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Hi I have recently updated to Woocommerce 2.1.7 and now on the checkout page I get the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods() in C:\wamp\www\GiaMoto\wp-content\themes\forte\woocommerce\checkout\review-order.php on line 19

Is this because of an outdated theme file? Please Help.

Hi, I can’t replicate the issue on my end. Are you using Forte 2.6.2? Could you provide step by step what I have to do? Did you test the demo and does it have the same problem http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/ ?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, just now I use your theme more than a year – and I’m really happy with it.

BUT since the last update I have the same problem somebody here (7 month ago) describes: ”- When I try to make “featured images” link to the post, they all open the Image in a ColorBox.”

I defined in the portfolio settings the links has to show on the post”. “Link the pictures to the item pages or open in a ColorBox:” But only the ColorBox is working. This choice doesn’t work. see here: http://www.makenzie.ch/gallery/aktionen/

Can you try it and give me a hint what’s wrong? – Thx for your support. kind regards, Renée

I solved this problem by myself. Deinstalled and installed new the theme. everythings works fine! – this also applies to my next entry!

Awesome, thank you for updating :-)

I forgot a second point/question: sorry

the other point is the view of order and sort. in the setting of the gallery I disabled the order by date function. It doesn’t work too. I can disable this kind of order. Renée

Sorry, do you mean the field called “Display the ‘Order’ filter on the gallery page” ?

It works fine on my end. Are you sure you are managing the right gallery? If you prefer I could take a look on your admin panel, just contact me via email, provide the details to enter the back-end as admin and remind me this discussion:


Manuel :-)

Hello! How do I change/increase the number of blog posts shown per page?

I went to admin panel -> Blog -> Latest posts page but don’t see anywhere to update the number of posts per page. currently it only shows 9 posts.

Thank you!

Hi, the number of posts is set globally and to set it you have to go to Settings -> Reading.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

I have some small issues on the checkout page with the SSL. It says some elements are not under SSL. I’ve downloaded a plugin that fixed some of the issues, but some of the links/icons i guess are hardcoded into the theme and so it gives me issues with the green bar for my certificate. Would you know of a simple fix for this? Thank you.

It is the sidebar icons and the menu bar. Let me try to get an image of the link issues. Thanks.

I know some are related to plugins, i will figure those out. But there are several that come from the theme, as you can see.

[links removed]


first of all you should go to your Forte admin panel and remove the protocol from the images like:


that should become:


In the other cases: the url are generated dynamically by a Wordpress function, or, as for the images available in style.css, their path is relative to root, so it is strange that they are read with the entire URL including the protocol… are you using a cache plugin maybe or something like that?

Could you let me see the backend?

manu[at]pixedelic.com (remind me the discussion in the email please).

Manuel :-)

Disable Comments in portfolio post items Hi Manuel, please it is possible to disable/able comments in portolio post items like for the page and blog posts?

Thx and kind regards, Renée

Yes, it is: as for a page or a post, enter the portfolio item admin panel, click “Screen options” tab (right top of the screen) and enable the ”Discussion” checkbox. A box at the very bottom of the page will appear, disallow from there comments, trackbacks etc.

To disallow the comments from everywhere, go to Settings -> Discuss and disable the checkboxes you want, but this change will be applied for the new posts and pages only. For the pages and posts you already created, you must do what I said previously. That’s not a feature from Forte of course, but a Wordpress feature.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hey there!

Quick issue – the related items function is not working. I have tagged each product with a single tag and related items are showing up on the product page but not as per the tagging – it’s all just random.

Using Forte 2.3.4.

Any insight is appreciated.

In this case you have to update to the latest version of Forte too, I’m sorry. And let me know id the problem persists please.

Manuel :-)

Thanks Manuel,

Having another issue with the checkout page. When trying to submit items for checkout a blank error message box appears at the top of the page with no text. This seems to occur randomly.


Honestly no… I need to see the issue, is that possible? Maybe you could contact me via email if you don’t want to share details on this forum: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

after activation of your theme and importing your dummy content I can’t see page builder while editing post/page, in matter of fact I can’t write or do anything in the WYSIWYG editor window. There is only blank, empty space. Without editor buttons etc.

I tried deactivation of page builder etc., the situation was the same.

Best regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

because of some major updates of WP 3.9, in particular tinyMCE, Forte 2.6.0 and later works only with WP 3.9 and later. So if your software versions don’t match this combination you could have some big problems.

Let me know if your software versions match this combination otherwise, if you can, update everything or downgrade something (if you need an old version of Forte just contact me via email: manu[at]pixedelic.com).

Let mw know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

I use Wordpress 3.8.3, since there is still no 3.9 version in Polish language.

I updated my Wordpress to 3.9 en_US and now I can see page builder :)

Best wishes, Sebastian

Awesome. However, as I said, I can provide an older version of Forte if you prefer.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel, I have really enjoyed this theme. Unfortunately, after updating to Wordpress 3.9 and Forte 2.6.2 I have lost my WYSIWYG editor for pages and products in the admin. What can I do? All of my plugins are up to date. I can’t even access the text editor for pages.

Thanks! Grant

Hi Grant,

Forte 2.6.2 works fine with WP 3.9, so the problem could be the cache (try to empty the cache of the browser to check) or a conflict with a plugin not updated for WP 3.9 (in this case take a look at the console of the browser and report if you can see any javascript error).

Let me know if you need further help. Manuel :-)


Does this theme allow registered users to post blog themselves with front end pages (not through wordpress admin panel)?


I’m afraid not, sorry.

Manuel :-)

Hi regarding the love icon, is there statistic for it? for exsample, administrator or users can view the ranking of post during certain time length. E.g. daily, weekly or monthly? Thanks

No, sorry, I’ve simply integrated this plugin (with some customizations): https://wordpress.org/plugins/roses-like-this/

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel,

Having been using your theme for a year now and everythings been fine up until this latest install of wordpress. The pagebuilder doesn’t work at all when I click: http://cl.ly/image/2O0Y3e040Y25



you should update Forte to the latest version too (2.6.2) and empty the cache of the browser to be sure that you are actually seeing the latest version: http://www.pixedelic.com/forte_current_version_changelog.php


Let me know. Manuel :-)

hello manuel, I would like to buy your theme for a client who wants to build a e-shop. I need to know if I can charge users by: - paypal - Credit card - Bank transfer

There are also other methods of payment?



the method of payments depend on WooCommerce, so I recommend to play a little with the plugin before purchasing the theme, just to understand if it is the right choice for you and your client.

Manuel :-)

Hi Again, I have updated the theme but still have to put this piece of code for the product photo samll thumbs to be fixed, It seems that you didn’t fix it in the update?

.product .thumbnails a:not(.zoomSelected) { border: 1px solid transparent; }

Sorry, maybe something wrong with the versioning system. Many apologies.

However you shouldn’t change the file style.css but put your changes into Forte admin panel -> Styles.

Manuel :-)

Hi, does this theme include WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free plugin. The theme supports it :-)

Hi Manuel,

I bought Forte theme last week.When I go to http://localhost:8888/wp-admin a messagge pops up with this text “No database selected”.I have reviewed the configuration on MAMP and everything is ok.

With fourteen theme I have no problem but when I active Forte theme I see the message “No database selected”.

Thank you very much

It was wp-config.php file configuration. Thank you

Glad to read you have fixed by yourself. Thank you for updating :-)

Hi Manuel! I see some other people have posted that they are having issues with the sidebar not showing up on product pages, and I am having the same issue. Please help! http://test.upcycletrading.com/product/ninja-silhouette/

Ok, from the shot I can see you simply are using the wide template for your product item, but the product image (provided by WooThemes) isn’t big enough to fit the layout. You have to select a different template for your product I’m afraid. Please, check and let me know.

Manuel :-)

* URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **

Hello Manuel!

We’ve talked on the support forum little bit, i tried to explain you my problem with forte on explorer but it’s hard with screnshots so i did a video. PLEASE HELP! i’m going crazy, the client is getting angrier and i’m trying to solve this for over 3 months now.


thank you sasha

Hi Sasha,

I’m so sorry, but I’m still trying to find the way to see the same issue you see too. All my versions of Internet Explorer work fine, as I wrote to you time ago: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1fza7/tja8?size=o

Nobody else has reported this issue until now so I’m very sorry but I don’t know how to help you. I don’t know hebrew, I’m sorry, otherwise I’d try to install a version that uses your language, since I’m afraid is the only method to debug it.

But all the languages available on my computers are LTR, so I’m completely stuck. I’m really embaracced and sorry.

I have an issue with the slider. On a first visit to naturalphotographyspa.com, in Firefox, the slider works. When I refresh the page I first visited, the slider spins and shows nothing. To get the slider to work correctly I have to clear my Browser cache. The issue is not present in Explorer. Can you verify that the problem is with Firefox and not with the slider? Thanks

I may have fixed the issue by deleting the slider and reinstalling it

Mmmmm, very strange issue. Let me know however if something strange happens again please.

Manuel :-)

no – deleting/reinstalling seemed to fix the issue

Question – your theme has twitter button built into the posts, so I don’t want to screw up the database by adding others known twitter plugins that I know will do what I need, which is: is there a way (or some code that I can add) that will ensure that when some one retweets the post using your button, that my twitter username @naturephotspa will get appended to the end of the tweet. Right now, as it stands, when some retweets my post, to the person reading the retweet, there is no way of knowing who the retweeted post comes from. my site is www.naturalphotographyspa.com

I’m sorry, the only way is to edit the code of the theme. Forte uses the default button provided by Twitter itself, with the default settings: https://about.twitter.com/resources/buttons#tweet

I’m afraid you have to build your own button and replace all the occurrences of the button on the theme, maybe with a child theme:


I know, I was better to use a global function… however these are the files.

Manuel :-)

Didn’t know there were 4 different twitter buttons that could be implemented – guess you please everyone, as each button will lack something the other buttons don’t offer. Thanks