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Slider malfunctions when I refresh the page or go back,I’m using chrome. No such issue when I open my site in Internet explorer 10.

hi a_Mits, very strange… can you provide your site URL or, better, an account as administrator (use my email of course: manu[at]pixedelic[dot]com and remind me who you are in the email itself)? Did you update the theme? v.1.0.2 is available.

Manuel :-)

i have updated to 1.0.2 and now problem solved!! thanx

thank you for sharing! and my apologies for the inconvenient… the first releases are a little buggy, I try to release as more updates as I can the first days, I hope to not bother you for this

Manuel :-)

Hey there,

this theme is lovely!

One question on the slider – Yours seems to function similar to Revolution Slider. I am familiar with that and so if it is not Revolution then is it possible to replace yours easily with that one so I can stick with what I am familiar?


Hi websitedude1985,

honestly I don’t know revolution slider, I developed the slideshow from scratch to fit it to the needs of the theme. I don’t think you can easily replace it and keep the same functionalities: the fullscreen slideshow, for instance, has got different sizes depending on the position on the page, or the facts it has the control bar or not.

But I repeat, I don’t know how revolution slider works in particular situations. I’m sorry.

Manuel :-)

Thanks Manuel – Your slider is cool anyway – I just like Rev because of its user interface and the fact it is SEO friendly. Perhaps there is a demo quick video of the backend features?

Wow Manuel… for One I am sad I didn’t know/wasn’t notified you had a New Theme as I think you know I am one of your Biggest Fans as YOU/Pixedelic One of THE most Amazing WP Theme designers Ever!! But I just happened to click on your profile a few mins ago and saw YES Your NEW THEME is HERE! Awesome, and Top Notch AMAZING as Only You can Create… Unfortunately I see that iPhone view is not anything like the demo here (no Smooth Menu dropdown like your Amazing Enfinity Theme, and No slide Show…??) Hopefully those beautiful qualities can be implemented soon and if so let me know so I can purchase BEST to YOU and Your Amazing Talents in 2013!!$ -Sterling

ha Plz ‘Spam’/Email ANYtime Manuel!! Good to hear about Slider (your slider designs always been AMAZING in every way and platform) but is there a way to not have the older style mobile ‘Pop out Bar’ and have the smooth drop down Menu (half the world is iPhone view now so would think would be Great for You and all of Us to have in 2013 forward) as it would just Flow with the incredible Modern flow of ALL else in this Forte Theme and YOUR priceless Talents!

no Sterling, sorry, no way :-(

Alright… just always want the BEST for You in 2013, coming from a fellow Artist, and a BIG fan and your customer support always Amazing too (just iphone view Huge for me) THNKS Always Manuel BEST

Hi Manuel,

Very nice theme! I was just wondering: Is there a way to see your other blog layouts? Thanks!

You’re right, I updated the menu for the bright skin (http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/) with the tab layout… I will do the same for the dark skin too. All the layouts are available for the shop pages, the post categories and the product galleries too. The layouts are 12, but with the combinations become more (with masonry alignment or not, with the sidebar or without…).

Manuel :-)

Thanks, looks nice :). I will have to think about it now… :)

Good job dude! Congratulations.. :D

Thank you so much!

Awesome work & theme. This is what I was looking for for a long time. It is simple and easy to use for both the consumers and admins.

I have two questions. Is it possible to make the side icons bigger? Is it possible to hide the “Show:” section on the Shop page. I could not find any option to do that in Forte admin.

Have a nice day!


Hi Manuel,

I had to reinstall Wordpress and Forte, because I ordered a better hosting service. I imported my previous settings, and now I have something really annoying issue. I can’t change the website title. I set it in Settings and in Theme Settings too. But it didn’t change. The title btw is ‘Forte’.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Thank you very much, and have a nice day!

Hi Janos,

the site title is printed with a Wordpress function:

<?php echo get_bloginfo('name'); ?>

If you don’t have WP Super Cache installed (or something similar), when you change the site title in Settings -> General the title immediately changes, it doesn’t depend on the theme since get_bloginfo(‘name’) is a core function.

If you have WP Super Cache installed (pay attention, because sometimes it is on even if you deactivate it) you must empty the cache.

Can you provide your site URL, if you prefer via email: manu[at]pixedelic[dot]com

Manuel :-)

Thanks for your fast answer, I sent you a mail :)

Hi again Manuel,

I thank you for your previous answers.

I am currently deciding in what theme to choose and I am left with two in hand. One being Forte ;)

I am left with some questions before purchasing that are important for my portfolio work.

1. I see that in your vimeo tutorials about Enfinity we have the option to add videos to the portfolio listing, that changes the popup behavior to open the video instead. My question is: can we do that in Forte? Since I see that the backend admin panel is growing with each version, I am hoping you didn’t take out that feature.

2. Another question is can we add seo elements to each post/blog/portfolio items? I saw that too in the same Enfinity video. Does it come with Forte or is another plugin?

Grazie Manuel.

Hi Stirred,

1. no, Forte doesn’t allow to have the videos in the popup because it displays the videos directly in the gallery or category page, if you select the right post format, instead of the featured image. Enfinity didn’t have this feature.

2. Forte has the same features than Enfinity has too about SEO, each page, post, portfolio item etc. can be customized for what that concerns meta title, meta description and meta keywords

Manuel :-)

How can i see this theme on my iphone 4s? Do you have a link?


not sure to undertands. If you are on your iPhone just go to http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/dark/, otherwise you can resize the browser window or use something like that this: http://quirktools.com/screenfly/ and paste there the link I provided above.

Manuel :-)

Wow amazing work mate. All the layout options look awesome. Good luck!

Thank you so much! :-)

Hi there. Love this theme. Looks great :-) Just wondering is there an option to change the font style when creating a slideshow?

Also is it possible to include a list of some of the products from the shop along with their prices/add to cart button and star ratings on the homepage?

Hi, yes you can change the font family of the caption and the size too from the admin panel and the slideshow editor itself. And you ca display the products in the home page, I’m working on a couple of alternative home pages to show the possibilities… but you can’t have the star ratings directly in the list of the products, I’m sorry.

Manuel :-)

How to remove the right sidebar in product detail page ?

Hi a_Mits,

if you go to Forte -> WooCommerce -> General you can select the “Wide Template” for the “Page layout” field in many cases: the main shop page, the product categories, the product archive.

Manuel :-)

Hi, I’ve a presale question : is it difficult to install for a beginner in WP ? Is the installation requires touching the code ? Many thanks !

Hi sheiber,

not at all, everything works by managing the admin panel.

Manuel :-)

Is there anywhere to buy your theme without using PayPal? I can not use Paypal

Hi Shelia, as far as I know you can also use your credit card with ThemeForest. Just put your credit card data into the PayPal panel, without registering PayPal itself.

Manuel :-)

just purchased. looks amazing, cant wait to get started. nice job!!

thank you so much :-)

hi to you … first … great theme.

but one question – there is problem with the Plugin: WordPress Importer in Ver. 0.6

The Massege: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wordpress_importer_init() (previously declared in /www/htdocs/w00b49b8/wordpress-test/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php:1089) in /www/htdocs/w00b49b8/wordpress-test/wp-content/themes/forte/functions/lib/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 1113

thx for your help gr roland

Hi Roland,

sorry for the issue, my apologies. I added a customized version of Wordpress Importer to the theme itself, because the official one doesn’t work with some kind of posts, the mega menu etc.

I explain this in the documentation ( http://www.pixedelic.com/envato-assets/documentation.htm, also included in the file you downloaded from ThemeForest ) and in some video tutorial too.

You can fix by removing the theme from the server, so the TwentyTwelve will be activated, then just deactivate Wordpress Importer Plugin from your plugin list.

Again, sorry for the issue, but there isn’t another way to import the dummy content.

Let me know if you need more assistance.

Manuel :-)

ahhh … sorry for not look on your documentation ;o) Thy so much for your promt replay and help … i have deactivate the Plugin olready – i have think thats a bugfix … sorry

Thx … and a nice day! gr ROland

I noticed that the theme doesnt look the same across all browsers. For instance Firefox, on the product page, the description below the product is way off to the right, but displays properly in IE and Chrome.

Also in Firefox, the “Recently Viewed” side bar doesnt have any padding around the text and collides with the description directly below it.

Was just wondering if there is a quick fix for that before purchasing? Thanks.

thank you so much! there was a misprint in the CSS file. Thank you!

Manuel :-)

Manuel let me tell you that I am a very happy customer :)

You are a great designer and developer, that’s for sure.

Worth every penny. This plugin changes Wordpress simple theme options to a future proof Theme customizer. You can do everything that you would have to do “manually” inside Forte admin panel.

So many possibilities that I see, now when people speak of Wordpress and lack of options, I will talke them here.

I leave you with a suggestion, why don’t you create the Admin Panel in a separate product that can manage every theme of Wordpress. Yes like a framework, because that’s what it is. That would allow you to expand your clients and easily update the framework to every theme you made before.

Great work and please continue doing what you do. It makes my work easier. :)

Grazie mille!

Thank you for the idea… maybe in the future, why not?

Manuel :-)


I see that too. That should be a quick css fix. I think it should clear the left float for the content tab div.

Manuel I take the opportunity, is your theme based in some responsive framework?

Fixed in a future version?

I downloaded again and it is 1.0.2.

Thanks Manuel!

Yes, sorry, ThemeForest takes always some hours to approve a new version. However I’ll send an email when the new version is available, just subscribe the newsletter (only notifications about Forte, nothing else, no spam): http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/sign-up-for-updates/

Manuel :-)

I will do that :)

Thank you.


Curious to know what about the site is not supported with IE8. Does the site just break?

The theme works with IE8, but some effects are not supported, everything is visible, but some CSS3 transitions are not supported by IE8… The custom admin panel and the page composer don’t work at all with IE8, so I preferred to remove the compatibility from the description page for the moment since I’m trying to improve this aspect, my apologies

Manuel :-)

Just purchased but having a very difficult time customizing my website.

Is there a way to download all characteristics/design parts of the Forte demo? Do you have a demo upload?

I am having a very hard time customizing my website and just want to be able to change it a little bit from the demo. Please help.

Hi Manuel, that link that you gave to your tutorial will be very helpful. I think I accidently skipped that one :).

I am new to wordpress and it is just confusing but I am learning quickly. I will upload the sample content and that will make this theme much easier to understand.

Thank you and if I have any other questions I will contact you.

Nya :)

Sure, contact me for any other issue or curiosity, with pleasure

Manuel :-)

So Sorry one more thing, I imported the file, but the only items shown on the menu are the “shortcodes” and “shop” I do not have blog, features, home and portfolio showing up in the menu section. Any suggestions?