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Basket total being displayed on the left in stead of the right? How do I fix this?

Hello, could you provide your site URL, I can’t fix the issue without knowing what is “culprit”.

Manuel :-)

Thank you for the fantastic support.

My site’s primary navigation and slideshow are not working anymore. What could be the cause of this? Thank you so much for your assistance.

If you haven’t changed any file via FTP (I mean the code) no, you won’t loose anything, since the theme data are stored in the database.

Manuel :-)

That worked perfect! Thank you so much for your help. Love the theme!

Hi, I update the theme, and now the header (menu and logo) not show. This is the url http://www.eventosdealgodon.com/ The settings are ok, I don’t know whta’s happens

Hello, your version of Forte is not updated, you updated WP only. Unfortunately the automatic updates stopped since the site I used to provide them quit suddenly without a reason. They changed owner and its support simply quit. I’m sorry. I’ve changed way to provide automatic updates, but unfortunately you have to update Forte manually the first time.

If you prefer, provide all the details and I’ll do it for you.

I need:

  • FTP login details
  • WP login details
  • Envato username and Forte license code.

Here is my email address for personal data: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Let me know. Manuel :-)


gnkmg Purchased

Hi Manu, When i updated WP the menu disappeared. My developer said that the theme may not be compatible with 4.3.2 yet. Will there be an update so it is?

I see those, so I guess the problem is due to your browser cache, just clear it and let me know.

Manuel :-)


gnkmg Purchased

okay. the problem fixed. thanks

Hi Manu, i don’t know why but the product page is redirecting to page 404.. until now was ok.. http://www.nicoten.ro/product/tigara-electronica-nicoten-s1-ecopack-starter-kit-usb/

... fixed from permalinks WP serrings… language file :(

Hello, sorry, not sure to understand. The link you provided seems to work fine, how can I replicate the issue?

Manuel :-)

i edited the post: it was from wp language… you need to save again the settings from permalinks to make the rewrites work on other languages

i edited the post: it was from wp language… you need to save again the settings from permalinks to make the rewrites work on other languages

Hi Manuel – I just purchased another license because I split my site into multiple sites. I believe the theme download on envato is an outdated version and woocommerce functionality is not completely working. I have searched the web but can’t figure out how to ad automatic theme updates functionality in wordpress for this theme. Can you let me know how to do this.-Thanks, Paul

In this case please, empty the browser cache and check again:

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Clearing the browser didn’t work. Is this a wordpress feature or a forte feature? I reinstalled wordpress and that didn’t have any effect either. Do I need to reinstall the theme?

It is a feature by Forte of course. If you prefer contact me via email, provide your site url, WP login details and FTP details, I’ll have a look with pleasure: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hi manuel, all my product-tag pages show up empty. I’ve double checked and the tags are linked to products, but still the products do not appear when clicking on a tag. Here an exemple: http://www.chevaliersdespieds.be/product-tag/ahimsa/ I have 4 products tagged “ahimsa”, but none show up. This happens to ALL my tags. Can you suggest a solution?

OMG: now the shop page doesn’t show any products either. Yikes! FYI: I did purchase your theme, of course, but through my webdesigner. I have an item purchase code if this is important…

Hello, sorry, I need you post your threads by using the same account you used to purchase the theme. Thank you in advance.

Could you also check if the issue can due to a conflict with a 3rd party plugin please?

Manuel :-)

I’ve checked the 3rd party plugins and deactivating them has no positive effect. I’ll ask my webdesigner to repost the issue from her account…

Hello Manuel,

I’m taking over from Chevaliersdespieds because I bought the theme for her.

I’ve had a look in the admin and can see that there’s a problem with the woo commerce templates:

forte_april_16/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php versie 2.5.2 is verlopen. De core versie is 2.6.1

forte_april_16/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php versie 2.0.14 is verlopen. De core versie is 2.6.3

forte_april_16/woocommerce/single-product/review.php versie 2.5.0 is verlopen. De core versie is 2.6.0

No products are showing up in the shop: http://www.chevaliersdespieds.be/shop/ en with product tags: http://www.chevaliersdespieds.be/product-tag/ethletic/

I’ve just seen that you will not provide support anymore for this theme. Does this mean you won’t be publishing updates anymore? Hope not!?

Thanks in advance for your reply! Kathleen.

Good to know Manuel! Good luck with the updates!

Hello Manuel,

The products on http://www.chevaliersdespieds.be/shop/ are still not showing. I read in the comments below that your up to Forte 3.0.6 but we are still on 3.0.4. When I click ‘theme update’ I get this message: “Perfect! Your data are correct. You’ll be notified when a new version is available and you’ll be able to update directly from your WP dashboard” but I don’t see any updates in the dashboard.

I’ve than downloaded the files from themeforest but the zip date on the file is april 13th so I’m guessing this is not the latest update. (?)

Can you advice on what to do?


Hello, you have changed the name of the theme folder, so I’m afraid you won’t receive any automatic update. Could you restore it? Otherwise contact me via email and I’ll provide the latest version via Dropbox: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hey Manuel,

I am also missing all the product from our shop. It happened from one day to the another. I know my client updated the wordpress theme and i just updated to the latest version of your theme and still nothing is happening. Please advise.

No, since you see the label “purchased” here, after your user name, your license is still valid. Unfortunately the latest version isn’t available anymore on ThemeForest and you can get it as automatic update only.

Do you receive an error message when you enter your license code?

Manuel :-)

yup. it’s saying data not found

Hello, could you contact me via email and let me enter your backend? Could you also provide your license code via email please? manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)


We have an issue with translations with the theme. The rest of our site and shop is translated fine but when you go to the shopping cart PRODUCT, PRICE, QUANTITY, TOTAL all appear in English. I have placed our translation file for the theme in the instructed location of “wp-content/themes/forte/languages” named it “fi_FI.po” (for Finnish) and the .mo file is there too. Any ideas? Thanks.

Regards, David


We actually figured this one out. Contrary to the documentation supplied with this theme the translation file actually needs to go in the “wp-content/languages/themes” folder and the name should be “forte-COUNTRYCODE.po”, so if it is a French translation it would be “forte-fr.po”.


Hi Manuel,

I see that you have released 3.0.6 version and via automatic update I could only update to 2.9.9 version.

How can I update to the latest version?

Kind regards, Sebastian

Hello Sabastian,

unfortunately the automatic updates stopped because the site I used to provide them quit suddenly without a reason. They changed owner and its support simply quit. I’m sorry.

I’ve changed the way to provide automatic updates, but unfortunately you have to update Forte manually the first time. Just download it again from ThemeForest, from your download section: http://themeforest.net/downloads and upload it via FTP. Do you have any problem to do that? In this case let me know.

After doing that you’ll be able to receive automatic updates again, just enter your Envato username and license code in “Appearance -> Theme updates” after updating to the latest version.

Let me know. Manuel :-)


when do you expect to have theme work with WooCommerce 2.6?

Best regards, Robert Rosi?

Hello, it is already compatible.

Best, Manuel :-)


Cali2012 Purchased

Hi Manu, thanks for this theme. I have a problem on my pages and articles, the builder tab doesn’t appear anymore! Just the visual… I run WP 4.6 and Forte 3.0.7… Thanks for your support.

Hello, as far as I know v.3.0.7 doesn’t have any problem with WP 4.6. Please, try to empty the browser cache and check again. If the problem persists contact me via email manu[at]pixedelic.com and provide site url and WP login details to let enter.

Manuel :-)

Does this theme have a search box to allow customers to look for products? Can categories be displayed as a text drop down menu rather than a large category box?


about search box, you can use the “Advance search” widget, you can set it the way you prefer:

About categories: could you clarify please? I’m not sure to understand. If you mean in the sidebar, of course they can, there’s a widget to do that:

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Thanks for information. I need a search box in the theme’s top menu rather than a sidebar so it can be seen easily from any web page. Ideally, a drop down menu using product tags or product categories for the search choices.

Is this plugin compatible with your theme and could it be used in the main top menu?


Or is it possible for a widget search be added to a menu?

No, I’m sorry, the only available place by default is the sliding sidebar. If you need to implement a search bar in the header I’m afraid you have to customize the code.

Manuel :-)