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You should read the documentation inside zip you downloaded. It is well explained. Look for the topic Import/Export, easy answer ;)


Thank you, but I already followed directions to the documentation and the video tutorial exactly and I am getting this issue. Not all content will download and show up. I get “failed” many times. :(

Hi Nya,

if you prefer contact me via email and send me an account as administrator, I’ll check if there’s something wrong and I’ll try to install everything for you.

My email: manu[at]pixedelic[dot]com

Manuel :-)

Yes I will email you now. Thank you so very much.

Email sent :)

hi and good morning, one question about your update-newsletter: please, can you tell me where I can find your required information?

ThemeForest account: / License key:

thx roland

Sure, of course:

1. go to your download section http://www.pixedelic.com/pixedelic/clickdownloads/

2. find Forte in your download section and click the link called “licence certificate” http://www.pixedelic.com/pixedelic/clickonlicence/

3. copy the code http://www.pixedelic.com/pixedelic/texteditshot/

Manuel :-)

thx a lot … is the ThemeForest account the API Code?

no, sorry, just your user name: rolibax


Want this theme but have a few questions.

1. Can we use quforms on this template? 2. On the homepage the portfolio links can these be links to static pages. 3. The footer can be removed?



Hi MotOo,

1. I never tested quforms, I’m sorry, I can’t test the premium plugins. But I always try to fix the compatibility issues with the plugins if a purchaser provides a copy of the plugin itself.

2. sorry, the portfolio layout (if you mean this) can only display blog posts, portfolio items or WooCommerce products, and can be linked to these items only

3. the footer can be disabled from the admin panel

Manuel :-)

quick question. what size do you recommend for full width background slides. thanks

thanks for reply. unfortunately i dont seem to be able to make the portfolio item full screen. have selected everything and it says it will be full screen but is just full template width and not full screen. what am i doing wrong? http://www.getmarriedinmajorca.com/?portfolio=restaurante-son-quint

You’re right! There’s a bug in the layout. I’m releasing a new version in a few hours, I’ll fix this issue too. My apologies for the inconvenient.

Manuel :-)

thats great, really appreciate that!

I will be inserting the customizations on the Support Forum as soon as my account is activated.

I am doing my portfolio website and I wanted to make the header bar smaller in height so this is what you need to get it started. Let’s for example say you want it to be 50px.

Then add this in Forte admin panel Styles.

I hope you like this tip.

#logo { height: 50px; line-height: 50px; } nav > div > ul > li { height: 50px; line-height: 50px; } nav > div > ul > li > a { height: 50px; line-height: 50px; } article.pix_grid_very_fluid { margin-top: -50px; } #content { margin-top: 52px; }

When I install it :

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wordpress_importer_init() (previously declared in C:\wamp\www\amoeba-biocide\wp-content\plugins\wordpress-importer\wordpress-importer.php:1088) in C:\wamp\www\amoeba-biocide\wp-content\themes\forte\functions\lib\wordpress-importer\wordpress-importer.php on line 1113

Hi piero69,

as explained in the documentation (www.pixedelic.com/envato-assets/documentation.htm):

“remember to unistall the official Wordpress Importer plugin, since Forte already has its version of this plugin, with some changes I made to make it compatible with my custom posts and the dummy content available in the file you downloaded from ThemeForest. If you leave the official plugin installed it will return an error message.”

Manuel :-)


My client loves this theme, but currently has BigCommerce as her store. Is this theme easily integrated with BigCommerce?


Hi wizwow,

I don’t know BigCommerce… is it a Wordpress plugin? However, I don’t think you can easily adapt Forte to another Wordpress eCommerce plugin.

Manuel :-)

solved … you can suppress these 2 posts thanks

Oh, fine.

Manuel :-)

hi pixedelic … first – I am so happy with your theme – great job and work! I hope you stay on this work and still upgrade it or build new features on a new theme … i will buy them ;o))))

i have 2 Questions … is it possible with the “page builder” to create the footer area - it woud be great if you can realize this Function … and give your the more then 120% smile would be great if you could think about it

2ten question … to get your theme a “client slider” it is possible … you can see a exemple on my page above the footer … would be great.


thx for your perfekt work and help ;o) gr roland

Thank you, I’m happy to have so kind clients :-)

About the page builder for the footer… sorry, no, at the moment no, because I should widgetize the page builder

And… I’m not sure to understand the second issue… could you clarify please?

Manuel :-)

hi .. thx for your mail. sorry for the 2end Question … in my mail to you i have send the exemple for the “client slider” -> on my page you dont can see now .. i changed in this time to your theme ;o) gr roland

you have been a such and amazing and brilliant help.

I have a question on CATEGORY LAYOUTS. I read the documentation and under “BLOG” the only category that is being displayed is the “UNCATEGORIZED” category.

None of my other categories are showing up on this menu so I am unable to customize the layouts. Please help. Thank you. :)

As a side note, I had no problem customizing the layouts for the Portfolio. All sections showed up there. It’s the categories that are NOT showing up for layout customization. Thank you

Disregard the last question. I figured it out on my own. Wonderful theme. I am such a happy customer. :):):)


I am interested to buy the theme, but live preview doesn’t work. Please let me know as soon as it is fixed.

Thank You

Hi Donatas,

sorry, problems with the server few hours ago. It seems that the guys from JaguarPC have fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Manuel :-)

hi pixedelic, sorry to disturb you – but i have you send a message per e-Mail. thx for your help. gr roland

Already replied, but please, reply to my second email too… the problem you lamented is due to an option of WP Super Cache, but once enabled the option the site must works fine.

Let me know

Manuel :-)

Just purchased this and its great, the only problem im having is that the interface is taking ages to load! When i click i can see the page but then after a second or so it fades away again and continues to load.. Is there any reason for this? Many thanks,

Hi Tony274,

very strange. But I need to check it with my own eyes. Is that possible? Could you provide a temp. access as administrator? Use my email of course: manu[at]pixedelic[dot]com, and remind me who you are and what the problem is in the email itself.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

Manuel :-)

How am I able to edit the height of the slider, essentially I would like the height you have demonstrated on Home 2 demo

(Nevermind figured it out) Thanks


this looks very nice. but when i try it out on my iphone 5 i dont get any of the nice slider images, only a static picture of a naked girl. why do i get a totally different version of the live site on my iphone? that concerns me quite a bit. i would love to see the same thing on my iphone as my computer like the other themes im looking at buying.. otherwise love your theme. thanks

Hi jesbo, you can display the same slideshow at any screen resolution, or decide to display a still image under certain resolutions or a different slideshow too, if you prefer. I’m not at my desk at this very moment, I’ll provide some examples as soon as possible.

Manuel :-)

Hi jesbo,

if you test this page now: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/home-2/ you can see that the slideshow resizes with the device. Of couse the slideshow I used was not thought to be displayed on small screen resolutions too, so I preferred to replace it with a still image. Maybe it should be better to use a different font-size for the captions and less element.

Manuel :-)

cool! thanks, i thought it should be possible, it looks good on my iphone now!

hi manuel, sorry i have send a big mail … thank you so much for your great support. about a response from you I would very happy. thx and a nice day gr roland

Hey there, I like the look of this theme. Is it possible to have the default “full-page” images that you see when you first click on the preview, but without the animating text and other elements? I was hoping to use it for a photographer, with the hope of using your woocommerce integration to help sell prints.


Of course, you can have a simple slideshow made by fading fullscreen images.

Manuel :-)

Background images for fullscreen dividers are not working.

The code says:

<section class=”pix_divider” style=”background-image: url(;”>

Hi murrydan,

has got the URL of your image any particular character? The page composer works with javascript, and it can make some confusion with non-latin characters… if you prefer send me a temporary access as administrator (via email of course: manu[at]pixedelic[dot]com), I’ll try to investigate and, if possible, replicate the issue on my demo site to fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

Manuel :-)

Thanks for looking into it, I love the theme.. I don’t really have time so I am skipping the page builder and coding the sections I need in the editor. Thanks again.