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first let me say I love Forte. Yet i’ve stumbled over a problem: on the demo site there are four huge icons (cogs, shopping cart, camera …) displayed. i’ve tried to use them on my page but somehow the code got deleted. Can you help me? I just need to know what I need to type in to make them appear again. I remember it was just one simple line, but I have no reference anymore.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi toktalks,

I didn’t provide the ability to insert the icons directly from the TinyMCE, because it requires some skills about HTML and CSS to align them etc, but I’m still working on it.

However here is the list of the icons available with the classes: http://www.pixedelic.com/forte_support_images/forte-icons.htm just copy the text in the screenshot and replace the class highlighted (of couse, as I said, it requires some skills of HTML and CSS): http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/uqo4?size=o

Let me know if you need more assistance.

Manuel :-)


I have that issue and reported to Manuel.

Happens when you’re using Firefox. On chrome the divider works fine, but on Firefox it doesn’t work.

Do you guys have the form Captcha working? It seems it doesn’t work, even on demo website.

Hi Stirred… I’m sorry, but the captcha is the same I used for Delight and Enfinity too… so it is used by about 4000 users. I’m afraid the issue depends on something else… I should investigate on your server.

Manuel :-)


You are right. I tested it again and on my server it doesn’t work and in demo site it works. :) If you could please see what may be the issue I appreciate the effort.

Thanks Manuel!

Hi Stirred, sure, with pleasure. But I’m afraid the only way is making some tests on your site, so I need the WP and FTP login details (of course via email). Let me know.

Manuel :-)

Great looking theme. How easy is it to embed a video into the slider?

I think it’s easy :-) You just need to paste an iframe from Vimeo or YouTube and upload a poster image, because the transition effect can’t be applied to the iframe itself.

Manuel :-)

how do you add the URL to the button shortcode?

Hi deanwhit,

the button shortcode must contain a link, you can put a link into it by using the normal button available on the TinyMCE.

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel,

First of all congrats on another great template and a hell of a job with all the plugins and styling. One of the reasons to choose Forte was the responsive layout, woocommerce integration and a great full screen 100% height slider.

I will be customizing it a lot with custom CSS on specified pages and changes to the original styling so I will have some questions regarding this. Do you want me to use this commets section or do it via your website?

You can post your question here, on the support forum or via email, as you prefer. For the questions that can help other users I prefer the forum, for the feedback I prefer ThemeForest, for the reserved data, of course, the emails. But you are free to decide.

Manuel :-)

Excellent theme, fine documentation. However I am new to WP from Drupal and am struggling to create the same full width galleries/portfolio pages that you have on the demo site.

Can you point me towards a tutorial or more documents as to how it is done?

Hi type88,

you’re the second use with the same problem, so I think I’ll create a new tutorial soon.

However you must create some portfolio items (they are like posts) and put them into a gallery (like a category for the blog posts). Each portfolio item must have a featured image, so in the gallery page you will display the list of the featured images.

After putting enough portfolio items into your gallery (or galleries) go to Forte -> Portfolio -> The name of your gallery (usually it is called “Portfolio”, ma you can call it as you prefer: “Works”, “Designs”, “Bazinga” etc.) and select the right template (for my “Portfolio” main gallery I selected the “wall” with 4:3 ratio images).

Then go to Appearance -> Menus and put your gallery as explained in the tutorial about the menu: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/create-a-menu/ (click “Screen options” on the right top of your window to enable the “Gallery” box and to put the gallery (galleries) into your menu.

Let me know if you need further info.

Manuel :-)

Thank you Manuel. I got as far as the last paragraph, but making all of the portfolio items “featured” did the trick of getting the gallery to display properly.


I hope to not bother you, this is just a reminder, and apologize if you have already read it… you are free to disregard of course: may I remind you to give your appreciation by rating the theme on your ThemeForest “Downloads” section, if you have a moment? It is very helpful for me to have as many “5 stars” as possible.

Thank you

Manuel :-)

For the home page “home_featured_icon” , are there other icons to put in place of the cogs/cart/camera?

Hi nickgann,

yes, at the moment you can simply edit the HTML code and change the class of the element that displays the icons, but I’m working for a smarter solution. Here is a list of the icons available: http://www.pixedelic.com/forte_support_images/forte-icons.htm

Manuel :-)

Also the contact form when adding more than 3 entries seems to hide the rest of the entries on the page. How can I fix this?

Hi nickgann… never seen this issue before… I used the same contact form for other themes too. Can you provide a URL where I can see the problem please?

Manuel :-)

Hi nickgann… sorry, this is what I see with Chrome on my Mac: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/50cn?size=o The same on Safari, Firefox and Opera. What should I see? What browser are you using and what OS?

Manuel :-)

is there any way to make an object on the slider transition off before the next item appears?

So ‘Welcome” caption appears, then “Welcome” exits, then “How are you” appears then “How are you exits”

Hi deanwhit,

sure there is: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/0pea?size=o

Set in the field “Delay” the amount of milliseconds you want the slide takes before appearing.

Manuel :-)

Hi. I would like to buy your theme, but i would like to know some details about it.

I need to show categories with it’s images on the shop page instead of products. Than when you click on category i want the sub category list with images to apper and after sub category selection i want the product list to appear. Is it possible with that theme?

Hi hexis75,

no sorry, it isn’t possible. The category pages display the products available inside themselves or their sub-categories, not the descriptive images of the sub-categories.

Manuel :-)

You’re welcome :-)

Hi there! Forte is looking amazing and I can already see my business in it! A couple of small questions before, as I’m new to all this! - The top and side menu bars/icons seem to flicker and top bar differs in height when scrolling, especially on iPad. Is this a demo thing? - I noticed the ‘More items’ button at the bottom of a page, is it possible to have a ‘pages left’ indication here? As in ‘1/3’ if there are 2 pages still to come? Or a mention of the total count of items, I encounter people don’t always want to browse further if it’s not clear how big the browse can become ;)

Thanks so much!

Hi JACKontwerp,

the menu is fixed in the demo, it stays always on the top of the window, always visible even if you scroll the page. The fixed positioned elements can flicker on screen-touch devices, that’s normal. But if you don’t like it you can change with a simple switch from the admin panel this behavior and set the header as not-fixed.

You can always decide to have the “More items” button or a simple pagination with numbers, look at these examples, for instance: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/blog/ (that’s the blog page, but you can decide both the pagination systems for blog posts/categories, portfolio galleries and shop pages).

Manuel :-)


First thing i have found a little bug.

When you go into widgets section and resize contact form by the corner of message field, the “working” field of select an option stays the same; i.e. the elongation of the field doesn’t work.

Also I’ve got a question, I’m a total wordpress noob (but not css noob). I like your theme because of the possibilities but I am kind of minimalistic guy so the question: Can i change css as I like and it wont interfere with theme workings, for e.g. I really would like the top menu to be without that bottom border, thin and with lots of white space margins. Is it possible to just fiddle with the css or i can only fiddle with admin panel? Also if i would like to upload custom backgrounds more like via changing html and css.

Ideally I would like this theme to look more like super skeleton (or similiar) but with this themes features. Again I can make it happen if its only css.

Hi PeterThePeter,

thank you for reporting the bug.

About the rest: Forte has got, in the admin panel, a tab where you can add your custom style, so they are put into the database and you don’t need to change the stylesheet after each update: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/b2dk?size=o

You can use the panel above or you can add your personal stylesheet. Forte allows to add some PHP functions, by uploading a file (with a particular name in a particular folder, of course) into wp-content, also in this case you don’t need to repeat the operation after an update because the file is not in the theme.

If you need to change the html maybe it could be more difficult, but I always provide a changelog to see what file are changed after any update: http://www.pixedelic.com/forte_current_version_changelog.php

Manuel :-)


Yes you can do a lot of custom CSS in the Style section in Forte admin panel.

So you know I come from Drupal, I am new (2 weeks) to Wordpress and I can say I am starting to be familiarized.


It’s being done, the homepage is almost finished. I will be changing later top menu dimensions but for that we must make changes to resize function in a js file.

But Forte has without a doubt a lot of potential for customizations and helps in the process. ;)

Thank you very much for the help! :-)

Hi there. I want to know if it is possible to use this theme as a Catalog theme. I mean, with all the functions for the products but without Shopping Cart, and all that options.


Hi migue26222,

this is a feature of WooCommerce, the plugin that Forte uses to be an ecommerce too. If you don’t set any price for a product and the quantity to 0 the result will be a simple description page: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/shop/pearble-smartphone/

You can hide the label saying “Out of stock” with a simple line of CSS code I’ll provide.

Manuel :-)

Hi, beautiful theme.

Just a quick question:

How can I add the gallery to the product page ?


Hi Donatas,

sorry for the late reply. You must create a Wordpress gallery, the basic one: http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/user-guide/adding-product-images-and-galleries/

Manuel :-)

Hi !

Just one little question before i buy : is it possible to display a video in the portfolio’s popup ?

Thanls !

Hi advoc8,

unfortunately it is not possible, but the videos are displayed in the place of the normal featured image if you select the right post format: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/blog/gallery/portfolio/ (look at the fifth element).

Manuel :-)


I have an issue regarding featured image.

When setting up the featured image to product page there is an option to exclude featured image from gallery images, but when I tick this option, I still see the image inside the product page.

Please let me know how to fix it.


You’re right, working on it, sorry for the inconvenient.

Manuel :-)

no problem, did you find a solution to fix it ?



I receive an error when attempting to install the sample content.

I have been reading very carefully through the documentation provided and it does not seem that I have missed anything. I made sure to NOT install the WordPress Importer plugin.

My main web development experience has been with Joomla. This is only my 2nd WordPress site. So, maybe I am missing something obvious. But, I just cannot find a solution to this issue.

Please assist.

Thank you, Miracle

Failed to import pa_monitor-size 15” Failed to import pa_storage 16GB Failed to import pa_monitor-size 17” Failed to import pa_lens 18-55mm Failed to import pa_storage 1TB Failed to import pa_monitor-size 21” Failed to import pa_monitor-size 24” Failed to import pa_lens 24-105mm Failed to import pa_monitor-size 26” Failed to import pa_storage 32GB Failed to import pa_storage 500GB Failed to import pa_storage 64GB Failed to import pa_brand Acsung Failed to import pa_color Black Failed to import pa_brand Bluecherry Failed to import shop_order_status cancelled Failed to import shop_order_status completed Failed to import pa_brand Eckart Failed to import product_type external Failed to import shop_order_status failed Failed to import pa_color Gray Failed to import product_type grouped Failed to import pa_brand I.U.D. Failed to import pa_brand Kinion Failed to import pa_brand Okinawa Failed to import shop_order_status on-hold…

Hi Miracle,

if you watched the tutorial I think you saw that before importing the sample content I install WooCommerce too. If you don’t need to install WooCommerce the importer tool tries to import WooCommerce content too, anyway, but, since the product the post type doesn’t exist it returns a error. If you don’t need WooCommerce and if you didn’t install it, don’t worry about the messages.

Manuel :-)

Thank you very much, Manuel. I will read the documentation AND watch the videos, then, since important information seems to be contained in both.

I appreciate your time and your kind response.


hi, great work here!

may i ask :

1. which sections (header, body, footer etc) can be styled (with colors, fonts etc) in admin panel and saved as skins?

2. is there an accent color setting to change theme coloring in a click?

3. menus in your demo look …tooooo big in their width… can this be “fixed” ? does this mean that they all have same width? (because i noticed that the shop menu has big width… but other menus shouldn’ t)

4. any chances for a retina version? would look awesome

5. can we use font awesome in a post/page? with shortcode or builder?


Hi tasoskouk,

1. you can style everything, all the sections

2. no, there isn’t, I only provided the two skins available in the preview, you can easily import them with a button in the admin panel

3. sorry… I’m afraid I don’t understand, is it too big because ut has too many elements? They can’t have the same width, sorry… you could set a fixed width via CSS but this would compromise the responsiveness

4. Forte doesn’t use any image, so it is already retina ready, because the icons are fonts and the layout is built by using CSS only. For the image in the content you can easily use a plugin I guess

5. at the moment I didn’t provide any shortcode to do that, even if you can use the html to display the icons (here is the list of the classes http://www.pixedelic.com/forte_support_images/forte-icons.htm), but I’m working to a new update to make the theme compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.0 too (its next release) and I think I’ll add this feature too.

Thank you for the question and sorry for the misprints… I’m on my iPad…

Manuel :-)