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Hola Manuel,

I am trying to figure out how to incorporate the widgets for the footer. How do I add them?



Awesome :-)

Hi Manuel,

I was informed by my host that they will be updating the PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4. Is this theme compatible with PHP 5.4? I need to know before they make the transition.

Thanks! Julie

Yes, it is, and Wordpress requires at least PHP version 5.2.4 or greater, so it is a good new :-)

Hi Manuel Is there a way to show 1 category such as handbags in a Grid of one column wide thumbs (Masonary) and another category such as clothing in another page layout such as lets say three columns wide thumb + floating text.

I use latest Forte with latest woocommerce 3.8 wordpress. Thank you

No, I’m sorry, unfortunately the admin panel doesn’t provide the ability to select different layouts for different product categories.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

Happy holidays!

I am trying to ad an ID to a whole section. Specifically I want to remove margins. I saw the answer you posted to another user:

However you can achieve what you need with jQuery and get the parent of a particular id. Just add this code to Forte -> General -> Footer -> Append something to the footer (Google Analytics script or anything else):

<script> jQuery(function(){ jQuery(’#your_id’).parents(’section’).eq(0).attr(’ID’,’another_ID’); }); </script>

And add the css you prefer on Forte -> Styles:

property: value /etc./ }

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get this working. This is what I understood and how I implemented it:

I added the CSS:

nomargin {

margin: 0px; }

And then this to the footer:

<script> jQuery(function(){ jQuery(’#nomargin’).parents(’section’).eq(0).attr(’nomargin’); }); </script>

In the page builder I add the column ID ‘nomargin’ hoping that the whole section will get it. But nothing happens.

I would appreciate if you could clarify implementation, thanks!

Please, provide your site URL, I have to see if there is any typo.

Manuel :-)



However I “almost” landed a better solution. I disable the page editor, then in text mode I add the class name to the section and then activate the page editor back. This solution actually works, until you save the page again, then all the classes in the sections are reseted.

As of now the code is in the footer but I removed the “nomargin” ID to the column after much failed attempts

The first error I can see is that you typed:

<script type="text/rocketscript"> jQuery(function(){ jQuery(’#nomargin’).parents(’section’).eq(0).attr(’nomargin’); }); </scri

First of all “text/rocketscript” I don’t think is right and, however, you have to use the normal quotes ' and not these ones that are due, I think, to the fact you copied and pasted from ThemeForest.

If you want, check and let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel!

There’s a problem with the columns when a products shortcode with layout is combined with a normal (ie text or whatever) in a same row. See example.

This does not work as expected: the second column is attached to inside the first column, after the .products div. This causes it to wrap below the first columns in a unexpected way (fig 1.).

Obviously that shouldn’t happen. I’m going to tweak the theme files, as it seems obvious that the module responsible for the .products piece seems to lack a closing </div>, so the second column is attached as a child to the first. it’s not until the closing </section> that the browser fixes this DOM anomaly. Fixing that in the live code, makes it work as expected and the DOM looks more coherent (fig. 2).

This could render the code as invalid HTML and affect SEO badly :nerdy:

Hope you can get that fixed soon.

Edit: Yep! It’s in the functions/lib/pix_woocommerce.php. This bug is at least 9 times in this code! You should DRY that up a bit, you know… ;-)

Hi tonibuenadicha,

let me explain a little how the WooCommerce shortcodes work with Forte: the “plural” shortcodes, so the shortcodes that generate a loop with more than one products (as the one you used) must be used without any other column in the same section, because they display an entire layout and this, as you have easily understood, breaks the default grid.

If you want to display a single product you have to use “singular” shortcodes (so, for instance, [product sku=”39”] instead of [product skus=”39”].

If you have problem also with the singular shortcodes in this sense please contact me again and I’ll investigate… obviously


Hm… Tried it again today with single product and it worked… :-S Guess I probably misspelled the layout ordinal or something.

Haven’t reverted the modifications in the code, so that might still be doing the trick. Since it seems weird that you open a <div class=”products”> and don’t ever close it in the same context…

Hi Manuel.

I love the theme! One quick question though.

The 210×157 logo I uploaded is the perfect size, however I am having trouble making the rest of the header fit with it as well as the logo covers up part of where the slideshow will be.

Any idea on how this can be fixed? The URL to the site is below.

Adonia’s Hair

Thanks! Jon

No problem, I understand. Great work with this theme! Also, your English is not horrible ;)

And the tutorial videos were very helpful. Thanks again!

Hello, We are trying to construct our blog. We need to have it in layout-2 shown in the demo site. Can you please guide us in setting the layout. The page is set, the posts are set. Only issue is we are not able to get the posts in the layout we are trying to get them in. Can you please help us here?

Hi, not sure to understand, are you trying to display the latest posts page with this layout http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/blog/gallery/portfolio/layout-2/ ?

In this case just go to Forte -> Blog -> Latest posts page and select “Two columns wide thumb (4:3) + floating text” for the field “Posts page layout”.

To decide if the page will have the sidebar or will be a wide page you have to select a page on the field above called “Select your blog page” (if it hasn’t been already selected) and edit that page from its backend.

Manuel :-)

Hi support.

Great theme, but I have serious trouble with the woocommerce integration.

The chart at the website www.mikaka.dk shows huge/enormous pictures of the items – extremely annoying – I cannot find any way to minimizw this. The chart in the widget shows the products as well – not only the sum; which makes the page VERY long if buying 4-8 items , 3 pictures of some of the views/thumbnails of the products, and random errors on calculation shipment costs.


first: if you update a thread you lose your position in the queue, so I don’t recommend to do that.

Second: it is normal that a fullscreen slideshow cuts part of the slides, otherwise it couldn’t fit the screen. The images will be cut horizontally or vertically, it depends on the ratio of the window… that’s not a javascript rule, just logic of course, The alternative, to display all the image, would be leaving empty parts of the monitor, but the slideshow doesn’t allow this.

Manuel :-)

Thx. Manuel :-)

You’re welcome :-)

Hello, I have install the theme how you have described, there is no Forte temporary home and Forte temporary blog, than I imported dummy_content all appeared but no picture or slider as shown like in the demo site, Whay?

Hi Drazenkm1,

the temporary pages are created the first time you activate the theme… if something went wrong the pages aren’t created. If you prefer contact me via email and provide the details to enter your blog, I’ll personally create the temporary content for you: manu[at]pixedelic.com (remind me this discussion of course)

Manuel :-)

ok, what is the email for send info?

I typed it above: manu[at]pixedelic.com… or you can use the form on my profile page of course: http://themeforest.net/user/pixedelic

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

how can I reduce the space over and under the content in the footer section?

Over and under my content in the footer area there is too much whitespace and I want my content to be closer to the borders/seperators of the footer (something around 15 pixels to the border would be great)

Thanks in advance.

Benny :-)

Hi Benny,

this are the default value for the padding of the footer:

footer {
padding: 50px 0 60px;

50 is the padding top, 60 is the padding bottom. Reduce the values as you prefer and paste the modified code into Forte admin -> Styles.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi, I am trying to get my images to fit on the slideshow. Unfortunately when i upload it, it gets auto cropped. Is there any way to disable the auto crop so I can choose the position of the photo more easily? It seems to zoom in on all the photos i put up no matter the pixel size. Thanks, Blunt Trauma


the images fit the size of the slideshow and they are positioned centrally. There isn’t a switch button to do what you’re asking. But each slide has got a CSS class, and if you have the necessary skills you can easily achieve the result you are looking for, just use the browser element inspector.

Manuel :-)

Quick question: I’m using woocommerce, and for the main store page I’m using the “Grid of Two Columns Wide Thumbs (16:9)”. But let’s say I wanted to embed some products on a post using the woocommerce shortcode: [recent_products per_page=”12” columns=”2” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

How would I go about getting the results of the embeded shortcode products to match the look of the “Grid of Two Columns Wide Thumbs” style?


Please, use the same account you used to purchase the theme when ask support. Thank you in advance. Manuel :-)

Quick question: I’m using woocommerce, and for the main store page I’m using the “Grid of Two Columns Wide Thumbs (16:9)”. But let’s say I wanted to embed some products on a post using the woocommerce shortcode: [recent_products per_page=”12” columns=”2” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

How would I go about getting the results of the embeded shortcode products to match the look of the “Grid of Two Columns Wide Thumbs” style?


(Sorry for the double account thing. I accidentally created a second account a while back, wish there was a way to merge them.)


use this shortcode please (note the layout attribute):

[recent_products per_page="12" columns="2" orderby="date" order="desc" layout="second"]

Manuel :-)

Thanks!! :)

Hi Manuel

Please take a look at www.mikaka.dk – built from your GREAT theme. The more I work with it – the more I like it :-).

One thing puzzles me: The area in the buttom of the page, where the footer widgets are placed; can it be made more narrow, so there is not so much unused space between the buttom of the widgets and the buttom line with the company info ?.

I have seen your great videos and also in the settings of the theme, but I cannot find any places for ajustment of the height of this area.

No, the ”.” before a word means you are declaring a class, the footer is a tag, so it doesn’t need anything to be declared. Just copy and paste the code I provided and let me know if you have any issue.

Manuel :-)

Thank you :-)

Hi Manuel

When trying to load the page in IE, the slideshow doesnt appear. Only a spinning wheel but no pictures. www.mikaka.dk.

In other browsers it works fine.

Some coding going wrong ?

Hi Manuel. I have now deactivated all plugins except Woocommerce. Error stille there in Internet Explorer. If running in “F12 mode”, where one can see errors, IE reports a javascript error. It is for sure not the host, as I have several webpages running at the same host ( not with your theme ), and noone has this error.

Hi again Manuel :-)

I tried to make a new slideshow, identical ( I think ) with the first one. Uploaded – and now it is running in IE also.

Thank you very much for your help so far :-)

Thank you to have fixed the problem by yourself. Strange issue however…

Manuel :-)

I followed your instructions and I don’t get the slider homepage, all I get is:

Forte temporary home The content of temporary home page is available only if you install Forte fo the first time.

Is there a fix for this?


It seems there is an issue since the last update with the temporary pages, I’m sorry for that. If you contact me via email and remind me this thread I’ll install the pages for you. My apologies.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel

When trying to load the page in IE, the slideshow doesnt appear. Only a spinning wheel but no pictures. www.mikaka.dk.

In other browsers it works fine.

Some coding going wrong ?

Hello Manuel,

I would like to show featured products for sale on the homepage in the layout 11 Wall (4:3) format like they have done on this site:


When I create a new section and enter the woocommerce shortcode “featured products”, it displays it in layout 7 , and doesn’t give me an option to change the layout the same way it does for inserting galleries. Let me know if I’m missing something? Let me know how I can display shop products on the homepage in the wall format. Thank you!


HI Jenn,

you have to add manually the attribute to the shortcode:

[featured_products per_page="12" orderby="date" order="desc" layout="ninth"]

Manuel :-)

Hi there, I like the theme. I have one questions. Can the user be able see their previous orders and purchase, if any ?

This thing is related to WooCommerce, so I recommend to test the plugin before buying the theme, maybe with a basic theme like TwentyTwelve.

Manuel :-)

Here’s one I haven’t been able to figure out. It’s a bit hard to describe so I put together some screenshots:

Here’s the blog being made: http://i.imgur.com/psK6aIP.jpg Here’s the result on an open blog page (single): http://i.imgur.com/ae2qeOs.jpg But then, here’s what it looks like on the front “index” page: http://i.imgur.com/gU1vh4U.jpg

On the index page the blog post seems to completely lose all of its formatting. This includes the “Read More” content break line that was placed in the editor. The result is one giant paragraph.

Is there any way to change this? Is this a bug? Thanks!


I’m sorry, it isn’t a bug, as you can see on the admin panel, Forte lets you to decide the number or lines to display in the excerpt, this means it overrides any other settings, the “more” tag too.

For the same reason, since the function that creates the excerpt has been customized, instead of using the simple URL to display your videos, use the shortcode creator provides by Forte (the “film” icon on the editor). The video won’t visible on the index page thought, unless you set the post format as “video”. In that case the featured image will be replaced by the first video of the post. Hope this makes sense, despite of my bad english.

Manuel :-)