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We have purchased the ultimo theme but having issues with running it. We are constantly gettig 503 errors at random on different pages, both admin and frontend. We arent seeing anything in our logs as to what is happening. This only happens with this theme

Do you have any ideas as to what could be causing this, is the theme resource heavy ?

thank you


This is comment sections of Fortis theme, not Ultimo. : )

But 503 error is not theme related. Please debug your Magento and make sure your server is fully compatible with Magento. E.g. you may have not enough memory (please google “Magento memory_limit”).

Best regards

we have purchased fortis theme Add to cart functionality not working after upgrade my magento version 1.7 to 1.8 our fortis theme. could you help me.


To use Magento please make sure you are using proper version of the theme ( is supported only since Fortis 2.2.0). Also, make sure you uploaded theme patch for magento as described in the user guide.

If theme was not properly upgraded in your store, then you can have many similar issues because many changes were made in Magento 1.8. Fortis 2.2.0 fully supports latest Magento.

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When I install the new theme the product listing page doesn’t work. It gives an exception log.

When I look in the file I find this error:

2014-01-22T14:27:23+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Use of undefined constant then – assumed ‘then’ in /var/www/clients/client1/web4/web/os/app/design/frontend/fortis/default/template/catalog/product/list.phtml on line 222

Can you assist?


There’s no such code in line 222, there’s also no constant ‘then’ anywhere in that file. You must have some custom modifications there and that is causing the error.

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I see, the error is in the old theme. Fixed it. But when I install the new theme I still get a error (Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.) while trying to list the products, all other pages work..

I’m unable to advise on this, this issue is not caused by the theme. If you had some incorrect changes in that file, you may have more things like this (in this or in other files).


I use a plugin called “Nicer Image Names” for Magento which generates speaking picture names. This plugin unfortunately does not work with Fortis theme. Do you plan to make this plugin compatible or are you planning to include a SEO feature for image names?



Unfortunately we’re unable to guarantee that third-party extensions will work “out of the box” with our theme. This is extension author’s responsibility.

Generally all extensions can work with all themes but they sometimes have to be integrated manually. Please refer to chapter 2.3 Third-party extensions in the user guide for more details about third-party extensions.

In Magento you can already set product image names, we’re not planning to change this element in the near future.

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Hello there!

I want to start the conversation by congratulating you guys for the theme. It looks and feels amazing.

Now for my question:

Any way i can extend the Primary Column Width from 5 to 8 on specific products via Custom Layout Update or even for product types like grouped products?

I have managed to remove the secondary column via Custom Layout Update and now i want to extend the primary colum to fill up the blank space.

I don’t want to remove it entirely from the theme. I want the simple products to have the Secondary Column but i don’t want it for the group products. Any way i can achieve this?

More exactly i want to change this piece of code:

<div class="product-shop grid12-5" /> to <div class="product-shop grid12-8" />


There are no methods to change it via layout, but the easiest way would be to customize the product page template file (you can override it in your custom sub-theme).

You can find there section marked with:
//Width (in grid units) of product page sections

Width of columns is calculated there so you can add your own conditional statement to change the width of column. Something like this:

if ($productTypeId === 'grouped')
    $primaryColUnits = 8;
    $secondaryColUnits = 0;

Note that there’s a variable $productTypeId at the top of that template so you can use it in your conditional statement.

Kind regards

We have installed the Fortis theme with 3 languages but only one language gets te right coloring and layout. When we create an additional language of the site it gets an all white background, while the theme originally, as well as the main website configuration, has colored background. How can we get the correct background coloring?

We run Magento

I have saved both configs as indicated after creation of a new store view. FLushed the cache, also that of the web browser. Even used a web browser I hadn’t used before. All to no avail. Anything else we can do, or look at for more info?

What can cause this:

  • if you’re using custom sub-theme, don’t copy folder skin/frontend/fortis/default/css/_config/ to your sub-theme, that folder should stay in the default theme. Otherwise it will override all your theme configuration from the admin panel.
  • incorrect file permissions on theserver: please check this hcapter in the manual: 14.2.2

That helped! Thanks. We copied the _config folder into our sub theme.

Hi infortis,

I just want to pickup rachelf comment from above. I have the same issue. Dropdown basket if filled, will dissapear on mousover, instead of popout.

I have checked it with 2 different pcs. both Win7 and Safari is 5.1.7.

The page is here:

apart of that, fortis is a great theme!

In the latest version we got rid of the Flexslider, so maybe this is why there is no issue on our demo site. Flexslider previously caused some other similar issues related with CSS transitions in Safari – we had to reorganize the menu because the drop-down box wasn’t displayed when slider was on the page (we replaced CSS fade effect with the same effect with JavaScript).

Regarding -webkit-transform: translateZ(0)
it will not be visible in Firebug in firefox because of -webkit prefix.

Hello infortis,

thank you for your answer. Now I have tryed the update. Curiously I still have that issue.

You can have have a look here in my development stage:

This is realy funny, because as I think I have made all customization in a subtheme, as recommended, eaven when I switch to “default” fortis theme, the problem occurs. As well, when I deactivate the custom.css.

Any Idea, hoe I can fugure that out?

Until now I was only able to find out that it may have something to do with CSS position:relative. If it’s completely removed from the cart block (e.g. from #mini-cart), it stops disappearing. But of course that CSS is needed to properly position cart’s drop-down block. So some workaround will be needed.

Hello! I’m trying to uninstall the theme Fortis however after removing the theme I can not access the page of categories because it presents an error on mega menu module fortis. How do I remove the theme fortis and regain access to the category menu?


This theme (menu module) adds some category attributes, they are displayed in the “Menu” tab in Category Management in Magento admin panel. After theme files were removed, attributes can be deleted from the database, their identifiers start with umm_ (abbreviation of Ultra Mega Menu). You can delete the attributes directly from the eav_attribute table in the database.

Kind regards

Hello! I managed to uninstall the theme with the information you gave me. After that I instalalei again with version 1.8 and it worked perfectly.

thank you for the great job with the fortis.

Thank you.

Per your manual it it allows for featured products. I did as instructed they show up but randomly disappear off the front page… any ideA?


There was a CSS issue with old slider. It has been fixed, please upgrade to the latest version.

Kind regards

I’ve made changes to Theme Design in Configuration. The color changes / background patterns / etc. don’t appear on the front of the site.

What am I missing? I’ve cleared my cache and made sure that the settings were changed for all store views.


Please refresh your browser’s cache (it may still use the previous CSS from its memory).

Other possible reasons:

  • Your Magento doesn’t have permissions to write in the following directory:
    Set correct file permissions for that directory. Refer to chapter 14.1.4 File permissions for more details.
  • If you’re creating a sub-theme to customize the theme, do not copy folder “_config” (or files stored inside) to your sub-theme!

Kind regards

The sum of my subtotals is not shown in my checkout. Also applied discount codes, shipping costs (seperate on the right) and order total is not displayed. How can i fix this?

Problem solved! Enabled Mage_Tax and everything is displayed.


Really nice theme but i am missing the possibility to show SKU at the produvt view page like in Ultimo.

And also showing: “x in stock” at product list pages, with translate option

Please fix this in coming updates, thanks


We’ll add an option to display SKU the same like in Ultimo (but please note that SKU already can be displayed in “Additional Info”, the same as any other product attribute).

Stock indicator is already available (from the beginning), please see example in our demo:

Kind regards

Thanks, about showing stock, it is not at the product view page i mean, but at the product list page list.phtml

As you can see i have made it myself but it is not working correctly with hover effect

We’re not planning to add it on product listing pages.

It looks like you disabled “Equal Height” option for products grid.

hi after the upgrade to version 2.3 it still show version 2.2 on System > Configuration > Fortis

is this normal??

I’ve checked, files of 2.3 are 100% correct. Please make sure you override the old existing files during the upgrade.

sorry if i did not make my self understood , what i was saying was that by mistake i did not uploaded the theme files before the patch for 1.8.1 but now is all OK

Hi, I just came across a problem that really freaks me out. On our development server I made a new user account. In a later stadium I tried to login with this user account in the login screen, but after entering the correct login credentials and pressing the login button, the screen just refreshes and the user is not logged in. There is no error message or anything.

I tried everything, clearing cache, removing session cookies, etc, but nothing helped.

Then, I switched back to the default Magento theme and BAM! I loggged in without any problem. This is really freaking me out, because it seems that there’s something going on in your template that I cannot explain.

This happens on a clean install with almost no “foreign” modules enabled. Please, do you have any clue what might be the reason for this?


This can happen if you are using old version of the theme with the new Magento But to use Magento you need to use compatible version of Fortis (2.2.0 or later) and install theme patch for magneto as described in the user guide.

Earlier versions of the theme were not compatible as they were created before Magento was released.

In Magento new form field was added in many template files (such as user log-in template): echo $this->getBlockHtml(‘formkey’); If it’s missing in your theme, you will see problems with logging in. Latest versions of Fortis are fully compatible with new Magento and contain all the necessary code.

if you made custom modifications (e.g. in custom sub-theme), after you upgrade also make sure that your modified template files contain the code with the new form field.

Kind regards

You were right! Thank you so much!

Hi everyone! We have FORTIS THEME (1.5), and we love it. Our customers begun to complain that they could not place orders through our website with IOS Devices (iphone/ipad/itouch). At the time of looking at the product, the drop down for Colors, and the Quantity textbox are not working. When clicking on the drop down, nothing happens, and the same with the textbox. Any ideas on how we fix this for the IOS devices?

Thank you!

Any ideas? We are loosing many sales because of this. Thank you.

Infortis support? Please we need to solve this. We are losing sales.


I’m sorry for delay.

I’m not sure why this happens but this issue doesn’t exist by default, please check demo of this version (I checked with iPad, drop-down works OK):

Anyway we highly recommend to upgrade the theme to responsive version 2.x (latest version is 2.3.0) which was much improved and is much more friendly to all mobile devices. Ver. 1.5 is very old and is no longer supported.

As a quick fix you can try to make the following changes in CSS file skin\frontend\fortis\default\css\styles.css and then flush all caches. Remove completely:

.container1-wrapper:hover .required, .container2-wrapper:hover .required {
visibility: visible;

And at the end of that file add:

.product-options p.required {
visibility: visible;

Kind regards

Hello, I was told that Fortis would enable multiple slideshows last week sometime. Can you tell me how I can accomplish this?



Yes, that option has been added and is available in version 2.3.0 of Fortis. All slideshow options are described with details in the user guide, chapter 11. Slideshow

Best regards


Can you please advise in case this theme supporting RTL languages? in case no, can it be done? what would be the cost?


It’s not out of the box, but theme can be customized to use RTL lang. (unfortunately we don’t offer such services).

Best regards

Hi! I got reply on one email from you but sent 2 new ones in the 22nd of january without answer?

Thank you! Two follow up questions below in bold style please have a look. And also I cannot get the “category labels” to show? I’ve activated them, translated and put them on menues like the “sale” and “rea” but they dont show up?

Do you have any suggestions on a onestepcheckout thats responsive?

The follow up questions: > In the menues I can first choose category in your design, then under in the “shop by” even though setting is to remove it, where can I remove the categoris under “shop by” ? > > > You only need to disable it in System > Configuration > Menu > Hide Magento’s Category Filter > After you do this, reindex Magento and flush all caches to make sure it will take effect. It is already disabled there but does not work? Somewhere else in some attribut or something it needs to be hidden?

> Some questions have came up: > I’ve inactivatedcompared products and compare in left sidebar but it’s shown anyway? > > > Option to deactivate sidebar blocks are only for home page, not for other pages. We never use the “compare products” section, can I disable the hole function somewhere?

I also editet the footer, and the !”icons” like location, email, phone disappeared how can I get them back there?


We replied to your mail, sorry for the delay.

Best regards

Hello. I bought this theme, which looks like

After installation, it doesn’t. I really can’t play around with all the fonctions, I just want the theme looks like i saw it before purchase. Please, where’s the predifined switch.

Thank you.

It wiil be smarter to give the color pre-settings for light theme here , instead of the dark theme (which is already pre-installed).


Here you can find screenshots with color settings from all demos:
(Click on each image and then click “Download” button to download the bigger version)

In the next update we’re planning to add quick start package containing all the settings from current demo site.

Kind regards

Thank you, you save me lots of time!

Hello, I have a problem : I want to enable captcha but it does not work in 2 cases. Login : OK Create user : OK Other : NO display I never activated the captcha before.

So I tried on a fresh install with Fortis : same result.


This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example: Magento user guide. More references can be found in our user guide:
1. Help & Support.

Kind regards