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can you please provide us with the default sample template ( it is too much work to recreate it, it would be nice if you can provide that) so we can benefit form your theme.

Sorry, no, I can’t, but there is a sample content available on the file you downloaded from ThemeForest. The content of the demo is not available because some things have a license that doesn’t allow this, my apologies.

Manuel :-)

How can i select which “home demo” profile?

in your template you have 3 home demos, home demo1, hemo demo2, home demo3 . How do I choose one for my site?

also how can i rendomize which home is shown.

I’m sorry, but the home pages are only examples of what you can do with the features of Forte… and there’s no way to randomize them, the only way is creating a PHP function ad-hoc.

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel, Thanks for all your hard work! I’d like to disable the lazy loading of images. Currently, the theme is adding pixImageLoaded CSS class to all images, and that is interfering with some plugins. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


the fastest way is to remove the CSS associated with the js script: go to Forte -> Styles and type:

#content img {
opacity: 1!important;
visibility: visible!important;

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel! I am trying to make a long form for wedding clients, but for some reason the complete form is not being shown on the page I embedded it on. There are 11 fields shown here: http://www.corriechilders.com/wedding-day-info/ but I have 14 more fields added in the form builder in the Forte back-end beyond what is shown there.

I went ahead and used a different plugin to use. The built-in form builder got all buggy and duplicated my “Email” field about 15 times, and deleted a bunch of the other fields. So never mind! :)

Sorry for the issue… maybe a conflict with another plugin or you used a particular character that broke the form builder… however my apologies.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

Is there a way to import portfolio items from your theme into Post? Different themes seem to define Portfolio differently so I need to be able to convert from Portfolio items into standard Posts.



could you use the same account you used to purchase the theme when you ask for support? Thank you in advance.

(Or is this a pre-sale question?)

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, We just launched a customer site using Forte and had a great experience – and great support. We are considering another purchase for a new site but would need a boxed layout and medium sized image slider on the home page. Is this possible without trying to re-write all of the css and code for structural elements? Thank you and God bless, Kelly

Hi Kelly,

are you talking about something like that http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/home-2/ or maybe like that: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/test7/ ?

Manuel :-)

Hi there, I’m having a problem with the contact form on the forte theme. When you fill our the form and click submit the circle just keeps spinning forever and the form never gets sent… URL is www.sleekapparel.ca … thanx for this awesome theme by the way, other then the contact form everything works perfectly and i love the design!

Yup i set up a test page at http://www.sleekapparel.ca/test-2

thanx for fixing that last error and for helping with this

The scripts is unable to find the file that contains the functions to send the email: http://www.sleekapparel.ca/wp-content/themes/forte/scripts/mailer/mailer.php, if you are sure you uploaded it to your server, maybe the issue is due to some restrictions due to your hosting and you could ask for info.

Manuel :-)

Manuel, thought I let you know, I just updated WP to v3.8 and the Login Logo is now cut off, not showing the full logo. It’s the same on my other WP Templates that has the Login Logo, it’s cut off.

If the Login Logo is removed, then you would see the “W” Wordpress Logo. Please advise…Thanks.

Hi khoavo,

before update Wordpress is always better to check the compatibility with the theme. I’m releasing a new version of Forte in a few hours that should fix the issue.

Manuel :-)

I’m not sure if I am just not looking in the right place, but I am trying to find the setting to set the default template for the portfolio posts. It seems to be defaulting to widepage and I was wanting to set it to default without have to set it on every single post. Thanks

Also I am noticing that some of my Portfolio posts that are set for widepage are still showing the default sidebar and then some are not. I thought sidebars don’t show if the post or page is set to widepage. I’m not sure why some posts are showing sidebar while others don’t even when all posts are set to widepage.

I’m sorry, there isn’t a field on Forte that allows to set the default template or that switches the template for multiple posts at once. If you want I could create a PHP script for you but I need more info and you should contact me via email.

About the issue with the sidebar on wide pages, you’re right, the sidebar shouldn’t be visible on wide pages, and at the moment you are the only one that reported this issue. May I enter your backend to take a look? Provide the details (and remind me this discussion) if possible at manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

first of all thank you for this great Theme!

But I have a few problems with it:

1. Site Navigation: “Display breadcrumps” is on, but they dont show on my site.

2. After clicking a product on the Main Page the product appears, but the Main-Menu “Products” is not activated by the current page indicator.

3. How can I change the share buttons displayed beneath every product or post? I only need a few of them and want to add a few others if possible.

4. How can I use other pictures/icons for the side icon section? Where do I have to add them?

5. Where can I change the color of the “To the top” Button down right?

6. Is it possible the create a hover over infobox for the logo?

I really would appreciate your help! Thanks in advance :-) Benny


1. please, provide your site URL if possible

2. sorry, honestly I don’t understand what you mean, could you clarify?

3. you can do it via CSS, this is the code to hide all the buttons, one by one, copy only what you need and paste it into Forte -> Styles:

#pix_social_share .fb-like {
display: none;
#pix_social_share #gplus_sharing_icon {
display: none;
#pix_social_share #twitter_sharing_icon{
display: none;
#pix_social_share #linkedin_sharing_icon{
display: none;
#pix_social_share #pinterest_sharing_icon{
display: none;

4. you can add/sort the icons on Forte -> General -> Side Icons

5. Forte -> Colors advanced -> Main elements -> Scroll buttons background (and below)

6. mmmm, could you show me a mockup or an idea of what the result should be please?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

thanks for your answer.

1. The site is not online yet, but I can give you the login information if you like.

2. I mean after clicking on a product which is on the “Home” page, normally the page indicator should show on the “Shop” page because a product from the shop is activated. But the current page indicator is missing in this situation.

3. Thank you

4. Yes I know, but I was wondering if I could add a few other side icon pictures (to have more choices) so that I can choose one of them in -> General -> Side icons

5. Thanks. I just didnt find it before.

6. I mean if its possible to have such a hover-over infobox like the ones on the side icons like “See your cart”, “Follow us” and so on. But not for the side icons but for the logo. For example that a yellow box says “Forte” while hovering over your logo.

Thanks in advance. :-) Benny

Hi Benny.

1. yes please, contact me via email and provide all the details (also remind me this discussion and who you are, I receive tons of emails every day): manu[at]pixedelic.com

2. I’m sorry, Wordpress doesn’t highlight the parent page or the section on the menu, just the very page where you are, it is from the core of it.

3. You’re welcome :-)

4. I’m sorry, that’s not possible from the admin panel

5. You’re welcome

6. Ok, you mean a tooltip. I’m sorry, is not possible via admin panel, you should add a span around the site title via HTML and set the attribute data-tip in this way:
<span data-tip="Your text"><?php echo get_bloginfo('name'); ?></span>

Manuel :-)

my price tables are no longer responsive on small windows/iphone. Any idea what may have caused this?



The problems are the buttons, they are too big and don’t contract when you resize the window. To check it just try to remove them.

Manuel :-)

Thanks Manuel! :)

Hi Manuel,

Just curious…if I wanted my slider to be boxed like you showed here :http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/test7/ ?

How would I change that on my site? I currently have full screen slider. Thanks for hte help :)

Just do not use a fullscreen section but a simple column one.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel – great theme. I don’t normally like page builders but yours is really helpful.

I’m trying to to change the back ground on the main menu – selected page, and hover over, but can’t seem to find it, nor change it by CSS.

Can you point me in the right direction please?


all this elements are editable through the admin panel. If you don’t find something a search across the documentation included in the zip you downloaded from ThemeForest should help. However:

Forte -> General -> Navigation menu.

Is that what you are looking for?

Manuel :-)

Thanks, I found it on the nav page. I looked past it three times, as it showed #000000 instead of the actually correct grey colour.

Thanks for the reply.

i need show all productos in the shop, not 11 per page. How i can show all?

Hi, please, use the forum with the same account you used to purchase the theme. You can increase the number of products in Forte -> WooCommerce -> General (here you can set the amount for the main shop page, the categories etc.)

Manuel :-)

Love your theme. I have a question regarding the Portfolio. I’m trying to create a directory and am having trouble getting the portfolio items to display alphabetically. Here’s what it looks like now: http://www.cbghealth.org/gallery/pcmh/pcmh-a/

Right now they are displayed in order of when they were created, how can I display in alphabetical oder?


by default the order is by date as for the blog posts. However you can add this code into (you have to create folder and file, pay attention to the names) wp-content/forte_includes/includes.php:

add_action('init', 'setSession');
function setSession() {
    $_SESSION['portfolio_sort'] = 'name';

In this case all the portfolio loops will be order by name and you can’t use anymore the select box to filter them by date like in the demo: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/blog/gallery/portfolio/

Manuel :-)

Still not working for me. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thank you so much for your assistance on this.

If you want provide the WP and FTP details via email, I’ll take a look (also remind me this discussion in the email itself): manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, It seems like the default sorting order for the products is random. I have about 7 pages of products on a certain category. Because of this, it looks like some product are repeated because they do not always show up on the same page as before. How can I change the default sorting order so that it can be either alphabetical or by price. I tried setting it in (WooCommerce > Catalog > Default Product Sorting) But nothing changed. How can I fix this issue?



could you provide the link please?

Ciao Manuel, vorrei sapere come far comparire la descrizione dell’immagine quando si apre il colorbox nella galleria. Mi servirebbe per creare dei collegamenti in HTML grazie


se è disponibile l’excerpt del post prende quello, altrimenti prende il titolo. Ma direi che non è possibile inserire dei link all’interno della colorbox.

Manuel :-)

non lo visualizza. potresti controllare se c’è qualcosa che non va per favore? il link è questo: http://www.nineminutes.it/gallery/collezione-nineminutes/ Nel primo prodotto è presente l’excerpt grazie


scusa, faccio qualche stop durante le festività. Ho visto che hai tolto le colorbox però nel frattempo.

Ad ogni modo, da fuori non riesco a capire perché non viene mostrata alcuna caption. Di sicuro to consiglio di aggiornare il tema: http://www.pixedelic.com/forte_current_version_changelog.php e poi riprovare.

Errata corrige: ho scritto la scorsa volta excerpt del post, ma in realtà è l’excerpt del media, cioè la vera e propria caption: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/k4qr chiedo scusa per l’inesattezza.

Manuel :-)

Hey I was wondering if you could help me on this. I installed the woocommerce plugin and everything seems o be working except when I go to checkout. See page http://www.colmandesign.com/cart/ now once you click on checkout it gives me a code that shows my subdomain. Do you have anything that I could reference that could help? Thanks

There is an error with the SSL protocol… have you already tried to contact your hosting support about this?

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel,

Best Wordpress theme I’ve ever seen, and just bought couple weeks before. But I have a question about how you can add featured products on homepage? As the tutorial shows us that you could add galleries on the homepage, but not mentioned how to add products on the homepage just like galleries. It would be great if you can provide a solution about this issue. And again, awesome work, best theme!

Thank you!!

Hi… I just tried the contact form on the footer and it works, so I’m sure I haven’t understood what you mean… could you clarify please?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, is there anyway to increase the width of full width portfolio? Auska :D

Hi, sorry for the late reply. However I’m not sure to understand the question, sorry. If you talk about the images, I’m afraid no, there isn’t, an easy way to achieve that, since that behaviour involves CSS properties and jQuery functions.

Manuel :-)

I may have found a small bug unless I’ve missed something. When using woocommerce and forcing the checkout page to use SSL, all the content on the page loads from https except the header logo image if you happen to have one. The logo always loads from http, so you don’t get the “this page is secure” icon in chrome while on the checkout or any other https page.

Looking into it, it seems the cause is due to Forte saving the full url of the logos in the wordpress ‘wp_forte’ table and doesn’t perform any checks for if it should be delivered over https or http when it’s retrieved.

The temporary work around is to just change the logo/image url to https so that the logo/image always loads from https regardless of the page.

Really minor, but I thought it might help! :) (Again, correct me if I’m wrong and I missed something)

You’re right. I’ll fix it (I’ll use a function already available in functions/lib/pix_functions.php: pix_remove_protocol()

In the meanwhile I can only recommend to avoid to type the protocol:


Manuel :-)