that matter, but your overall blog settings.

Go to http://www.tumblr.com/preferences and enable “Share posts I like”. :)

Thanks Boris for all your help.

You have modded the template EXACTLY as I wanted it and well within my time limit.

five stars from me…..

Thanks again

Thank you too! :)

This is a beautiful theme! Thanks so much. I’m wondering how I can change the color of the primary body, header, and sidebar blocks to black? I see where these items are in the forma.psd, but I don’t know if this change is made in the css or if new images need to be uploaded somewhere.

Also, in your example, several links are showing up in the header (about, services, and ask), but my additional page links don’t appear to be showing up anywhere when I upload and activate the HTML for my theme.

I appreciate your help!

Warm Regards,


Hi bjuicy, thanks for purchasing the theme!

Unfortunately the theme doesn’t have a black version and you need to manually edit the PSD , slice it and change the CSS . That’s just because there are subtle gradients (for example on the top of the main container) – but if you don’t think you need them, you could just remove the background url CSS rule and change the background color of the containers.
Hope that helps you in some way.

Regarding the page links: the theme is page-ready, so I’m actually surprised on this one. You need to make sure that “Show a link to this page” on the relevant page is selected – I really can’t think of anything more at the moment. The ask page can be enabled from Customize >> Community >> select “Let people ask questions”.

I am sorry for the bit late reply, I am out of town at the moment, but I’m still trying to give support.


This is actually quite difficult to figure out. I find it more intense than wordpress to install.

Hi ericpaulmartin,
Thanks for purchasing the theme!

The download package contains documentation that explains how to install the theme. If you are still having problems with installing it, please let me know where exactly are you experiencing difficulties, so that I can help you.

Hi there cmt

First off, great theme – we love it.

We seem to have a layout issue with the Disqus thread – please see here:


I notice that in your site preview, the disqus feature only fades in as I scroll over the particular post – but on our install, it seems to just display it, then when one clicks the commenting link, the layout error occurs… Example:


(We’re still building… hence the unfinishedness…)

Can you please help? I have copied and pasted EXACTLY from your forma.html file, which I opened in notepad.

Hope to hear from you soon – thanks!

Hi barsket, Thank you for purchasing the Forma theme!

Regarding your issue with the Disqus thread, everything works for me, no error occurs when loading the comments (neither when I click the comment link). Maybe you can provide some more information about the browser you’re testing it with.

And on my site preview, the Disqus thread loads instantly as well, not when I scroll over it – I don’t see any differences.

Regarding the top of the Disqus thread which hides underneath the post: You can go to Customize >> Advanced >> Add Custom CSS and add a line like this one: #disqus_thread { margin-top: 40px; }. That has to do with the new Disqus look, they have changed their appearance a bit.

Hope that helps!