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Excellent as always guys :-) good luck with sales – Rich

Cheers Rich :)

Very nice theme. Congratulations!!!
Good luck with your sales :)

Yes! It’s awesome :)

Cheers Tom :)

Great looking theme. Happy sales :)

Lol thanks Michael :)

Good luck with sale?s

Nice work! Good luck! :-)

Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi Guys, This looks excellent. Is there a featured post option?

Oh right, that’s more like a mega menu – Format doesn’t do that kind of menu, you could probably find a mega menu plugin that could provide that kind of functionality.

However, If you are looking to update your website (the link you provided) it may be better to go for a news based blog theme. We haven’t done a news theme yet and I’m not sure if Format would fit your requirements in this instance having looked through your link.

Thanks, much appreciated, and also appreciate your candor. I’m trying to devise a way to simplify my site which is why I find Format so appealing. Need to think it through a bit more. Cheers!

No problem at all we’d rather people made the right decision before parting with their hard earned money:)

Hi I like your template and I want to buy it, but I would like to know if in the template is included demo file. Thanks

Do you mean the Demo XML so you can set up your WordPress website like the demo? If so, yes it does.


I installed the Format theme and when viewing the initial setup the site goes into a 500 internal server error. I’ve tried uploading the theme via FTP and directly through Wordpress and the same thing happens.

When I revert back to a previous theme the site is live again.

Hopefully you have a fix for this.

Ok thanks

Meanthemes logged into my site, checked through the issues and located the problem with a 3rd party plugin. This has been fixed and everything is working as it should.

Superb support and excellent communication.

Much appreciated.

No problem at all and please don’t forget to rate the theme 5 stars via your download tab if you are happy with everything :)

Whats the shortcode to get the line running down the left of the text in bold? As seen on the demo home page top article.

Howdy, that’s not a shortcode, that’s just a blockquote e.g. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jggaqf3jwdbsx86/Screenshot%202014-10-22%2020.00.01.png?dl=0

Great Stuff. Thanks

no problem

Customize button NOT working! Please fix it. I wan’t to try

It is working for me, what browser are you using?

Same problem: tried 3 different browsers (on mac) but no way to make the customize button working… :(

Ok, it works if you open it in a new window… :)

Glad you got it working :)

I would like to translate some parts into another language. In what file can I do that?

Hey there, there is an FAQ for that right here :)


Hi again… sorry to bother you with another question :)

Been playing a lot with the nice customizing tool, very useful indeed. Just one thing is not clear to me: can I set up a background image without any link to a post or to another page?

thanks a lot!

Hi Andrea, I’m not quite sure what you mean? Could you provide more detail and a link to your website in a support ticket at http://meanthemes.ticksy.com please?

Hi, was referring to the homepage (haven’t bought the theme yet). Was wondering if the current header image in the demo (the mountains), which links to a post, can actually be used without a link but simply as an image. Thank you!

Ah ok in which case no, that image is from the post. There is no option to add a homepage hero in format. There is in our JRNY theme though.


Is it possible to have multiple full posts (no “continue reading”) with the full width image bars on the same page? Also, is it possible to remove share icons on posts?


Hi there, yes, if you click the customize button on the demo and then do this… https://www.dropbox.com/s/sclmvqbw11zri6z/Screenshot%202015-01-26%2014.23.53.png?dl=0 and wait a few seconds the homepage will show you the fuller format layout. Continue reading is only added if you have the auto excerpt ticked or you use the “more” tag functionality or use the custom excerpt box on each post.

You can remove share icons via the theme Customizer… https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7giu3m5mainyzk/Screenshot%202015-01-26%2014.25.19.png?dl=0 / https://www.dropbox.com/s/p7h8323iu80f82t/Screenshot%202015-01-26%2014.25.33.png?dl=0

If you need anything else just let me know :)

Thanks for the advice, I ended up going with the theme! Only thing I am noticing now are two faint lines separating the header and footer. I am trying to make the page completely white with no separators.

Hey there, if you need any support just log a ticket at http://meanthemes.ticksy.com with your site URL and we can send over some custom CSS. Thanks for purchasing :)

I have JRNY and I’m considering this one. Looks really nice. I have a fe questions: 1. Is there a place to sign up for email newsletters (MailChimp) and if so where would that be located. 2. What size restrictions are there for the blog Featured Images? 3. Is there a way to remove or minimize the date above the blog title?


Hey Jay,

1. If you recheck the demo, you can use the sidebar which can either be set to off/toggle/on to display widgets… http://format.mtdemo.wpengine.com/

2. What do you mean? How wide should they be? We recommend over 1360px wide

3. Yes, you can get rid of this or reduce it’s size with CSS, which we can help with :)

and thanks for buying JRNY and considering another one of our themes!

While I mentioned it before, and just left it at that; it should be mentioned that for some reason this theme will not load on my Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 635. Neither my test site nor this demo will load. It appears for a split second then crashes. I think this should be explored.

Hi there I can’t see a comment about this or a support ticket. We don’t have a Windows Lumia 635 to test with but it works brilliantly on a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 820 running Windows 8.1. Obviously it’s almost impossible to test on every device out there. Please log a ticket at https://meanthemes.ticksy.com with all the details including OS version and if possible a video of the issue and we will see what we can do.

Hi -

might I ask why you do not support Format anymore? I love the theme but a little bit of support might come in handy…

Greetings 98

Hi, it is a business decision really. Envato are squeezing authors pretty hard at the moment with enforced support, author fees and general confusion so we’re looking to shelve quite a few of our older and poor selling themes over the coming months. Format is one of the themes earmarked for no support and eventual removal from the marketplace. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be gone forever, we may add it to another more flexible and friendly marketplace. We haven’t made any decisions yet though on this.

That is a pity and sad to hear, but I understand. I really like the theme. Thank you for your quick reply! All the best and good luck! Jomo is great, too, but not what I’m looking for right now. Cheers, 98


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