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After installing the theme I followed the directions on importing blocks.. all 60 imported but 2.

Got the following error:

Unable to import items (2) with the following identifiers (they already exist in the database): block_header_top_left2, block_footer_column5…

Help please.


You can ignore this (probably we added those blocks twice in the config file so Magento tried to import them twice and second time it printed this warning message, nothing to worry about).

Kind regards

Can you please give me the values for the top section for the Second demo theme? I cant figure things out how I want them

I figured this out!

I have created some new custom product grid pages based on categories, and best selling products etc.

How can I get the toolbar visable for theese custom grid pages ?


You would need to add the toolbar via Magento layout update code (XML). I’m sorry but Magento customization is beyond the scope of our support, please refer to Magneto forums.

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Where can i translate the cart module on the top of the theme ?

2 sentences : “your cart is empty” and the “view shopping cart” button when something is added to the cart.

And since i am there, how can i modif the css’s class for the price in a category ?

the gray one !

thank you by advance

What version are you using?

Fortis : 1.5.0

Please see this chapter in the user guide: 4.9.1 Override default CSS styles

Hey, where can i change the Company Informations on the right side of the footer?


It is inside one of the static blocks, please refer to the user guide for details:
6.2 Built-in CMS blocks

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Please note in the next update, which the customer login works in frontend not under 1.8.1 Best Regards


We’ve just submitted an update for compatibility with Magento It will be available for download in a few hours.

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Is it possible to keep the version 1 layout and update?

Client of mine likes th version 1 more than 2.

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately version 1 is no longer supported (but of course your client can still use it).

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I can’t find the static block for the newsletter. the identifier ‘block_footer_top2_right’ is the newsletter of the default magento block and disabled. But there is still a static block with the newsletter enabled. In which static block is it? Your User Guide doesn’t help in this case.



Newsletter is not in a static block. TO disable it pleas check this chapter in the user guide: 7.9 Default Magento blocks

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Hi Infortis,

thanks for this update, but I see it is ‘only’ Magento compatibility. What about the new slider and all other changes and fixes that you promised us and which Ultimo theme got over the last few updates?

I thought you had made Ultimo and Fortis the same ‘under the hood’ so that both themes were easier to maintain. It seems that Ultimo theme is way ahead of Fortis now. It gets three updates for every one we get.

Please tell me the new slider update will be available very soon. This is big for me since it should fix the major bug with iOS and the flex slider. This bug was fixed for Ultimo more than two months ago (!) and we are still left with product grids and slider not being displayed properly on iOS devices like iPads and iPhones…

I feel a bit disappointed choosing Fortis over Ultimo now. I cannot update my site every week so I’m anxiously waiting for the iOS bug fix.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!


The same changes will be applied to Fortis, it just takes time to implement.

it should fix the major bug with iOS and the flex slider. This bug was fixed for Ultimo more than two months ago

Those fixes which we made are not working anymore in all browsers e.g. due to changes in Chrome. The Flexslider is not fully compatible with all browsers so now we’re just replacing Flexslider with other slider. This change in Ultimo was made a week ago, an next week it will be also made in Fortis.

Kind regards

Hello Infortis,

thank you for responding to my comments!

Please understand that I’m not trying to be rude here. I really enjoy this great theme and appreciate your hard work and effort!

I just hope that the big update with the new slider and other stuff will be available to us next week, like you promised.

Kind regards :)

P.S. I’ve got two things on my wishlist for this theme:

  1. << Previous ProductNext Product >> links on the product pages. On the right in the breadcrumbs div?
  2. Brand-logo for product pages with a two column layout

With the brand-logo looking something like this:

Please understand that I’m not trying to be rude here

Totally understandable, we appreciate all comments and suggestions, in my previous comment I only wanted to explain the delay. I can assure you that we will improve Fortis the same as Ultimo.

Regarding the wishlist:

1. I’m not sure if this is necessary. Most people don’t need this feature and we always try to avoid unnecessary code, as each new function decreases performance.

2. We have this on our list. :)

Kind regards

I only see a slideshow for the homepage, how do I create more than one slideshow for different pages, or do I need a plugin for that?



It will be possible after next update (next week).

Kind regards


Where can I see a preview or at least screenshots of how it looks on a mobile device (phone/tablet)?

Cheers, Michael.


You can simply make your browser window narrower, this way you will see how the theme works on smaller screens.

Kind regards

Thanks for the quick reply, but in the meantime I got around to using my phone on your live preview, and also in Chrome I used the Ripple extension, which is really cool.

Is it possible to have a full page background like ultimo Regards


Yes, an image can be uploaded and configured in them admin.

Kind regards

Hello. I’m using the menu in the «Wide» style but I’d like to do a modification. Let’s say I have the following sub-menu:

Is it possible to automatically resize the sub-menu according to its contents so that it doesn’t span the whole page width? Using the example above it should look like this:

Any idea how this could be accomplished?



Currently not, but we want to add this option in future updates.

Kind regards

I am still having issues with inserting the sidebar menu on a CMS page. Here is the code I am using:

<div class="grid12-3"> {{block type="ultramegamenu/navigation" parent="ID: 30" depth="2" block_name="Testing" template="infortis/ultramegamenu/categories.phtml"}} </div>

However, on the CMS page, it shows nothing.

I’ve tried with just parent="30" as well without any luck


Currently ID of category in “parent” parameter will not work correctly, we’re fixing this, fix will be added to the next update. Instead, use one of these:

  • parent="root"
  • parent="parent"
  • parent="parent_no_siblings"
  • parent="current"

Also, please note that if you are displaying menu on pages other than category view (so on pages where there is no such thing like “current category”), then menu will not be displayed at all or it will fall back to root category (depending on your settings: Fallback To Root Category in System > Configuration > Menu).

Kind regards

Hi, Can the 1.5 Fortis – Magento Theme theme be updated with this one? If not, how can i make the 1.5 responsive? Thanks in advance.


Version 1.x was not responsive. To make it responsive, you will need to use version 2.

Kind regards


How can I create a static CMS content section with articles in different categories?

Best regards


For support please kindly use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you.

Kind regards

Hi. I am sorry, that is not possible. I am helping a client with his magento e-shop, and we are in a process of search optimizing the page. Can you please help me out? The clients copy is of course a valid and authorized one.

I’m trying to make the far right link in navigation (block_nav_links) to view as a custom dropdown (block_header_nav_dropdown). Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

I’m having an issue with the contacts page. When I open a footer link from the contacts page it opens as index.php/contacts/example when it should be index.php/example.

“Contact Us” is Magento’s page/feature not related to the theme. And the default version of that page has URL

i need help with inline css, i have success with brands.css but print and itemgrid continue with problem,

I not found call to the print.css file on layout.xml folder


print.css is added in Magneto’s core layout files inside the “base” theme.

Kind regards


In Safari, the mini cart dropdown disappears when rolled over. If I very quickly click on the little triangle I might get to the cart. Otherwise it remains blank when moused over.

Please help.


On what platform: PC, iPad, Mac? Please post a link to your site.

Kind regards


I don’t have any Mac to check, but tested this on all browsers on PC, tablets, mobiles and works OK. So this seems to be browser issue.

Question on the tabs on the product page. There are two other tabs on product page for product-specific info: 1 – Description: 2 – Additional Info:

I want to remove the tab ‘Description’ and only leave the tab ‘Additional info’.

How do I do that?

Fixed it!