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HI Manuel

I need your help, I have transformed my whole website to Forte. I have spent lot of time on transfer and now I have found out it is not compatible with WC Composite products plugin

chceck my product page: http://www.scoutparamotor.com/product/scout-paramotor-custom/

1. add to cart button is missing!!!

2. layout should look like this: http://docs.woothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Canon-5D-6D-Kit-Single-Page1.png

please help Miroslav

Hi Manuel, updating the WMPL worked for the first and third problem: the Add to cart button is back and the website is no more repeated.

Now the point No.2. All components of the product get squeezed onto the right. I would like to display description and images of the components but it would look like this: http://www.scoutparamotor.com/product/build-your-dream-scout-copy/ ... all the text annd images only in one column. is it possible to tweak the theme to make it look like this: http://docs.woothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Canon-5D-6D-Kit-Single-Page1.png ?

basicly I need to place the whole component below the main product

working on that, thank you for updating

Now that I have had a week to get up to speed with Forte, my conclusion is that I can recommend Forte, but not to a first time Wordpress users. The theme has lots going for it, but ease of use right out of the box is not one of them (the tutorial help – but there is still lots of hands on that is needed). On the other hand, the theme has lots of functionality that eliminates the need to install lots of third party plugins (I’m able to get by with 9 plugins now – vs the 19, I needed using a standard Wordpress theme). Lastly, with the Quick Cache and mncombine plugins installed responsiveness is super (I gave up on WP Super cache because of how many time its updates broke my sites) !!!

Thank you for the kind words and for the recommendations, really appreciated.

Manuel :-)

Manuel – another quick question, is it possible to have the user name of comment posters clickable/linkable so that clicking on their user name in their comment/response will link to whatever the user may have entered in the web site field of the comment form. Right now, the way it is, my users implicitly assume that when they enter their web site address in the website field, they don’t have to add any html code for their website within their post, which is not what my users expect. Perhaps there is a setting I have not set to enable this functionality. Thanks

You’re right, I’ll add the clickable user-name to the next release. Sorry for the issue.

Manuel :-)

Manuel – will you be adding a the clickable user name anytime soon?

You’re right, sorry, I’m late, the fix is ready (check here: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/forte/blog/the-childlike-empress-picked-up-auryn/) but I haven’t put it in the last release, my apologies. I’ll release a new update during this week, promise.

Manuel :-)


I have a few questions before I purchase this theme. I have a store with 500+ products, and would like the prices to appear, but the cart function to not be available, so customers call with their orders. Is this a possibility?

I recently purchased a different theme, but the product pages take 3 minutes to load because of some big header tags that the developers won’t fix.. How is your support with response times, and troubleshooting? I can fix most things if given instructions on which lines of code to edit.

Also, is it compatible with http://phppoet.com/ WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts plugin?



About the first question: this behavior depends on WooCommerce, so I recommend to play a little with the plugin.

About support: I try to reply all the requests in 24-48 hours. If the problem depends on the theme, of course, I’ll fix it (as far as I can), otherwise I try to recommend what to do.

Sorry, I don’t know the plugin Dynamic Discounts… how it works. I don’t understand much from the link you provided honestly. However if the plugin involves the layout somehow, maybe it will require some custom works.

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel,

After recently updating WP to the latest version I cannot edit the columns in the builder while adding new posts. Any clue how to resolve this?

Please, update Forte too and, to be sure that it works correctly, empty the browser cache.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Manual update of the template without style and 2 modified files + clearing the browser cache worked great. Thank you for the reply and a great template. Keep up the good work Manuel!


After the last update it is impossible to add youtube-videos. Every time I save the editor, it transforms the & to &amp …. Can you send the last version to reinstall until you can fix this. My hole video-page is broken after 2 weeks of work!

SOVLED: Hi, I think it is a problem with Firefox. I updated FF to the latest version and restarted everything and now the builder works.


Hello Manuel,

We’re having so many problems with your theme in our new server.

First of all the add to cart button on variable products is not working. We are working with 2.1.8 woocommerce, 3.9 wordpress and your last theme update.

for example: http://maimadhara.com/tienda/verduras/ajo/

Please help us as quick as you can, the shop is closed and cannot sell anything. The client is really worried about.


Hi, there is a javascript error, but I can’t see why, since the file is the same of the demo too, but in that case it works fine.

Maybe it is a problem with another plugin I don’t have on my end. Could you contact me via email and provide WP and FTP details please? manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel, have you received my mail? please tell me if not, to resend you as possible

Ah, ok, so disregard my first reply, I’ll let you know something ASAP. Sorry for my late reply.

Hello Manuel,

I purchased your theme. It’s beautiful and very complete.

I just have a problem that I can’t seem to fix. I’m sure it’s some mistake I’m making, but could you help me?

When I enter my site title it shows it in the header. I only want my logo show, not also the site title and description. But when I leave those blank on the back end, the site has no site title for SEO or bookmarks or woo-commerce emails that get sent to the customer. Is there some way to enter the site title and description on the back end without it showing in the header on the site?

My site is aviatorcameragear (dot) com

Thanks for your help and your beautiful theme.

Cheers, Zeke

Hi Zeke,

you can use in this case the SEO panel available on Forte admin panel -> General -> SEO or, if you prefer, disable it and try with something more complete like All In One SEO or Yoast SEO.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Thanks Manuel! Seems to be working now.

How do I remove the hover effect for all the images on my site? I read the explanation for this in the forum, but I need a more detailed how-to answer. Where do I paste that in the CSS? Also, I can’t seem to find where to change the text, color, and background of my “reviews” and “comments” box on my product pages. They are barely visible.


you can paste every CSS snippet into Forte admin panel -> Style. The code is available on the FAQs too, thanks to @stevemonfils:

.pix_overlay_border { display: none; }
.pix_overlay_icon { display: none; }
a:hover .pix_overlay_border { display: none; }
a:hover .pix_overlay_icon { display: none; }
a:active .pix_overlay_border { display: none; }
a:active .pix_overlay_icon { display: none; }
a:focus .pix_overlay_border { display: none; }
a:focus .pix_overlay_icon { display: none; }

About the color of reviews and comments: I haven’t provided a field for each element available across the theme, otherwise the admin panel would have been huge (and I think it is big enough). So the color in that case are linked to other elements and available as “Secondary background color” in Forte -> Colors advanced -> Main elements.

If you want to change it without touching the other elements you can use some lines of CSS as above:

.pix_tabs > ul > li.ui-state-active a, .pix_tabs > ul > li.active a,
.pix_tabs > div {
background: #eeeeee!important;

Replace the value with whatever you prefer.

Manuel :-)

- Edit -

Hi there. Just want to know if theme is working in wp 3.9 and last version of woocommerce. Thanks in advance.

The demo is running WP 3.9 and WooCommerce 2.1.9, so the answer is yes :-)

I have a major concern regarding the slideshow, the whole page that includes a slideshow is hanging during the slide change, I mean when scrolling through the page; my homepage slide show takes effect in every 8 seconds and during that; the whole page hangs until the slide show action finishes, how to resolve that? dreemahautomobile.com

I have tried it in firefox and safari latest version, that glitch when a new slide is loading is the whole issue, I don’t know it it is a normal thing cause I haven’t tried other wordpress themes, I have Slideshow, TablePress, Jetpack, WooCommerce Customizer, anyway I don’t care much about this issue but if it can be solved that would be a plus, if not that’s ok. :)

actually, Im using special code in each filmore slide text line, I can’t paste it here! ok just remove the dollar signs

<$$$$$div class=”filmore_caption”$$$$$style=”line-height: 1.6em; font-family: Bitter; background-color: #262626; $$$$$color: white; display: block;” data-fontsize=”35px”>To Get The Best Deals & Offers$$$$$>)$$$$$

I think I’ve understood what you mean… I’ll investigate. Sorry for the issue.

Manuel :-)

Aloha Manuel,

After upgrading, I’m getting an odd error on my posts page—Fatal error:.......wp-content/themes/forte/loop-third.php on line 581

Any suggestions?

Sending Warmest Aloha

Hi Tiffany,

you should paste the entire error message please, or, if you prefer, contact me via email and let me see what you’re talking about: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

This seems so basic but I just can’t seem to figure it out. I’m not sure if it’s with the theme or woocommerce. Right now my woocommerce store is displaying products from oldest to newest by default, but I’d like them to be newest to oldest by default. I can’t seem to find a setting anywhere that will allow me to change the default order. Thanks for your help!

(Also, this is on the default shop page, not a shortcode)

Somehow now it’s ordering correctly. Never mind I suppose but thank you! I have no idea what happened…. or how it fixed itself. O_o

Weird indeed… however let me know if the problem occurs again :-)


Love this theme! does your mega menu support up to 5 and 6 columns?

No, sorry, the script check the position of up to 4 columns, otherwise you risk that one of them will be displayed out of the browser window.

Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel – I really like you Forte theme. Great work! I have a couple of questions.

1. I am trying to add WooCommerce shortcodes to my pages but the button/icon does not show up on the page builder. I have downloaded and installed the WooCommerce plugin. How do I get the button?

2. This may be a WooCommerce question but maybe you can help me. Is there a way to set the product pricing as subscription or monthly?

- Thanks, Paul


1. WooCommerce staff has decided to remove the shortcode button, I’m sorry, it doesn’t depend on the theme

2. Honestly I don’t know, I recommend to take a look to the WooCommerce docs, my apologies.

Manuel :-)

hi manuel! im having problems with forte slideshow i tried inserting a photo into the post and it goes into a blank screen. i havent updated the theme please help

problem solved i deactivated all plugins

i updated wordpress and now im getting this error message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

problem solved

Ah, ok :-)

my slider background is extremely large please check here: http://www.goddess-goodies.com

Hi… it seems ok to me. What browser are you using?

Manuel :-)

Do you know how to fix the issue with the accordions, every time I publish the page, it changes “data_title” to “data-title”…

Also, it will move the [/pix_accordion] from the end to the very beginning, right behind the [pix_accordion data_active=’0’] and add this to the end…

” data-mce-src=”http://mysite.com/wp-content/themes/forte/images/blank.gif”>

Mmmm… are you using the page builder or have you deactivated it? Are you using tinyMCE extended? I should take a look at your backend honestly… is that possible? If it is, please, contact me via email and remind me this discussion: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)