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sorry double post ;)

HI Manuel

I need your help, I have transformed my whole website to Forte. I have spent lot of time on transfer and now I have found out it is not compatible with WC Composite products plugin

chceck my product page: http://www.scoutparamotor.com/product/scout-paramotor-custom/

1. add to cart button is missing!!!

2. layout should look like this: http://docs.woothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Canon-5D-6D-Kit-Single-Page1.png

please help Miroslav

Hi Miroslav,

I’m sorry for the issue, unfortunately the plugins that work on the layout, as the plugin you’re using, always need further work: they assume that a theme hasn’t moved the order of the WooCommerce hooks, but if you want to get particular layouts with a theme you often have to change the order and priority of some function, without, of course, removing them.

I think that’s the case, even if I don’t know the plugin you mention.

If you could provide it via email or let me enter your site via WP and FTP (better) I could take a look: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Another problem is that the plugin assumes that the theme uses Prettyphoto, but it isn’t mandatory. Forte uses ColorBox as lightbox instead of Prettyphoto and for this reason the plugin generates a javascript error that avoids to show the add to cart button when required.

Also in this case I could find a solution, maybe reactivating Prettyphoto on your end. For this reason I’d prefer you provided your FTP and WP details.

About the double content: in my experience, this kind of issue is due to WPML plugin: an old version of WPML with a recent version of Wordpress generates this issue with themes or plugins that filter the content somehow. I see you’re using WPML 2.6, am I right?

Manuel :-)

Do not forget FTP details please, just to make non-obtrusive tests (I don’t want to test PHP functions from WP editor, because I couldn’t fix accidental fatal errors from there).

I’m afraid your version of WPML is too old. It is a known issue: http://goo.gl/4wsF9w

TIA, Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

Can you please tell me how do I make this theme multilingual? I saw the theme detail says ”WPML ready,” but I can’t find the way to achieve it from the documentation provided.

Thanks Wipop

WPML ready means only that the theme has been developed with some plugins in mind. It supports WPML, but WPML it is a premium plugin that can’t be included. The description also says WPMU ready and ecommerce ready.

Manuel :-)

Hi again Marco,

First of all sorry for my English!!

I have a problem with WPML. When I activate the WPML pluguins, the product page appears with duplicate content. It only happens with the default language, not for the translations.


Hi Marco,

please, check whether you are running the last version of WPML (2.8.2). This was a known issue but with old versions of WPML.

Let me know.

Manuel :-)

That’s right… I’m not running the last version of WPML, but I’ve found a solution for older versions of WPML.

Solution for home page repetition content: -In widepage.php write “wp_reset_query();” just after “get_header();”

Solution for single product page repetition content: -In woocommerce.php write the same; “wp_reset_query();” just after “get_header();”

Thanks Marco!

It is a strange fix… I’m running WPML with Forte on many test sites with no problem. Are you sure that isn’t due to another plugin, maybe a SEO plugin or something else that adds content to your header?

Manuel :-)

Nice theme! :-)

- Is it possible to make the site multilingual (ex. English + Danish) with your WPML integration?

- Where will the language selector be located?

- Is the WPML plugin integrated, or still need seperate licence for this?


Hi kmorgen,

Forte supports WPML, you can put it in the main navigation menu ( https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/wbad?size=o ), or in a sidebar (not in the footer, I’m sorry). Sorry, but the license of the plugin is not included in the theme.

Manuel :-)

hello Manuel

how can i edit and translate the page, error 404.


the 404 page is editable from Forte cpanel -> Blog -> 404 page.

The things on the Forte admin panel are translatable by using the “String translation” option of WPML.

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel ! Is this theme (which seems to be great!!!) ready for translation? Cheers

Hi Arnaud3d,

it already has .po and .mo files, of course, you can use WPML for munti-language purpose or PoEdit (or similar) to translate the strings.

Manuel :-)

Hello, we having trouble with the slider at the front page, the time pass very quick in IE but its very slow in Chrome? see console-repair.ie also when you make the screen smaller for mobile devices the header will double and the menu wont show but its there?

Hi Manuel,

awesome theme i must say, but there are some major issues when trying to use it with a multilingual woocommerce shop. if you are interested i can provide a test environment to reproduce the error.

best regards from germany Manuel

Hi and thank you.

I’m in touch with many other persons that use WPML without any issue… so please, yes, provide more details. If you prefer here is my email address: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hi, Well done with the theme. I’m looking to purchase it but would like to know if it’s compatible with any multilingual plugins (english/japanese) – for example: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multilingual-press/

or if possible for you to suggest a plugin which works best. Thanks


I try to support as better as I can WPML, nothing else, I’m sorry: http://wpml.org/

Manuel :-)


Just updated Forte theme and WPML plugins, but now there is a problem in Appearance/Menus – can’t save the menu, just blank screen appears after clicking the Save menu button.

There does not seem to be any WPML translation options in the Portfolio/Gallery menu?

If I’ve understood what you mean correctly, did you try to go to WPML -> Translation options and activate the post type and the taxonomy you need? https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/ho9p?size=o

Let me know

Manuel :-)

How do we translate the various fields filled out in the Forte Admin? – For example the Side icons, sliding sidebars etc?

We have the regular WPML license, but this does not include the WPML String Translation module unfortunately. Maybe this is also the reason why your Widgets cannot be translated?

Any inputs and ways to overcome this will be appreciated! :-)

Working on your issue with WPML.

About the portfolio: I’m sorry, this is the normal way for me to work with a portfolio, where in the gallery you put the featured image of a project, not all the images of all your projects.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

I think a comment got lost in the Envato problems I got an email about, if you already got this, sorry for doubling up!

Some of my products don’t have a featured image that is full width on the single product page (730px)

In the main shop page with a wall of thumbs, these images get pulled out of proportion. Is there an option to prevent this? I wouldn’t mind if these images have white space on the sides in the wall.

You can compare the image on product page and wall with this example: http://www.print-art-read.com/product/characters-marie-cecile-thijs/




can you please check if this menu screenshot is ok or not ?


i was telling you some days ago that this is a …long big menu that is not ok in my taste…

i am am using chrome 24… on windows 7… (same happens in ie9…)


Mmmmm… not sure about what you mean… it is a megamenu, so if you select to display a submenu two columns wide it is normal that the width is double... two columns so double width… sorry, what do you mean? Here you can see many examples of megamenus: http://designm.ag/inspiration/mega-menus/

However, the second level menu of “Home demos” is one column only, another double column is used for the Shop.

no… we see the same thing… but I don’t understand why we are talking about that. The width of the submenu is fixed, and it doesn’t depend on the content, it is about 240 pixels, like a normal column (such as the sidebar), it changes only if you resize the width of the monitor.

The width of the first level button saying “Home demos” depends on the content of the button itself.

If you don’t like, ok, that’s normal, please (really) do not buy the theme if you are not satisfied of the preview, but I really don’t understand why we are talking about a simply design choice. I just had a look to http://demo.truethemes.net/Karma-Wordpress/, just for instance, a very popular theme… the width of the submenu is almost the same I used too. Of course two columns have the double width.


Your theme looks absolutely epic! It’s just what I’ve always searched for, I’m really interested in buying it, but before that, I’d like to make some questions:

- I’d like to create 2 versions for my website, one in english and one in spanish. Is it possible with this theme?

- Could this special Page Builder make my site not to be so SEO optimized like if it just had simple text?

Thanks a lot, and congrats for the GREAT job with your theme.

Hi vicintosh,

Forte supports WPML, if you have a license of WPML you can use to create a multilanguage site. I don’t know how other plugins work, however Forte comes with a localization file to be translated in any language. You can also run a Wordpress Network and make to sites with the same installation.

The page builder just creates html and text, like a normal page.

Manuel :-)

Hey Manuel!

Is there a way to disable having to double-click for tool-tips on mobile? (Such as on navigation)


I am considering buying your beautiful forte template.

Some questions: How do I get Helvetica Neue? In the menu, am I able to make a double drop down as news and people?

Home Company >About Us >People >news >Contact Us Products

Quick question: I’m using woocommerce, and for the main store page I’m using the “Grid of Two Columns Wide Thumbs (16:9)”. But let’s say I wanted to embed some products on a post using the woocommerce shortcode: [recent_products per_page=”12” columns=”2” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

How would I go about getting the results of the embeded shortcode products to match the look of the “Grid of Two Columns Wide Thumbs” style?


(Sorry for the double account thing. I accidentally created a second account a while back, wish there was a way to merge them.)

Sorry for the noob question.

I want the website in 3 different languages? how i do that?

I think the best way is to use WPML plugin: http://wpml.org/ Otherwise you can try a free plugin (but I don’t support them) or three different installation, maybe by using a Wordpress Network.

Manuel :-)

Hi, i am using te Forte theme but since a couple of days we aren’t able to login anymore. Apparently there is a redirect loop (to many redirects). This means we can’t reach the login page anymore.

Do you have any idea what may cause this? We allready tried to login via ftp, which works. and turn off the plugins or the theme itself by renaming the folders. But this doesn’t work. When renaming the forte theme folder it doesn’t load the site at all.

The rest of the side does work like usual, we just can’t login/reach the login page.

We really hope you can help us out.

Thanks in advance.

P.S: we didn’t buy the theme on this account. The design agency did (BuroNCP)

Sorry for the late reply. However I’m able to reach all pages now. Since you are running WPML I could assume the problem is with permalinks, and, as you guessed correctly, you have to check your .htaccess file.

However, have you fixed by yourself now? Manuel :-)

No problem for the late reply. My apologies as well since i did not update the status of the problem. We managed to fix it as it was indeed a problem with the permalinks. However we have run into another small problem.

We’ve got a dutch menu, which works fine (and can be updated/changed). But when we want to update the english version of the menu, whenever you change something and click ‘save menu’. It gives a 404 error i believe and says page couldn’t be found. I have found an article about it. But it don’t know if that (fix) really works.


It might not be a forte problem. perhaps its a wpml problem. If you could have a quick look and let me know what you think. That would be great!.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Milan,

I already saw the same problem with other themes and other users. It seems due to WPML though, and v. should fix the issue:


Let me know please. Manuel :-)

Hi, it depends on your version, however here are some info: https://wpml.org/faq/install-wpml/

Manuel :-)