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Are there any translations for this theme in French and German ? If yes, it is possible to send them to me ? Thank you in advance and I’m sorry for my bad english ;)


the only french translation comes with the theme, check in the directory forte/languages It has been made by a purchaser, it isn’t official and it is outdated. No german translation is available instead, I’m sorry.

Manuel :-)

Hello, I wonder if when buying the theme “Forte” with the Regular license I have permanent rights or any year I have to pay this amount?

Hi, no, the regular license on ThemeForest is intended for one site and lifetime :-)


I did not understand the meaning of the answer. What is the lifetime?

Sorry, I meant forever, you haven’t to pay for the updates, for instance, you can download the theme again and without paying again if I new version is released.

Manuel :-)

Hi, Im getting a very low speed when testing my website with PageSpeed Insights, im getting 30 / 100 speed and 97 / 100 User Experience on mobile and 44 / 100 Suggestions Summary on desktop, is there anyway that I can make these better?

Super Cache have raised the numbers by 33 Mobile and 45 desktop, so uninstalled it and installed W3 total cash and it is 43 Mobile and 63 Desktop, great, W3 total cash is a beast! still wishes if something can be done to the slideshow freezing, can I run revolution slider on this theme?

after few w3 tweaks: Mobile 44 / 100 Speed, Desktop 68 / 100 Suggestions Summary, good, it is loading much faster now!

Never tested Revolution slider with Forte, sorry.

Manuel :-)

Is there anyway to change the body background of a particular page or post? I see you can change the title back ground, but wondering about the body/page. Thanks for the help!

-RJ http://www.magicspacextreme.com


unfortunately Forte provides a fullwidth layout only, so if you add an image to the body background you will see it under the text as well and that could compromise the readability. For this reason I’ve preferred to not provide this feature. However you can upload an image through the media library, retrieve its URL and add some lines of CSS code like:

body.page-id-2 {
background-image: url(your-image-url.jpg);
background-size: cover;

If you need further help just let me know what’s the image address, what’s the page and how you want to display the image under the text.

Manuel :-)

Awesome I’ll Play around with the CSS code…thanks! Appreciate the help!

You’re welcome :-)

Hi Manuel your theme comes with a default template for the home shop page that has a permalink that ends with /forte-shop/ How dan I change the permalink to correspond to what I want it to be. Presently, although I have changed the permalink in the default template to be /natural-photography-spa-store/ my products only show up at the permalink /forte-shop/ see www.naturalphotographyspa.com/natural-photography-spa-store/ vs www.naturalphotographyspa.com/forte-shop/

Even though I changed the permalink in the default store page template that you provided with the theme from /forte-shop/ to /natural-photography-spa-store/ I can access my products only with the /forte-shop/ permalink.

I would have thought that after changing the permalink in the default shop template page, I would no longer be able to access /forte-shop/ as a permalink. I have cleared my cache so that’s not the problem.


We aren’t on the same page. Forte comes with a default store page that has a permalink /forte-shop/ How do I change the permalink. In my case when I change the/forte-shop/ permalink to /natural-photography-spa-store/ and provide a link to the shop page with my permalink in my main menu, the shop page stops showing my products. How do I modify the original forte shop page or create a new shop page so the page will have a permalink that is my own and not /forte-shop/?

Manuel – nevermind – I figured it out

Awesome, thank you for updating the thread.

Manuel :-)

Hi Not sure if this is a problem caused by the theme or the domain server but; When we try to add another product to our store. The home page disappears and this message appears: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/savvyliving/public_html/wp-includes/meta.php on line 770”

Thank you for all your help so far!

Hi, sorry for the issue, however it should have as easy solution. Just increase the memory limit of the server, here are some possible solution: http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Increasing_memory_allocated_to_PHP

If those solution won’t work, I’m afraid you have to contact your provider, since there is a setting that blocks them.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Manuel! I am having some trouble with the contact forms for this template. I create the form but when I enter the shortcode on a page, it will only show the first two fields. I see someone else here had the same issue but it doesn’t look like they responded to get it resolved.

Thank you in advance for your time!


I see you are using and email input field for “Questions/Comments”, so it is normal that you can’t submit without filling that field with an email address as well. Use an input text or a textarea instead.

About the fact you see two fields only… I can’t see anything strange from the front-end. Could you contact me via email and provide WP login details too (if you were also able to provide FTP details it would be perfect)?

manu[at]pixedelic.com Let me know. Manuel :-)

Thank you for your reply-The issue is that I am using the text input form, as far as I can see, but it will only function as an email form. I will send you an email separately with screen shots.

Got the email. I’ll reply ASAP

Hi, I am testing your great theme on my localhost. In general it works fine and I do not have problems … instead of one thing: the header navigation.

1. I create a menu with some of my sites. 2. I give the order to take this as the primary menu. 3. All works. Great. But …. 4. Now I changed some colors and things like that in the admin panel. 5. If I look now to my header navigation there is no like in yours. My “menu” is in the header as a “selecting-button”... how can i change this?


glad to read you’ve fixed the issue by yourself.

The hover effect, instead, can be achieved via CSS. Type this code into Forte option panel -> Styles>

a.read-more {
    -webkit-transition: color 275ms ease-out;
    -moz-transition: color 275ms ease-out;
    transition: color 275ms ease-out;
a.read-more:hover {
    color: #ff0000;
    font-weight: bold;
h4 > a:hover {
    whatever you want... don't know

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Thank you! Works fine :D

Hi ! Is it possible that every tags (in the sidebar) have exactly the same height ? and not the most often used, bigger than the others ? Thx for your reply.

Sure, via CSS for instance, you can type this code into Forte option panel -> Styles>

.tagcloud a {
font-size: inherit!important;

Instead of “inherit” you can type a value in pixel or ems. Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi Pixedelic.

I’ve purchased this theme and I’m very happy with it, but after last actualization (WP&Forte) I have lost some woocommerce&blog spanish translations.

Could you help me, please?

Some examples: http://lesbainsdetinit.com/tienda/catogoria-de-producto/tamano/estandar/ http://lesbainsdetinit.com/tienda/producto/ittu-0006/ http://lesbainsdetinit.com/tienda/bloginit/

Thanks in advance.


Maybe something wrong in the .po file on my side, I’m releasing an updated, hope it’ll fix the issue. Many apologies.

Thanks, Pixedelic.

I released the new update, could you tell me if the problem persists please? Manuel :-)

Hi, i am ready to fill my test-layout with content. I have to recognize that your theme is not working with slim jetpack. i mean especially the effect for images (tiled grid). Can i change this?

I’m sorry, but Forte has its own filter for the gallery shortcode, since it retrieves the layout from the basic grid layout or it displays it as a slideshow.

Manuel :-)

hello, awesome theme! i have a coupe problems, i followed your instructions for disabling the hover effect on all images but it’s not disabling.

the ‘size:’ text is on the right and the size selector is on the left i would like them to be on the opposite sides.

i tried to disable the loading next posts but it’s still there how do i disable that?

please help, thank you!


Hi, I’m sorry but both the the size text etc and the infinite scrolling don’t belong to the theme, they seem customizations you made by yourself or thanks to a plugin, am I right? It seems you aren’t using WooCommerce either, but the plugin support WooCommerce as ecommerce plugin and nothing else. Please, let me know.

Manuel :-)


We purchased the Forte theme, and would like to use “Wordpress SEO” plugin. However, when activating the plugin (and disabling the Forte SEO settings), the Visual / Builder screen on pages & posts is blank and I can’t edit anything. Any idea how to solve that ?

Thanks !


Sorry… haven’t receive anything I’m afraid yet… could you check or what’s the sender so I check on my mail box?

Manuel :-)

I just sent you another email at manu[at]pixedelic.com. Did you receive it?

Yes, got it, I’ll let you know something ASAP, sorry for my late reply.

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel Your theme is very nice and complete. Compliments. I’m going to buy it and I wanted to ask you a few things: • I see in the indications WordPress is 3.8 nell’hosting I have the 3.9. There will be no problems? • In the demo, the menu for smartphone and tablet seems a little poor and hardly clickable. This depends from the demo? • Can I add or remove menu items? • Can I create other pages with different layouts? • Can I have two separate portfolio pages with different names? Maybe these are very stupid questions. Sorry, but it is the first theme that purchase. Thanks a lot.

In effect just look at the panel and the instructions to be quiet. You have done a job well cared for. Thanks also for the video.

For the Italian language does not seem to be “elegant”, but if you have instructions di Forte in italiano gradirei veramente molto.

Thank you and good job.

That’s the only documentation available, sorry :-)

Hi Manuel,

awesome theme i must say, but there are some major issues when trying to use it with a multilingual woocommerce shop. if you are interested i can provide a test environment to reproduce the error.

best regards from germany Manuel

Hi and thank you.

I’m in touch with many other persons that use WPML without any issue… so please, yes, provide more details. If you prefer here is my email address: manu[at]pixedelic.com

Manuel :-)

Excuse me, could you tell me where to find the license key of FORTE? I can not find it and I do not know where to look. Thank you

thanks a lot!

Hi, i have a couple of questions.

1. is there any way to change the purchase baske so its up on the right side beside to the menu

2. the site is slow, how can i speed it up?

3. how can i make the images in the purchase basket smaller? (when y ou open it on the side)

best regards

Sorry… not sure to understand if you are talking about the demo or your site. Please, clarify and, if you’re talking about your site, use the same account you used to purchase the theme when ask for support. Thank you in advance. Manuel :-)

Hi again, the person that made our site probably has the purchase info on his accout.

here is my site. www.framia.se

Hi Manuel, I have two more questions about the FORTE and then no more bother you (I promise).

1 – can I change (a legal level) settings of the site, working directly on the sheet css (I’m working on css_includes.css)

2nd – if I changed settings directly from css, then when I make for example a change of color from Backend, lose all personal settings made in the style sheet. How can I avoid this (if I have the permission)?

I’m sorry to bother you again.

thanks a lot

You don’t bother me at all, don’t worry :-)

1. do not work on css_includes.css file, add you styles to “Forte option panel -> Styles” or create a child theme: the changes you make to css_include.css are overridden all the times you save something in the option panel

2. as I said above :-)


Thank you very much.

Hi, I would like to hide the title (in the the title section) of the page on only one page : on a gallery page. How can I do ? Thx

Ok, sorry for the late reply. Add this code to “Forte option panel -> Styles” and let me know if that is what you want:

.pix_divider.firstDivider {
    height: 100px!important;
.pix_divider.firstDivider > * {
    display: none!important;

Manuel :-)

thanks ! this works fine !!! :-)

Hello Manuel,

Hopefully you are still answering support comments here – I can’t seem to login into the support forum because of too many redirects when you click to login. On both Chrome and Safari :/

My support issue has to do with the extended admin panel however within the builder. I have no extra buttons to apply shortcodes/buttons/media – i found one support topic that sounded like my issue from April 24th – saying to reinstall the theme – and that did not fix the problem.

and come to think of it…I really don’t remember ever seeing an extended panel with those buttons….it’s making it very difficult to create proper layouts – so any help would be great.


Disregard that comment – found it :)

Awesome :-)