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Nice job! Good luck with sales :)


That is very nice of you Thank you!

Congrats and Welcome to Forest , GLWS :)


Thanks I appreciate that!

Good Job, I Like Job , GLWS ;)

Thanks very much!

:D thanks I appreciate that!

How do I install this theme? The zip file I downloaded is not installing properly.

Hello, Thanks very much for buying FORTE template.

The template is an HTML template (this is explained in the description), you don’t need to install anything. You need to have HTML knowledge to edit the .html files.

You will find 32 folders in the main folder, you can pick the color that suits better to you and edit the html files.

Please let me know if you have any other question, or how i can help you.

Best Regards

Thanks. I could have sworn I saw WordPress compatibility in the description. Must have been mistaken with all my tabs open. Unfortunately, I’ve wasted my money because I cannot use this.

I am really sorry for that, in the future I might release a wordpress theme, though probably it will not be useful for you anymore.

The preview demo looks really cool and it is a template that i want to purchase. Before buying the template, i would appreciate it if you could answer couple of my questions:

1) Under the “skills” section before “contact me” – there is a picture of a man and a quote from Shakespeare, is it possible to remove the whole thing? I don’t want the picture or the quote, i want it to go directly to “contact me”.

2) Is it possible to add addition sections/tabs/pages to this template?

Thank you

Hello, First of all be aware that this is an HTML template so you need to have some html skills. Regarding to your questions:

1. Yes you can remove this.

2. You can add and remove sections as much as you want, and link them in the navigation. THOUGH you need to fit all the names in the space provided, so if you have to many characters in a line, you will have less tabs/buttons available in the navigation. Also it is only one line of text on each tab/button. Best Regards

Also thanks very much for the compliments!

Hello, I finally purchased the template and i love it how easy it is to use. I have couple of questions;

1) i want to add additional skills underneath the Graphic Design heading, however, after i add additional lines below the code on 4 “skills” show up. I have added total of 6 but 4 shows up. How do i enable it so the other 2 shows up as well?

2) And same goes for the Portfolio section. I wanted to add 1 more category, video, to the portfolio section but only 4 shows up.

thank you

Hello, First of all thanks very much for buying forte template. And the compliments!

Regarding your questions, I think using images are better to explain these. So please have a look at the following 2 images

1. http://klementine.net/forte/img1.jpg Search for <!-/progressbars-> and just before the div closes add your code.

2. Please have a look at the following image http://klementine.net/forte/img2.jpg

Let me know if you have any other question, or if you want you can send me a link to your virtual resume, and I can have a look to help you out.

Best regards

Awesome! Got it to work. Forgot to close the additional tags. Thank you!

Hey buddy, sorry to bother you but i have another question.

How do I add a new pie chart to other tabs?

just wondering if you need a message next to the chart?

Thanks a lot! I appreciate your help. It is perfect now. Yes, i did needed to add message but i was able to figure that out.

Hi, great resume template.

Two questions. Do I understand correctly that all I need to do is paste the HTML code in a WordPress page/post and than modify the HTML? Can I create several pages for for example team members?

Thanks, Jos


I want to create a single WordPress site with multiple pages that contain your HTML vCard code. So 1 website with 10 vCards. Is that possible?


Hello.. I sincerely dont know… this is a question for themeforest. I will try to find out this as soon as possible and let you know. Best regards

Hello I understand that your question is regarding the license of the template, so I asked this question to themeforest and this is the answer:

“The extended license is not a multi-use license.

If all 10 of their vCards are part of the same overall project and in the same domain, a single regular license should be fine, otherwise they’ll need a regular license for each site.

If you would like to read more about our license terms, please visit:

http://themeforest.net/licenses/faq http://themeforest.net/licenses

Please let me know if your answer referees to this.

Best regards.

Hello. Recently I purchased this template and I am very pleased with the result except the fact that contact form is not working properly. I replaced my email in the sendmail.php but nothing happens. Could you give me some advice please?Is anything that I miss? Thanx in advance. Great Job.

Hi, tx for buying this template…can you please… send me an email to klementinedigital at gmail.com, so i can provide you with more advice and a file that could help you

I thought this theme was compatible with wordpress, i buy this for nothing :(

oooowww, I am sorry… I cant do much about that. You might need probably themeforest support help.

Hi, great looking theme! I noticed someone above had an issue with the contact form and was wondering if the file you had sent them to fix it is included in the theme now? Thanks!

I just bought this template, when I click on the portfolios items it opens a window with an X in the upper right corner, and sits their, can you help resolve this I have a deadline

Hi got this up and working, when I test in chrome, for small devices any, the buttons do not work, any solutions? Thanks Greg

Hi! I am having the same issue as gregw65- when I click a portfolio item, I get an overlay with the X in the top right, but it doesn’t show the portfolio item in the popup until I refresh. Any ideas on how to resolve? Thanks!

Hello. Recently I purchased this template but the contact form is not working. I replaced my email in the sendmail.php as per documentation but nothing happens. And also having problem because in my local pc the pop-up slider.html of portfolio is not showing, i used chrome, IE, firefox all not working.. but when i upload on the internet to test, it works.. how come it works on the hosting and not on the local pc… thank you very much, hoping for immediate response.

Klementine, First off, nice work. I only have one issue. The parallax doesn’t seem to work as it should on both yours and the one I bought. Any ideas?


Klementine – Thanks man, made my job easy! Quick question though, Google updates their maps API policy and the map stopped working. I was wondering if you could advise me on how to input my API key. I got the key just need to place it somewhere in the code. TY!