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Aloha Manuel,

The images for the portfolio look great on the computer, but are squished out of proportion on devices. How can I fix this? www.TheGalleryHawaii.com.

Mahalo for your wonderful help! Tiffany

Hi Tiffany, actually they seem squished on my Mac too. Is it possible that you uploaded the images before installing Forte? In this case try to run this plugin and regenerate all the thumbnails: http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Let me know. Manuel :-)

It helped! Thank you! I did change to Forte from an existing site.

Hi Manuel,

This question may have already been asked, but I wanted to confirm with you – there is no way to change the url structure for portfolio items? For instance, /portfolio/blanchards-coffee-co to /organic-coffee-roasters/blanchards-coffee-co

I will be showcasing businesses using the portfolio structure and I want to have their Urls be SEO friendly.

I have investigated this quite a bit and the only solution I see is to update as follows:

When registering ‘portfolio’ post type, please replace ‘rewrite’ => true with ‘rewrite’ => array( ‘slug’ => ‘something-custom’ )

Do you know which file I would need to update? I have only seen rewrite referenced in pix_post-typess.php.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Also, my former developer purchased this theme on my behalf so that I why I am not logged in as the purchaser.

Hi Andrew,

please, next time, if possible, use the same account you used to purchase the theme.

After that, I’ve never tried it, but do you know this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-permalinks/ ? Maybe it is what you’re looking for.

Manuel :-)

thanks, I’ll give it a try

I found a solution (insert appropriate disclaimers).... In the file /wp-content/themes/forte/functions/lib/pix_post-types.php

in the register_portfolio() function

add the following line after ‘rewrite’ => true,

‘rewrite’ => array( ‘slug’ => ‘whatever-name-you-want’ ),

I then cleared by rewrite rules manually using myPHP, and resaved permalinks.

Hi Manuel, i’m managin a 2.3.2 version. I want ask you how to include in a page, a full width slider, in the container of title? I use Royal slider plugin for it. Thanks

I’m sorry, I don’t know Royal slider. However, the only way, I think, is to put a “Fullscreen slideshow” element into a section, select one of the native slideshow, then disable the page builder, replace the shortcode of the native slideshow with yours and re-enable the page builder.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

we are using your theme for our company website (we purchased your theme through an agency) but we are experiencing some issues on the columns, eg: we used to have a bilingual text on two different columns, now it’s not working anymore. We had four columns above the footer, one image on each at the same height and now they are all messed up. We are on Version

Could you give us a hint? Thank you!

First, you should update: http://www.pixedelic.com/forte_current_version_changelog.php

Second, I’m not sure what you’re talking about and seeing the live problem I think i would help. Is that possible?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel

Im trying to create a picture gallery and i want it to display multiple images on the page which you can click on to enlarge.

Currently when I do this, it only shows one picture and i have to click on a small arrow on the bottom right hand corner of the picture to scroll through the images.

Is there any way I can change this?


by default Forte creates a slideshow with your galleries. But if you switch to the text editor you can edit the shortcode and simply type into it slideshow="false": https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/e7ti?size=o

Let me know. Manuel :-)

hi man i just buy the theme but i don’t know how to select lay for my page

Sorry, does lay stay for layout?

In this case the layout of the static pages is selectable as for any other Wordpress theme, from the “Page attributes” box, the select called “Template”. The layout of the blog, blog categories, portfolio galleries etc is selectable from the admin panel.

I recommend to read the documentation included (also available here http://www.pixedelic.com/envato-assets/documentation.htm ) and to watch the video tutorials, for instance this: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/create-a-portfolio-gallery/

However let me know if you have other doubts or clarify if I missed something. Manuel :-)

pre sales questions.

1. Is it possible to make the header transparent like this theme: http://themeforest.net/item/furies-transparent-portfolio-photography-theme/4693438?WT.ac=solid_search_item&WT.seg_1=solid_search_item&WT.z_author=ThemeGoods

2. I noticed on the Dark version of the theme that the background colour for the layouts is white. Is it possible to change this colour to any color i wish such as black?


3. The header is quite thick, is it possible to change the height of the header or is it fixed height?

1. No, it isn’t, because the size of the fullscreen slideshow is calculated according with the height of the header. There isn’t a featured that allows a behavior like the one of the theme you provided

2. You can customize all the colors, yes.

3. You can customize it, but only if you disallow the function that resizes the height on scrolling. This is what I recommend always in this case:

first of all switch off the effect that reduce the header when you scroll down the page. Go to Forte admin panel -> General -> Header -> Resize the header on scroll event (switch it off). Then go to Forte -> Styles and type:
#logo, #logo a, #logo span,
#logo_subtitle, #logo_subtitle a, #logo_subtitle span,
nav > div > ul > li,
nav > div > ul > li > a,
nav > div > ul > li > a > span {
  height: 100px!important;
  line-height: 100px!important;
100px is the default value. Replace it with the value you prefer.

Manuel :-)


I have set all shop views to on column masonry, and all work apart from main shop view.

This displays as one column no masonry no matter what is chosen in the back end.



I have set all shop views to on column masonry, and all work apart from main shop view.

This displays as one column no masonry no matter what is chosen in the back end.

Additional problem: Woocommerce shop page doesn’t pull through the page content. turn Woocommerce off and content appears. Neither page template affects this.

Just re-install WC with no effect. I think that the Masonry thing did used to work, but possibly before last update if that’s any help. No other plugins are activated. Only mods are to Change Woocommerce terminology (eg change cart to shortlist)


the shop page simply displays the list of products to avoid conflict with the various layouts. However to try to fix the issue I should see the live problem. Is that possible? At the moment I’m not sure to understand what is the problem you are talking about, I’m sorry.

If you prefer contact me via email and provide the details to enter the admin panel: manu[at]pixedelic.com (remind me this discussion in the email please).

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, I have tryed to install Forte on WP 3.8.1… It says “L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Il manque le fichier style.css à ce thème. L’installation du thème a échoué.”

Could you help me? Thank you. Nik

OK… Works! I had to unzip the main file and only to upload the forte.zip file…

Awesome, you have solved by yourself. Sorry for the late reply.

Manuel :-)

Hi, One last question. I noticed the photos on the slider for the default homepage crop the photo depending on the screen resolution. Is it possible for the the photos in the slider to automatically resize depending on screen resolution rather than have the photoss cropped.

The photo must be cropped to fit the screen. You can’t resize it to perfectly fit the screen, because often the photo and the screen have two different ratios, as you can easily imagine. The only alternative to avoid to crop the photos would be leave empty parts of the screen, but that’s impossible with the actual slideshow, I’m sorry.

Manuel :-)

Hi, Great theme !!!

My pre-purchase question : is it possible to insert an image as a background in the title section at the top of the page ? for example : in the “Blog” “THIS IS ONLY ONE OF THE TWELVE LAYOUTS …” : http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/dark/blog/ thank you ! BR

Thanks, this exactly what I wanted !!! :-)

And how can I do the same thing without having an id page ? for a page like this : www.xxx.com/?gallery=press or a page like this : www.xxx.com/?post_type=product Thx

Each page, category etc. has got a particular class: the pages have got the page id, the categories the category ID etc. Just take a look to the class of the body.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

one question about the product view:

When i enable a sidebar at the product view, all attributes like price, amount, “add to cart”-button…. are in a perfect list under each other on the right side of the product-picture. Like this:

Price Amount Button

But when i enable widepage without sidebar then these attributes are higher than the product picture and not exactly under each other:

Price amount button

My question: How can i change that? I want them to be perfectly listed under each other like on a page with sidebar, but for a widepage without sidebar.

Thanks in advance :-)


Now i see that you cant see a difference between the two examples because its different here then in the comment box i wrote it.

But what i mean is: they arent in a list under each other and “amount” and “button” is way more on the right side then “price” for example.

Hope you understand what i mean :-D

Sorry, could you provide a couple of URL or screenshot to clarify what you mean? TIA, Manuel :-)

I send you an Email with a screenshot. :-)

Helo Manuel, I don’t see the my slideshow in the Forte admin, although they are ok in the site. But I want to change something… I did restore, I reinstall Forte theme, and nothing. What can I do? Tks Miguel

Hi Miguel,

honestly it has never happened so I don’t have a ready answer. Could you let me see? manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel. I believe something was in Database. I create a new one and restore. Everything is ok now. Thanks.

Hi Manuel,

Is there any way to remove the huge blank space around the banner at the top here? www.damicodance.com

Grazie :) Amanda

Hi Amanda,

could you clarify what is the banner for you?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel

Great theme but I am having a problem with testimonials. I paste the shortcode into the page and publish but nothing shows up. Can you advise on how to fix this please.

Many thanks!

Forgot to add that when I publish an inidividual testimonial and then click on view post I also get a 404 error message…

The single testimonial can’t be displayed. They can only be displayed in a list and not as single item: I mean, the single testimonial page is invisible so it returns a 404 page.

About the issue with the shortcode, I’ve fixed something regarding that since Forte 2.5.3. What version are you running?

Manuel :-)

Hey Manuel!

Two questions for you:

1) What would be the best way to remove the mobile version of the header navigation? I’d like to have it so that instead of the menu being replaced by a drop down menu the navigation simply slides underneath the logo where the drop down menu currently is. I imagine I’m going to have to edit the theme files a bit, any idea on a good starting point?

2) Is there already an existing API built into the theme that would allow me to grab tweets and work with them via JS? Just wanted to check before I go and reinvent the wheel for a custom widget I’m working on.

Thanks! And for all your fantastic support and this fantastic theme, I’ll be sure to donate something as soon as I get the chance! :)

3) I’d like to restrict only one category to the latest posts page. (News) Any easy way to do that?


1) the starting point is to add this to Forte -> Style:

nav ul.menu {
display: block!important;
#pix_select_menu {
display: none!important;

But you have to check what is the behavior at the various window sizes respect to the width of your menu itself.

2) I do not provide any API, the simple function I inserted in the theme register an account on Twitter to print on static file your tweets each 5 minutes. I don’t know if you can find useful this function, however is called “pix_cache_tweets” and contained in forte/functions/lib/pix_functions.php

3) Maybe you can use the “pre_get_posts” filter. I recommend to google a little about this filter. You own PHP function can be inserted into wp-content/forte_includes/includes.php (create directory and file): in this way you can update the theme without losing your work.

Manuel :-)

Hi, I’ve been working with Home 1 but noticed the dimensions of the top slideshow changed (without adjusted them). The imagery is now boxed/confined and is much smaller. The page attributes are still set to Wide page. The same time this happened, the pagination bullets changed, a title section appeared, and one of the background images disappeared. Can you please help? – www.fitgirltea.com


if you want to display the slideshow in a full-width or full-screen section, you have to select the right element among the possible columns on the page builder: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/reka?size=o And, after that, use the icons available to insert the slideshow and set the size relative to the page: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/3tg1?size=o

Pay attention: the page builder must be active to display the slideshow properly.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Thank you very much. Yes this has resolved the issues :)

Hi! Thank you for all the advices! Some more questions from me:

1. Now, is there a way to speed up the site load time? It is really very long! Check it yourself on http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ for my site http://kakvjazat.ru/

2. On each post (for example here: http://kakvjazat.ru/detskie-domashnie-uggi/) I have inserted an advertisment code (yandex.direct) right after the menu. If you mouseover it you will notice that there is some kind of overlay and you cant click on the exact link you need. Like an image or smth. But it is not. How to remove this overlay from this block?


1. the page size is relatively small, so I can only recommend to try WP Super Cache, maybe combined with a CDN server to load scripts and images

2. it is the default effect for the links that contain images. You can remove it by paste this code into Forte -> Styles:

.ya-partner__list .pix_overlay_icon,
.ya-partner__list .pix_overlay_border {
display: none!important;

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, I have a problem with the variable product, they don’t go in the cart. Only the simple product going in. Same if I use youre template (such as importing the dummy_content) Thanks

Hi, I’m releasing new patches very soon. Sorry for the issues.

Manuel :-)