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Manuel, si presenta un problema importante: dopo una migrazione da Joomla, tutto funziona perfettamente, inclusi i css di molti articoli come questo: http://www.mondodiscus.com/discus/it/articoli-mondo-acquario/mondo-acquario-lacquario-per-i-discus.html . Anche nel tema di default di WP per ottenere lo stesso layout e tutto basta incollare l’HTML della pagina, l’ho provato in numerosi temi WP e va bene, ma in Forte no. http://www.reefclub.it/wp/2009/04/allestimento-acquari-tropicali-dolci-50/ (è un test-site). Come posso far sì che si veda bene? Numerose pagine sono l’indice di innumerevoli schede come queste. E non possiamo rinunciare a questo layout perché rifare tutto sarebbe a dir poco un dramma. Grazie per il tempestivo riscontro.

Grazie, Manuel, sei davvero gentile. Io adesso provo a rifare l’articolo (è su un sito-test, ma alla fine dovrei trasferire tutto nella root di Mondodiscus.com), ho incollato il codice e anche se non si allineano a gruppi di tre le immagini, il testo è recuperato. Questo è il layout originale: http://www.mondodiscus.com/discus/it/articoli-mondo-acquario/mondo-acquario-lacquario-per-i-discus.html e adesso si vede così: http://www.reefclub.it/wp/2009/04/allestimento-acquari-tropicali-dolci-50/ Mentre in un altro wp, esempio tema base, si vede perfetto: http://reefclub.it/forte/?p=10 Io faccio delle prove, vediamo cosa incolla male pagebuilder. Se non posso farne a meno ti contatto privatamente, il mio nome è Salvo. Grazie, davvero 5 stars!!!

Contattami pure, sono anche disponibile ad entrare nell’admin per aggiustare quello che non va.

Manuel :-)

Ti avevo inviato una email l’altro ieri. Te la ri-inoltro

Ciao Manuel,

è possibile configurare google analytics direttamente da Admin Panel o devo installare un plugin?


se hai un account Google Analytics puoi incollare il tracking code che ti forniscono “loro” in Forte -> General -> Footer -> Append something to the footer (Google Analytics script or anything else)

Manuel :-)

Grazie mille! L’ho installato ieri sera, ma nell’ adimn panel in google analytics dice che il tracking code non è stato installato. é una procedura che richiede tempi lunghi o sono io che sto sbagliando qualcosa?

Complimenti ancora per FORTE, veramente un theme ben fatto!!

A volte richiede qualche ora, ma se ancora non lo vedi ci potrebbe essere qualche problema… nel caso fammi sapere.

Manuel :-)

Sir, your demos are not displaying the top menu when I am using firefox. Thank you, J

Thank you for reporting that, just fixed, really appreciated :-)

Hello Manuel

I noticed that ever since I installed W3 Total Cache the colorbox stopped working. Even when I select “Late init” it still doesn’t work. It only works for my products but not for any other images.


Thank you for your help!

Yes… you’re right, because the script try to find all the links that end with ”.png”, ”.jpg” ecc. but the plugin you’re using put a variable after the image extension.

I’m releasing a new version, so I’ll fix this issue too.

Manuel :-)

hi! Your theme looks totally wonderful, but stil some questions before I buy it:

1) Does your theme comply with hierarchical product categories (not one level like it is shown in live-demo)? Any demo on that case?

2) Related to the first question: Is it possible to use ajax-filtered catalog with the hierarchical product categories?

3) Is it possible to ajax-filter by product categories and product brands at one time?

4) Any demo on how shop works with ‘catalog mode’ feature is on?

Thanks a lot in advance!


1) you can have as many subcategories as you want, if this is what you mean

2) the select drop-down filter works with product tags only and with the product visible on the page itself, it is a filter that removes items from sight not that adds

3) as above…

4) what is the catalog mode… you mean you want to turn off the shop functionality? Sorry, this feature is not included.

Manuel :-)

Emailed you yesterday about IE9 problems – still havent heard anything from you…. I have a set of a different problems 1. wp-admin link gives me “white screen of death” – the error message in the log file is PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home8/ninabroz/public_html/wp-content/themes/forte/functions/lib/pix_functions.php:1) in /home8/ninabroz/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-ajax.php on line 26 I have to use wp-login.php to log into the website 2. When trying to insert a picture into the post – Media Library window (Add Media) shows empty … like there are no previously uploaded images. I can still upload the image from computer though…. 3. Any input on why the theme is so broken on IE9? I sent you screen shots and source code in my email

Hi businessrocket,

I’m sorry for the late reply… even if I think I didn’t take more than 24 hours to reply and also the support of Envato could take until 7 days…

As I wrote in the email I see two strange things on your site:

first of all: why on the top of your source code I can read this:

<style>h5 { text-align: center; } </style>

? This isn’t the right place where you can put this kind of code. Maybe this is also the reason of the header error, since I can’t replicate your issue on my end.

Then on IE8 (not IE9 for me, I’m sorry), I can see two javascript errors, one from http://www.shareyourcart.com/js/button.dev.js and the other from Shareaholic… so they don’t depend on the theme.

I’m sorry, Forte works fine with IE8 (tested on Win XP), so I’m afraid you must try to fix the issues deriving from the plugins, first of all. Let me know.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, I please you for advice. I like buy Forte, i love layouts choices. I have question about skins and header. I’m not sure. 1. I like change skin, add my own photo or painting in background (like in enfinity original or candy skin), not white, not dark. Is it possible change of my own? 2. I like add individual header design. Is it place for it? When I see the top menu on demos site, i think isn’t place on it. When is it possible, what size is the best? Thank you very much. Silvia

Hi Silvia,

1. Since Forte doesn’t have a boxed layout but a full-width one, you can’t use a fullscreen image as background if you don’t want to compromise the readability of the site. However you can select the color you prefer from a color picker

2. The header with the logo and the menu is the same all over the site, but you can customize the background of the title section, with a particular color or a particular image

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel

with this theme i find very easy to add a captcha to the contacts form, but i need to know how can i add the same captcha to the comments form. can you help me?


Hi svidrago… did you try to empty the cache? Or try to deactivate and reactivate the theme, maybe something wrong with the new option.

Manuel :-)

deactivate and reactivate the theme solved the problem

thanks manuel

Glad to read that :-)

Hi Manuel,

I loved your theme, but I have a few questions to ask before I Buy it. 1. If I use WP Multisite, can I import posts from my other netwrok blogs to my main blog site.
For eg – Lets say we have a blog domain.com and a network with domain.com/newblog/ . So can I actually pull posts from newblog to the main site(lets say, as recent posts) ?

2. I would like to add an Ajax Login form(I want to allow do_action(login_form) actions from wordpress to allow the use of plugins) and the same for Registration. actually, I would like to use the Theme My Login plugin for this(So, lets just say, Can i just use that form in that Ajaxed/Popup window that apperas when i click on login or register)

3. Is there a way I can allow the integration of the users image after he/she is logged in?

4. Can I use the same lightbox/prettyphoto or whatever you use for all images(Including WooCommerce and in other networks – if I used WP Multisite)

That’s it. I hope these features are available in it or in some way can be tweaked. I really like the theme and is 100% interested in buying it. Thank You :-)


1. honestly I didn’t understand the first question… Forte works fine with a WP Network (if you mean this), since the demo is a network too. The Wordpress importer is already included in the theme so it works too… could you clarify your issue

2. never tested, sorry

3. not with the features available in the theme, I’m sorry

4. the theme use ColorBox and all the links to an image are opened with ColorBox.

Thank you for your interest.

Manuel :-)

I have a question about importing. I am building a new site using the Forte template. But I also have an old WordPress blog. When I am done building the new site with Forte, will I have any problems importing my old WordPress blog posts?

By default the sidebar of the posts is set to “Inherit”, it means they inherit the sidebar set in Forte -> Blog -> Posts (general) -> Default sidebar.

If another option is selected for the posts, I’m afraid the only way is to change them one by one.

Manuel :-)

Thanks. I did not see that before. Works great.

Ciao Manuel. Malgrado effettui l’aggiornamento alla versione 2.3.0 tramite backend, ultimato il processo di aggiornamento nel pannello appare sempre la versione

Hai ragione, c’è un piccolo baco, matto online subito la 3.0.1 per risolvere. Grazie per la segnalazione

Grazie come sempre ;)

Aggiornamento effettuato correttamente ;)

Ciao Manuel, volevo comunicarti che i widget di Woocommerce nelle sidebar (salvo quello relativo alla ricerca) vengono visualizzati solo se si accede alle pagine tramite navigazione di woocommerce stesso, mentre se crei delle pagine e selezioni la stessa sidebar (es: woocomemrce default sidebar) i widget relativi alle sottocategorie, i più visti o le offerte non vengono visualizzati. E’ un bug o bisogna settare qualche parametro? Grazie ;)

Ciao Igor,

mi spiace ma è WooCommerce che funziona così, ti fa vedere determinate cose so se sei all’interno dello shop.

Manuel :-)

You didn’t reply to my comment… Anyways… I purchased the theme… I want my meta name to be as SiteName | PostName, how can I do that??

Also, I was unable to use my own Meta names. I was using the plugin All in One SEO Pack, but that plugin is also not able to change the meta name(Yes, I had switched off meta setting in Forte Admin Panel) Even the general SEO setting by Wordpress aren’t working. I think you should look into it once.


Oh, I was able to fix the meta problem in my site by ading the following code between the wp_head() and echo pix_get_option(‘pix_appened_head_bottom’) tags. Try it out

<title><?php wp_title(); ?></title>

Oh, and don’t forget to reply to my questions in the comment before.


1. no, there isn’t, you can simply decide to not use it

2. no, there isn’t

About the changes to the code… do not change the original code, if you need to make any change, create a folder in wp-content called “forte_includes” and put a file into that called “includes.php”. Put your function there, in this case, I think you should use this code: http://pastebin.com/DwgHdhgY

Manuel :-)

pixedelic, the twitter tab in the forte theme options wont load. The tab tries to load forever and never does. When I the twitter widget and shortcode to my site the widget has no tweets and the shortcode says twitter may be down.

You’re the second user with this kind of problem, I’m investigating.

Manuel :-)

How can i add more tabs at the product page like the review tab for example? Ive tried using woo commerce Attributes but i don’t know where to customize the tab title ( it displays Additional information by default).

I’m sorry, the tabs are provided by the plugin not the theme, and however I don’t think you can add some more. If you talk about the title “Additional information”, it is html, in forte/woocommerce/single-product/tabs/attributes.php

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, I am having problem with my website, the front page works normally in the same internet browser I am using to edit the website. However, as I try to use other browser or any other computers to see my website, it is not working.


Please have a look. Thank you.

Hi, could you please help me, my 16:9 thumbs zoom level are different on different pictures, even all my pictures have the same dimensions. Thank you.



first of all I think you should regenerate your thumbnails by using this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/, install it, go to Tools -> Regen. Thumbnails and make it run because your images are stretched…

About the zoom level… could you clarify please, I’m not sure to understand what you mean?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

Great theme. Was just wondering how I add widgets into the footer?

From >General, >Footer all of the widget areas are showing – empty and I’m unable to change this.

Cheers Josh

Hi Josh,

please, use the same account you used to purchase the theme when you ask for support. Thank you.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, I might have purchased the template with this account.

Cheers Josh

Thank you Josh for your cooperation.

About the widgets in the footer: first of all you must create some custom sidebars on Forte -> Sidebars. Then go to Appearance -> Widgets and put some widgets into the sidebars you just created. Now, if you go back to Forte -> Footer you will be able to select the sidebar you just populated.

Let me know.

Manuel :-)

Hi pixedelic!

Is there any solution for keeping the images proportions on related items or on upsells items?

Thanks and congratulations, great job!


not sure to understand what you mean correctly, however on “Forte -> WooCommerce -> Related items layout” you can select “Grid thumbs (masonry)”, this option serves to not crop the images and keep the original ratio.

Let me know.

Manuel :-)

Thank you very much!

It works… I forgot the (masonry) selection! It’s possible to do the same on the sidebar images?

Enric ;P

I have a question.

I use short code [gallery] in my product post.

[gallery] short code shows small pictures in Product Description with Twenty Twelve theme.

But, [gallery] short code shows Large pictures in Product Description with Forte theme.

I just want small pictures.

How can i fix it???

Hi duldulnet,

can you show me the problem? I mean a URL… Remember that if you use the gallery shortcode with Forte it will turns the gallery into a slideshow, but you can set the parameter slideshow as “false” to turn into a simple gallery:

[gallery link="file" ids="2975,2972,2875" slideshow="false"]

Is that what you mean? Let me know.

Manuel :-)

Thank you for your reply.


I use slideshow=”false” option and It turn into a simple gallery.

But, there is a error in my small pictures.

This cut off the bottom of the picture.

I do not see the whole picture.

Give me some help, please.

Hi duldulnet,

bu default the images in the gallery are cropped to have 4:3 ratio. Since the next release of Forte add to the gallery shortcode the attribute crop=”false” do avoid cropping. Example:

[gallery slideshow="false" ids="3491,3488,3412,173" crop="false"]

The new release will be available in a few hours (max a couple of days).

Manuel :-)</pre>