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hi pixedelic … a little question, can you say whether you send to an update in the near future?

I went online now with your theme and my blog in a new dress … I am very satisfied ;o)


thank your for your theme … but I still have problems with the 1:1 images in the portfolio (featured PIC). And I would like to get with a click on the featured picture to the post … but i cant find the function for this? As the visitors reached only about heading to the post …

but in the moment i am very happy about your theme ;o) gr Roland


I’m releasing a new update to prepare Forte for WooCommerce 2.0.0.

However, I just checked your site… is it possible that you already had the image in your media library before installing Forte… because in this case the size of the image are all different from the size that Forte needs and you should use (as explained in the documentation) and run this plugin to regenerate the thumbnails: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Let me know

Manuel :-)

Hi, I have a pre-sale question – on the homepage example you show a large slider. Is it also possible to use a video (vimeo or youtube) to fill that place, or only images?

regards, John

Hi John,

no sorry, the videos are allowed as slides only, as you can see in the fourth slide of the examples.

Manuel :-)


Even not being part of a feature of Forte. You can do that easily disabling page builder, delete everything in text editor add your iFrame and set the width to 100%.

I did that already on my tests for a youtube video and now I am using that method for Google Maps here:


Good luck ;)

Thank you so much, as always.

Manuel :-)

hi manuel,

Supports Forte – Mega Menu?


Hi Markus,

never tested, sorry. However Forst has already its native mega menu

Manuel :-)

How can I setup the header image to float so that it will resize with the window instead of being in a fixed position?

You can see what I mean here when you try to resize the window: http://underquilts.nickswebdevelopment.com/shop/

When using “absolute” or “relative” the image disappears from the screen or doesn’t center inside the div

Hi nickgann,

you must set a logo (Forte -> General -> Header -> Upload your own logo image) not a background of the header in this case.

Manuel :-)

hello, I am very interested in this theme and would like to know if it is bbpress ready and yoast compatible?

Hi nadiel789,

sorry, it isn’t built for bbPress and I never tested Yoast. However you can easily disable the native SEO plugin.

Manuel :-)


can you please check if this menu screenshot is ok or not ?


i was telling you some days ago that this is a …long big menu that is not ok in my taste…

i am am using chrome 24… on windows 7… (same happens in ie9…)


hey the home menu is really one column but its width is 3-4 times the width of the “home 2” text… do i see something else ?... grrrrrrr… is this link http://snag.gy/SuyVK.jpg visible to you?

and the layouts 2 column menu… its width is almost half the width of my screen… which is 3 times its “layout 1-12” text width…

no… we see the same thing… but I don’t understand why we are talking about that. The width of the submenu is fixed, and it doesn’t depend on the content, it is about 240 pixels, like a normal column (such as the sidebar), it changes only if you resize the width of the monitor.

The width of the first level button saying “Home demos” depends on the content of the button itself.

If you don’t like, ok, that’s normal, please (really) do not buy the theme if you are not satisfied of the preview, but I really don’t understand why we are talking about a simply design choice. I just had a look to http://demo.truethemes.net/Karma-Wordpress/, just for instance, a very popular theme… the width of the submenu is almost the same I used too. Of course two columns have the double width.

ok, sorry for taking this too long… you’ ve done gorgeous design & work on the theme! don’ t take me wrong. thx again!

Hello Pixedelic,

1, felicitation for your so well made template ! and For all this options. I have try 20 template and yours are the bests (in french: il n’y a pas photo !).

2, My boring question:

I have try to install my website on local host, i have change all URLs in sql base. Everything work well but The slideshows slides was losted in admin-slideshow – i have searched in the sql base, i saw the parameters in wp_forte : pix_array_your_slideshows_slidename

but all the slides have disappear in the forte admin….?

Do you have an idea of the reason of this problem ? It’s important for developers to be abble to create site on a local server.


Hi Fishbon,

first of all, thank you for the feedback.

I work on MAMP and everything works fine… I developed the entire theme locally, so I don’t know. Maybe a javascript error. Is your version updated?

Manuel :-)

Hello, Ok, so This probably come from my configuration. Thanks for your response. Fishbon


I’m running a WPMU site with domain mapping which I use for my own blogs. For one of them I uploaded the theme but once I try to activate the theme the whole site goes blank. Both backoffice and front are blank when loaded and the only thing that will help is to delete the theme all together. How can I make it working? Looking forward to your swift reply.


Hi rmbuijs,

the demo is running a Wordpress Network too (the skins are two sites of a multisite installation). Is it possible the problem is another one? Maybe you have already installed “Wordpress Importer”, this generates an error as described in the documentation.

Manuel :-)

Dear Manuel, Sorry for my late response, indeed the Wordpress Importer creates the bug. It was ‘Network activated’ so I had to deactivate it before the site worked. But this does make it tricky whenever I need the Importer for other sites that I manage.


Just activate it from the sites that need it only. Is that a problem?

Manuel :-)

Hi, I’m more and more happy with Forte, especially as you release updates so quickly. Working on my page www.facesofvegas.com I encountered a strange behavior of the menu. Sometimes it changes from the normal menu style to a drop-down-button. I see no reason why it would do this as I did not change the menu in between, so it should work the same way every time, i guess (but I’m a total noob in understanding anyting coded).

Could you give me a hint how I can convince the menu to not go to button style?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Sure, please, provide your site URL.

I did above, where I described the problem. www.facesofvegas.com

So sorry, I missed it before… however, I tried several times, the space between the site title with the subtitle and the menu is very small… since the fonts are loaded from Google, if they take different amount of seconds (or milliseconds) to load, the site title can be a little wider for a while and the dropdown menu replaces the normal one. I can only recommend to leave more space between the menu and the logo area, maybe by reducing the font size of something.

Manuel :-)


This is a responsive layout website so whenever you add too many top menu items that do not fit in one line it automatically changes to a dropdown menu.

Thank you!

Absolutely beautiful!

thank you so much


I have 2 questions

1- When I add an attribute such as size to a product , it is showing as an additional information below with the description and reviews! and not with the price section.?

2 I was using another theme and the additional images we had are showing below the main image , so I have 3 images below each other , any ideas ??

Thanks so much

Thanks so much, My menu has broken links, where can I fix these links? which file can I review to fix That, even the index page does not show sometimes Thanks

Broken links in the menu? Odd… please, provide your site URL. It could be a problem of permalinks: in this case just go to Settings -> Permalinks and save your permalink settings again. But it would be better to see the problem with my own eyes.

Manuel :-)

I will send you the info now using your profile contact form Thank you

Forte Theme is excellent. Five stars all day long, and quick replies here in the comments.

I am having one trouble with the menu logic, perhaps you can steer me in the right direction. I am using a header logo that is the full width of the page (990×90). Unfortunately I believe this is triggering the logic that determines whether the navigation bar should display or show the dropdown. In my case, with only 1 menu item, it is showing both the standard menu AND the dropdown.

Is there a way to move the navigation bar to beneath the logo or some other workaround?

Thanks a million.

Actually not so quick during the weekend, sorry ;-)

Sorry, I didn’t imagine this scenario. Can you provide you site address please?

Manuel :-)

Unfortunately the site is not publicly visible yet, but the problem is similar to the facesofvegas link above. Basically both the regular menu and the dropdown menu are both appearing.

I have a problem with translating the theme. I installed the plugin “codestyling localisation” wich scans plugins and themes for translating files, and this worked well for me in the past in any case. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with your theme. When I make changes they do not appear in the themes words… do you know why?



sorry for the issue, I use always the same method to provide the localization files for all my themes, and I know that Codestyling Localization works fine with my previous theme. I’m afraid the problem is due to the fact I put “Wordpress Importer” plugin into the theme, with its own folder to localized the files. So Codestyling Localization put the translated file into the plugin instead of the theme. I’m releasing a new version to fix this issue too. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Manuel :-)

ok. when do you think you will release this?

Sorry, working on it, during this week… however, if you prefer, with an FTP client, go to


you should find inside that directory the .po and .mo files you just created. Put them into


and then remove the directory (I mean wp-content/themes/forte/functions/lib/wordpress-importer/languages).

Manuel :-)

hi , first congrats for this amazing theme.

i instal this and i have some problems whit the css style my menu is different and i read and watch all the video tutorials but it´s still different than the demo page.

www.icono-graphic.com/sitecasasconmigo regards.

Hi felipeagudelol,

sorry, I can’t understand the question… why is your menu different? As far as I can see it seems to work fine. Am I missing something?

Manuel :-)

1. The product page, there’s a right sidebar, can it be removed?

2. Can all pages be full width?

3. Can the product be in 3 columns?


Hi pravinrh2,

1. sure, you can select the widepage layout

2. sure, as above

3. no, sorry, Forte has got a 4 columns layout. You can’t have 3 columns with the same width.

Manuel :-)

How can I set to 2columns of products like your home2 example?


Hi pravinrh2,

just use the shortcode provided by WooCommerce to display the featured products, but add the layout attribute:

[featured_products per_page="12" columns="4" orderby="date" order="asc" layout="seventh"]

You can copy the list of the layout from the shortcodes I provided to display the galleries.

Manuel :-)

Hello Manuel ! Is this theme (which seems to be great!!!) ready for translation? Cheers

Hi Arnaud3d,

it already has .po and .mo files, of course, you can use WPML for munti-language purpose or PoEdit (or similar) to translate the strings.

Manuel :-)

Hi there, before purchasing the theme please let me know if there’s the possibility to change all the fonts to Helvetica (different styles: narrow, normal, bold etc…Headline should be extra bold, things like that), I read its google font ready but google does not offer Helvetica….thanx in advance. cheers!

Hi pahlkemedia,

you can disable the Google fonts from the admin panel and write two lines of CSS code (Forte provides an area in the admin panel to write your custom CSS without loosing these changes each time you update the theme).

Manuel :-)

Thanx for the quick reply, sounds good!

have been testing the theme for several hours now. Greaaat!!!

Manuel, you are a genius !

hahaha… I don’t know why, but thank you…

Manuel :-)

P.S.: if you think you’re satisfied please consider to rate the theme with 5 stars on your ThemeForest “Downloads” section. It is very important and helpful for me and my business. Thank you.

rated 5 stars !