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Hello Manuel,

In your Portfolio/Gallery section i have come to notice in the Page builder there are no buttons for gallery and category’s short codes. I would like to build a few pages based on this. Like an artist section and then a gallery in the artist pages with a wide 16:9 layout with description of the artist and contact forms.

please let me know if this is going to be fixed.

I’m sorry, the loops are highly not recommend on the portfolio item pages, in particular if you use the pagination or the infinite loading button. Loops are not recommended in general on posts (and the portfolio items are posts). If you want you can simply paste the shortcode you can grab from a page, but do not use the pagination or the infinite loading button.

Manuel :-)


After the latest update of Woocommerce and Forte nothing can be added to the cart!!

It just loads the product page again and when I go to the cart page, nothing’s there!!!

HELP!!! :o:o:o


Thanks, Janet

Hi Janet,

please, try to upload again the theme via FTP after downloading it from ThemeForest. It seems a problem I have already fixed honestly. Maybe some files haven’t been updated somehow.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

I’ve done it through FTP, but no change:

A product that can be put into the cart straight from the categories page works. But a product that is variable, and you have to go to the single product page to choose which variable you want to buy: the single product page just loads again. It doesn’t go to the cart and when navigated to the cart myself, there are no products in the cart….

I have 99% variable products that will be ordered from a single product page….

I hope sincerely you have a solution!

Grtz, Janet

Hi Manuel,

I hadn’t gotten a notification about the latest update yet:

I was on 2.5.4, now everything is in check. But this was after the FTP update: than I noticed in WP dashboard there was a new Forte and Woocommerce update. Maybe that happened in the last 16 minutes ;)



Hi Manuel,

The latest woocommerce update have display issues with the theme. Also, I have a big warning notice saying:

Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.

Is there a plan to fix this soon?

Could you provide your site URL please? The demo works fine in that case, could you confirm? http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/shop/

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, correct in the demo show fine but not in mine. I suspect is a javascript issue? http://herbolab.com/cart/

I don’t think a javascript problem. Did you check the WooCommerce settings again? Maybe something went lost. Let me know. Manuel :-)

I got the same warning and the woocommerce cart in the side icon is not functioning.

Thank you

Could you show the warning messages please? Could you provide a URL?

Hey, need your help abut this weird behavior.

Look at this gallery: when i change image, i need to scroll to make the image appear in a fade. What in the template can make thie behavior ?


Thx a lot


Forte makes appear the image on scroll.

However, try to add this code to Forte -> Styles:

.galleria-images img {
visibility: visible!important;

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel

I did an update of woocomerce plugin and now I’m having some problems. I had to reset all the default widgets on forte side bar and woocommerce default side bar.

I notice this warning in the admin panel:

Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.

and this warning on the page of shopping cart and checkout:

--Warning: array_intersect() [function.array-intersect]: Argument #1 is not an array in /home/svidrago/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-shipping-method.php on line 180

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/svidrago/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-shipping-method.php on line 190--

at checkout the “Your order” does not appear, does not show the selected objects to buying any product, can not place order.

img: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mualxv139d45dcb/kHd2GPMJ9I

site url: http://sercolor.pt/lojaonline

What can i do to to solve this?


the theme doesn’t declare some changes, this is the reason of the Woocommerce message “Your theme has bundled outdated copies…”. Version 2.5.5, available in a few hour, fixes this issue.

About the warning messages on the cart page. At the moment nobody else reported the same thing… do you use any particular plugin that could cause this issue?

Manuel :-)

thanks for the tip. ‘ve found the plugin causing the error, “Weight and Country based shipping method for Woocommerce.”

Hi Manuel, can you tell me how can I do this in my site? http://www.tryvertty.com/pages/country

Thanks Miguel

Hi Manuel, I found this plugin Wordpress Splitscreen. This make me possible to have multiple button direct to different pages. OK. But, Can I have differente slides for those different pages? Like having different home pages? Thanks Miguel

I think Miguel you should use instead a Wordpress network ( http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network ) and simply upload a html splash page that redirect to one of the site in the network. I would do in this way.

Manuel :-)

Ufff…I imagine something more easy…..Because want I want is diferent products for different customers. So, as an example I would like that customers choose from School A, School B and School C. So, if I’m from the School A, I don’t want nothing from the other schools…. That’s why I want an Introduction page from where the students can choose their school.

Hello, I recently imported my blog posts from Blogger.com, and I noticed the images are not showing up on the blog page unless I link directly into the blog post itself. Is there a layout that will display the images as well? Or must have always have a featured imaged attached to the blog post to show this?

www.pascalcampion.com/blog [login removed]

Thank you!!

nevermind, I answered my own question, thank you!

Thank you too in this case :-)

Hi Manuel! I continue improving my site. So far I cannot input any custom code into the post and I don’t understand why. I need to place a code inside a post somewhere in text: <script charset=”windows-1251” type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.ozon.ru/PartnerTwinerNew.aspx?revident=117b1dd2-a98b-400f-9933-785b6d737855” ></script>

It is a partnership programm. But it just doesn’t work. I also tried to add another section using page builder, but no result also. The url as usual: http://kakvjazat.ru/

No good: 1. full screen slider crashed on the main page 2. http://kakvjazat.ru/vjazanie-kruchkom-sharfov-schemi/ the partnership program goes right after the featured image, while I need it in the end

Returned to “wp_footer”. Maybe you could a feature to use a custom code inside a post in the future updates?

No, I’m sorry, because in general it is a not recommended practice. However, putting the code to the footer or inside the post should be the same… have you to put it before or after the position where the code must act?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

Can you please tell me how do I make this theme multilingual? I saw the theme detail says “WPML ready,” but I can’t find the way to achieve it from the documentation provided.

Thanks Wipop

WPML ready means only that the theme has been developed with some plugins in mind. It supports WPML, but WPML it is a premium plugin that can’t be included. The description also says WPMU ready and ecommerce ready.

Manuel :-)

I see. Thanks, Manuel.

Hi Manuel,

I just discovered a disappearing act since the new updates: the woocommerce default sidebar that I use on the categories page was gone. I reinstalled the items through widgets, but the categories aren’t linked anymore as given to all the products.

It only states ‘uncategorized’ in the sidebar: http://www.print-art-read.com/product-categorie/art-kunstwerken/

And a CSS thing: I’d really like to have the main content to start higher, as I don’t use breadcrumbs. The white space that is left is too big. What CSS is needed for that?

Thank you!

Grtz Janet

Sorry Janet,

not sure to understand. The sidebar is available on the backend, but you can’t associate it anymore with the page you would like?

And about the CSS thing: add this to Forte -> Style:

.pix_divider.firstDivider {
margin-bottom: 0!important;
#pix_breadcrumbs {
display: none!important;

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hey man I’m having problems with forte

the thing is when I upload picture to galery it’s thumbnail gets croped and is diferent from original picture


how I can resize thumbnail to original picture size?


http://i.imgur.com/vuyWL2B.png http://i.imgur.com/uqogcCe.png


the layout you selected display the images with a ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 so it is normal that the images with a different original ratio are cropped. If you don’t want to alter the ratio of the image you have to select a layout that contains the word “masonry” in its name.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

The cart works but the checkout page does not. It loads no products that are selected in the cart and it gives no options for payment and to then actually checkout. I’ve tested it with all the methods offered by woocommerce and neither seems to do the trick. Turning off all the plugins does not help either. Thank you!

(i forgot, iam currently in a local WP install in case that could be causing the issue)

I’m sorry, without seeing the problem I can’t understand much. Are you running the latest versions of everything? Did you already tried to deactivate the other plugin to check whether it is a compatibility issue?

Manuel :-)

hi manuel 1 please help that’s always have white color between header and slideshow in my site www.surprise2me.com home page how can i fixe it 2 can you show me how to add payment icon on the footer i don’t know HTML 3 HOW TO change the shop layout in my website into the one (layout9 in your website) thank you


you have to use the fullscreen property, available through the page builder: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/j6ne?size=o (click on icon 2° to select the right property).

Let me know. Manuel :-)

On my home page the slideshow stopped working and it has somehow disabled the navigation menu as well. I have not done any updates in months, no wordpress update, no forte theme update and no woocommerce update. When i remove the slideshow the navigation menu shows up fine along with the rest of the page. When i add the slideshow again it just shows it loading but nothing ever happens. Any ideas?

Please, provide the site URL.

TIA, Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel! I somehow cannot localize the theme. I mean I edited the wp-config file and put there: define(‘WPLANG’, ‘ru_RU’); Then i translated the mo and po files, named them ru_RU and put them into www/kakvjazat.ru/wp-content/languages/ But the translation doesn’t work on the site. Very strange. The URL is as usual: http://kakvjazat.ru/

Case closed – found anoher language folder inside forte…

Awesome, thank you for updating :-)

Hello Manuel!

I’m using Firefox 27.0.1 on both a Mac and a PC and the site is not showing up properly. The side bar items are streaked across the top of the page, the footer color is incorrect, and the featured items show a funny link icon. Not sure what is happening here :(

www.pascalcampion.com password: pascalc3

Hi, if you activated Forte after uploading the images with another theme maybe you only need to re-generate the thumbnails. Try to use this plugin (install it, activate it, go to Tools -> Regen. Thumbnails and make it run): http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Let me know if the problem persists. Manuel :-)

Yes great! That solved it! :) And last quick question – on the blog page, it is only displaying 10 posts on a page. I went into the settings -> Blog -> Latest Posts page but couldn’t find where to set # blog posts shown?

I also made sure it was set to 12 everywhere else in the admin settings…Thank you for your help!


the latest posts page is settable from the default Wordpress backend, on Settings -> Reading.

Manuel :-)

Hey Manuel!

I have a series of drop down select boxes, and I made a reset button to set them all back on the default selections – however I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with the select_fake select boxes using JQuery. Any ideas?



after the reset event, trigger the event ‘change’ for the select boxes, this should work. If you need further help please provide your site URL and let me know where you added the function you’re talking about.

Manuel :-)

That did the trick! Thanks a ton! :D

Hi :

My website www.roopons.com.au is not display properly in Chrome, Please see https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yq92yq4h3msam0/Screenshot%202014-03-05%2000.02.39.png

The problem is 1. Logo is missing ( showing ok in IE) 2. Title is on the slide show ( showing ok in IE) 3. On the top left corner, there are a list of pages, I don’t know why it is display there ( Same problem in IE)

Please help ASAP

Thank you Mandy

Hi Mandy, I paste here what I wrote via email too:

1. You have a plugin, I think, that generates a menu on the footer that it hasn’t displayed correctly. Is that possible? I can only recommend to try to customize the style or the output of the plugin.

2. I’m sorry, the issue is due to the fact that the function wp_upload_dir() doesn’t support ‘https’ protocol. I’ll find a workaround on the next release. Meanwhile you could try this: create a directory on wp-content called ‘forte_includes’ and upload into it a file called ‘includes.php’ (the name are very important). Paste this code into the file: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=0qgaNkeX If you prefer provide WP and FTP details and I’ll do it for you.

3. if you remind the exact name of the slideshow, try to create a new slideshow with the same name: sometimes it works, it depends on the kind of operations you did after deleting the slideshow

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel:

Thank you very much for your reply.

1. Seems ok on IE now after I delete menu on footer plugin , but still showing in Chrome , I not sure why

2. Yes, please fix it for me, I have email you login details

3. Thank you , I have fixed it.

Regards Mandy

Hi Manuel:

Item no, 2 is stiill not fixed..

My Logo : a very small image file is missing My Title: Text is distord and disply in slideshow not in where it suppose to be

Still not showing properly in CHROME

It show look the same as how it is display in IE or other browser.

Please help.



Hi Manuel!

I’m in search of some alignment solutions :)

I have featured images for products that aren’t the full width. What happens is that it then is aligned to the left. Is there a way to center align them? Also: in that case, the thumbnails stay on the right side, but I would like them always to be underneath the images.

I use the second tab with attributes on the single product pages. Is there a way to center align the text in the white block? As I have several attributes with longer and shorter names, the left aligning looks a bit awkward.

You can see both situations here: http://www.print-art-read.com/product/characters-marie-cecile-thijs/



Sorry, replace the code above with:

.product .images {
text-align: center;
.product .images > a,
.product .images > #wrap > a {
display: inline-block!important;
float: none!important;
.shop_attributes th {
text-align: center;

Sorry, and let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel! I replaced the code and it works just as fine, but no center alignment. Is there another option?

Check: http://www.print-art-read.com/product/characters-marie-cecile-thijs/

Thanks! Janet

Hi Janet, it is because you also pasted <pre>...</pre> (the ‘pre’ tag). Please, check, and copy the CSS code only.

Manuel :-)