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Very nice job man!! i wish this came out a week ago before i purchase something else! Definitely will buy once its time for a redesign. I usually never leave comments but your work deserves a credit!

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that.

Absolutely brilliant! amazing features

Looks great! Any chance for a WooCommerce version? If yes, i will buy instantly!

I’m pleased that you like it. But we’re not planning WooCommerce version in the near future, I’m afraid.

More info soon on our Twitter profile.

Beautiful, can’t wait for my next e-com project to use this!

First of all, Thanks for making this amazing theme. ;) Before purchasing it, I was searching for a great theme all around the net. But when i saw fortis instantly bought it. It hardly took 2 mins.

I hope you’ll defiantly add some more functionality in near future. I am looking forward to it.

Thank you for purchasing, I’m happy that you like it.

We already have a long list (and it is still growing) of features to add. We’re also planning release for another versions of Magento.

This is simply THE best Magento template I’ve ever seen. Good work!

Btw, is there a back-end demo that I can play with?

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it. Unfortunately we don’t have a back-end demo.

This theme looks awesome. Do you already have it working on a live site somewhere? Or can I see the documentation? I would like to see how the SEO has been setup and some other things, on the demo site I can not see this.

Hello, sannisinas. Please contact us through the contact form on our profile page:


Everything should be set Be fooled??

I click ‘Infortis Extensions’ Theme Admin >>>> 404 Error Page not found. >>>>>>> Cloud Zoom 404 Error Page not found.

so bad!

Hello. It’s just a server issue. Now it’s OK. :)

Oh, sorry. I was in a hurry and I thought you were talking about live preview. It was off-line for a few minutes because of the server issue.

To fix your issue: 1. Log out from Magento admin panel. 2. Clear the store cache under var/cache (delete all the files inside) and all cookies for your store domain. It’s necessary since Magento uses cache heavily.

Now it should be fine. :)

hi, thank you for theme its the one i wished for my brother to have for his shop…

thanks… one question .. can i change the( Add this ) icons with something more stylish suits your theme? any suggestion? oh and i notice magneto is having 1.7 beta test ,shall we upgrade or leave it as it is?

Thank you for purchasing.

First of all: never use beta on production site. Beta is only for testing. Final version of Magento 1.7 will be probably released in a few weeks. Our theme will be compatible with 1.7 a few days later.

“Add this” icons are in icons.png. You can create your own version of this file: there is a layered PSD file, you can change the icons in a few minutes.

Purchased the theme and it is nice!! Lots of things to customize from the admin panel. Are there any provisions for adding a link to a slideshow image? Any suggestions?

Thank you for purchasing, I’m happy that you like it.

Please, contact us through the contact form on our profile page.

Hi, it’s me again. In my situation, I especially care about how the bundle products look like. So is there anyway that you can set up a bundle product for me so that I can see how it looks? Thanks!

Sure, no problem. There already are some bundle products in the demo, here are the examples: Let me know if you have any further questions.

Stunning work! very very nice 8)


is the html version is already included?

Hi, goodok. No, there is no HTML version included, I’m sorry.

Problem has been solved Read the instructions carefully Miraculous discovery of good

Thanks infortis help`!

I’m glad I could help. :)

Very well done and excellent design!


I sent a message for you did you receive?


Thank you for your email, I have just replied. Sorry for the delay.

Does it support Ipads, Iphones and Samsung phones?

Hello. Unfortunately the theme wasn’t built for mobile devices.