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awesome work! Good luck :)

thank you so much!

Wow!! So good.. Waiting for this one…

Fantastic Work!! sure success ;)

Beautiful work man!! Congratulations…;)

Thank you so much :-)

Thank you very much :-)

thank you so much :-)

Really great work! I plan to purchase this one to make a music related site. Do you plan to add more audio shortcodes in the future?

good question… what kind of shortcodes? any example?

Options like a playlist in Html 5, Soundcloud, customization of the player, a way to have a global static player that can play songs from any audio links from the site.

Also a buy and download button. :)

Pretty good theme! GLWS.
( Da un italiano :) )

grazie :-)

Really great work! ;)

thank you

When i navigate back to the home page, the slider doesn’t work.

strange, I’m using chrome too… on what OS?

You were right, there was an issue with the script loader… I thing I’ve fixed now, the changes will be in the next release. Thank you for reporting the problem

Great work again.. great job!

thank you very much! :-)

Wow! Awesome theme. The mobile version is superb! Same concern (hope) as person above concerning audio. This would be perfect for a music site I have if it had playlists, soundcloud integration. Hoping you will consider it.

Great work!

thank you… honestly I’m thinking that it would be a big implementation, better it could be a 3rd party plugin that works with WooCommerce… I’m considering the idea, thanks to your feedback too, but at the moment nothing has been planned

Manuel :-)

The end of my search for a gorgeous theme!! Thanx

Very, very nice!!!

Hi Manuel!!!

Congratulations on the theme. I think I found I was looking for.

One question though, how can I translate the theme to Portuguese? It is a simple process? I’m new in Wordpress.

Thank you.

Hi Stirred,

I paste here what edge123, very kindly, said: “In the forte folder you will find a map called: languages. there are a PO and a MO file in there. With these files you can translate to your language.”

Manuel :-)

Thank you edge123 and Manuel for your kind answers.

What I want to do with Forte is: Make a portfolio website for me and create another one for a client, a real estate website. And at the same time learn during the process how to work with WP.

It is possible to add other fields for example to every item in the portfolio listing (ex: bedrooms, badthrooms…), I know how to easily do this in Drupal but in Wordpress I’m clueless.

I’m sorry Stirred, I don’t know. Of course, for me it would be simple, but I don’t if Forte is compatible with a real estate plugin for instance or anything else that allows you to have what you need. So sorry.

Manuel :-)

2 questions/problems:

The builder does not work in Firefox 18.0.1. It works on IE but normally I don’t work with IE.

The Navigation is not ’ falling’ down (animated) when loading my website.

I tried different set-ups but no result. Also with the xml file imported and tried on 3 different WP versions. 3.5.1 – 3.5 and 3.4.

Just to update this thread, the issues with FireFox are already fixed. I’ll release the next version of Forte ASAP.

Manuel :-)

@ Stirred.

In the forte folder you will find a map called: languages. there are a PO and a MO file in there. With these files you can translate to your language.

Hi edge123,

first of all thank you for this kind explanation.

Then, about the builder issue, I’m not at my desk at this very moment. I made some changes just before the first release to satisfy the requests of the reviewer, maybe something went wrong. I’ll let you know something ASAP, but not before monday morning… Italian time, so sorry for the inconvenient. In the meanwhile I can recommend to use Chrome, I think it is faster than IE for this kind of feature.

Manuel :-)

Thx for the reply, i can wait ;-) And i will use chrome. Thx again..

thank you too, for your patience, accept my apologies :-)


BEAUTIFUL THEME!!!! I’m looking at buying this for my business. But how does that shopping cart work? Could I configure it to work for shipping in Australia?

Hi GraemeVoigt,

the theme works with WooCommerce, all the ecommerce functions are demanded to the plugin. I think it doesn’t have any problem to satisfy your needs, but I recommend to have a look to the official page: http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/ or to install the plugin on a basic theme to check its features.

Manuel :-)

Slider is not working properly!! Please fix it.