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Hey, I am in love with this theme but our blog has multiple authors and can you help us out in figuring out how to add written by Name by adding a tag or something.

And is it possible to add featured posts?

Hi xDeepS,

Thank you for being interested!
Unfortunately the theme doesn’t currently support the features you are requesting and at the moment I am not available for hiring to do the modifications for you.
The documentation on how to add group blog features is available here.

Hope that helps you in some way.
Sorry for the bit delayed reply!

No probs! Bought the theme =]

Thank you!

Feel free to ask for help if you feel lost and don’t forget to ask the Documentation for help. :)

hello, I can’t get the tweets to work. http://deanzeiser.com

flickr is not working either

Hi jhunt,

Sorry for delaying the reply!
Could you send me (through my profile page) credentials to log into your tumblr account, so that I can check your settings?


Hey, excellent piece mate! I just wanted to know if there’s a way I can extend the size of the header so I can include a full size banner?


Hi SavingAvery, Thank you for purchasing the theme!

If you want to extend the height of the header:

About line #80 of the CSS file you have div.main-head { ... height: 100px; ... }. Change that height to as much as you like.
Then find div.sidebar-head { ... height: 100px; ... } (line #218) and change its height value as well.
The last is needed is to achieve equal column height in both the main container and the sidebar.

If you want to extend the width of the header:

Delete the HTML of the sidebar header (<div class="sidebar-head sidebar">...</div>) to make room for the main header.
Then go to the CSS rule at line #79 (div.main { ... width: 640px; ... }) and change the width to 900px.

You can either:
1) make those modifications in the CSS file (it’s included in the download pack for the theme) and upload it to the Tumlor static server, or…
2) open up your Tumblr account, go to Customize >> Advanced >> Add custom CSS and write the modificaions there, then hit Save.

Hope that helps. :)

Got another question. I’m trying to use a built in music player on one of my pages (We’re using this as our band page) but the html music player doesn’t work. It’s through iLike.

Here’s the embed code

<div><div id="c_p01IeDipe7S3VtiK_elZR-YYA=="><div class="ilike_content"> <ul class="song_list_preview" style="list-style:none;"> <li class="preview_border" style="overflow:hidden;"><a href="http://www.ilike.com/artist/Saving+Avery/track/Teaser" title="Teaser" class="song_play_btn">Teaser</a></li> </ul> </div> </div><script src="http://www.ilike.com/api/p?c=1&amp;k=p01IeDipe7S3VtiK_elZR-YYA%3D%3D"></script><div id="ilike_p01IeDipe7S3VtiK_elZR-YYA=="><div style="border-top:1px solid #dddddd;padding-top:5px;font-size:smaller;"><a href="http://www.ilike.com/artist/Saving+Avery" target="_blank">Saving Avery</a> on iLike - <a href="http://www.ilike.com/download" target="_blank">Get updates inside iTunes</a></div></div></div>

But it’s not working. Let me know if you have a way to fix it.


Hi Ryan,

I made a few tests to be sure what’s the problem:
If I create an html page locally and paste the embed code inside, it won’t work; if I move the page to my local server, it works instantly.

Which means that the problem is on the Tumblr server permissions.

Usually this code works on tumblr though, it works on our old site. ( http://averymusic.tumblr.com/Music ) underneath the redirect link. Is there something in the code that’s preventing the play button from appearing/functioning?

Thank you for posting the info about your old blog, it helped a lot. The reason seems to be the jquery library that the Forma theme uses.

Here’s a solution that should work (just tested it):

Find the line {block:IfGoogleAnalyticsID} (near the end of the code). Above it is the closing tag for the jquery settings. Just before it add $.noConflict();.

I’m applying a screenshot to show you where you need to put the line.

Hope that helps.

- Boris

Works like a charm! Thank you kindly, sir!



FRT Purchased

Great work, I have a small problem though. My logo image does not appear on the header next to the pages (left of search). [my site is reikimemoirs.com]

Could you also tell me which lines should I edit (start editing from) if I want to add a paypal banner? Position I am interested in is above like.

Is it possible to insert code for google’s dfp?

Thank you

Hi FRT ,

First of all, thank you for purchasing the Forma theme!

Your logo image source links to http://static.tumblr.com/iiq4ctx/fBFlhqqv7/gradient-head.jpg , which appears to be blank right now.

For adding PayPal banner code above the Likes, you need to start editing at line #316 (above {block:IfShowLikes}).

Regarding DFP code, I don’t have experience with it, but I don’t think there should be any problem inserting the code (I guess that it comes with styling options, i.e. containers with ids/classes that you shoud be able to edit from the “Add custom CSS ” field in your Tubmlr account).

Hope that helps,


FRT Purchased

Thank for the reply, I do not know what has happened, but in my dashboard I can see my logo, and the relative favico is displayed in the browser (firefox).

One more question: can I disable twitter streaming on the side bar?

Thank you

Hi FRT ,

If you are still experiencing problems with the logo, you could e-mail me your Tumblr login credentials and logo image file through my profile page, so that I can have a look at what is wrong.

Regarding the twitter stream, you just need to go to your Tubmlr customize page > Appearance > Twitter Username and delete your twitter username, then hit Save. Showing the twitter feed depends just on whether this field has something in it.


Hi cmt, nice work here.

My doubt is if is possible to show always the post info, like tags, comments and notes, and not necessarily by putting the mouse cursor inside the post.



Yes, it is possible to do that, just by removing some javascript lines!
I have designed the theme the way it is now for usability concerns – it overloads the user with too much info, while he is scrolling through the content (actually only through titles). But yes, you can get rid of that effect.

Thank you for being interested!

Hi there,

I am just purchased the theme and have set it up as per the documentation, but I am finding that paragraph breaks are not being displayed correctly. When I am creating a post they show up fine but there are no paragraph breaks even though I am entering them and see them in the RTF editor.

I have tried using the HTML editor as well and adding
tags as a test and it doesn’t help. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi richgates,
Thank you for purchasing the theme!

You can go to your Customize page, click Advanced and enter the following code into the Add custom CSS fileld:
.post p { padding-bottom: 10px; }

That should solve your problem. I will include it in the forthcoming update for the theme.
By the way, feel free to have your saying about the update – what do you want to see in the theme? You can do it on twitter or facebook. :)

Thank you,

Love this template and with your videos I was able to be up and running in no time at all.

Thank you for purchasing and for the nice words, ksaim, very appreciated!

music player doesn’t work with firefox, can you fix it?

thank you.

Thank you for noticing this issue in the new Firefox, caredes, I will ll look into it. Sorry for the large delay, an update pack is being prepared.


How long does it usually take for tweets to show up? They seem to be blank on http://radioeastpdx.tumblr.com/

Hi repdx,
Thanks for purchasing the theme!

It seems that Tweets are not showing up, because there is an error earlier in the javascript settings. To put this simple: although you probably don’t use the Flickr feature, please make sure you have some value in the field “Flickr Limit:” ( Go to your Tubmlr settings, then open Customize >> Appearance). For example, the default value is 6.

Hope that will fix the problem!

Regards, Boris

Hi! I just bought this theme today, and am still trying to make some tweaks to it.

My main question at the moment: Right now, no space is added between paragraphs. It seems to strip out the spacing after

tags. Can you tell me to fix this?

Here’s a test post, as an example: http://bryanperson.tumblr.com/post/6878586103/test-breaks

Sorry, I didn’t see you had already answered this question above about paragraph breaks. Problem fixed!

Hi Bryan,
Thank you for purchasing the theme!

Glad you solved the paragraph issue, it will be removed in the upcoming update – you can be notified about it via twitter or facebook. Feel free to have you saying about it here: twitter or facebook.

Thanks, Boris. It doesn’t look like the Facebook or Twitter accounts are very active, so I wonder if I should ask future questions there or here?

Now I’m trying to add the Facebook Like button, a retweet button, and Google +1 button below each post. Do you have a suggestion for how to do that? Will it be added as an option for the next release?

Hi, I have just bought and installed the theme but wordpress is saying “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.” How should I proceed?



Hi 123shadds,

This is a Tumblr theme and not a WordPress one, so I think you might have got confused about what you are purchasing.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the reply.



Is there anyway to add a reblog icon to your posts? Maybe next to the permalink icon?

Hi robotsateme,

Thank you for purchasing the theme! Regarding your question – the Tumblr platform does offer a reblog icon for its users in the upper right corner and that is why the theme interface does not feature one.

Regards, Boris