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I’d like to set up a Fortis configuration like:

Do you have files/data available to set up this configuration quickly?



This is a demo of the old version 1.x. In version 2.x you can set unlimited color combinations in System > Configuration > Theme Design so similar style can be recreated.

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In category view, on the smartphone almost all product images aren’t displayed.

This can even be replicated with your demo:


We tested the theme on many popular smartphones and operating systems and all works 100% correct. It looks like something on your end. Please kindly contact our support via the contact form on our profile page and provide more details.

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Hi, I did already. Not sure what additional details you need as you can see this also happen on your demo.

Actually the linked screenshot in the first post is from the official Fortis demo.

Screenshot was taken on an iPhone 5 in case this matters.

Update: Infortis helped me out very fast and it turned out it was an issue with my internet connection.

Theme is working fine on other peoples smartphones.

Hello! I wonder how do I use the products at home the same way this example theme Fortis “”

I would like to add this product grid on my website. I am sending a picture to better explain the situation.




To display on the home page a product grid similar to the grid which you can see in category view, you can add this block code to your home page content:

{{block type='catalog/product_list' category_id='4' grid_column_count='4' hide_toolbar='1' template='catalog/product/list.phtml'}}

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Functioned normally. I wonder if there is any product limit. I would like to show only 12 products in home store. How could I do this?

Thanks for the support.

This is Magento’s grid, in our theme it is only additionally styled, unfortunately I’m not sure if there is a parameter which controls the number, you would need to check in Magneto documentation.

If there isn’t, we’re planning to add it in the future.

Hey i installed that theme and i am not able to switch the colors. I dont know why?

secon problem is that i do not understand the user guide to enable the edge boxes. can you pls help me


For support please kindly use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest. Thank you.

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Please could you offer advice on how to configure the product page with a ‘wide’ image as depicted here:

I have tried to alter various settings under the ‘zoom’ tab relating to image size however entering image sizes greater than ‘600px’ (IIRC) breaks the page (it doesn’t load – code stops at image container).

Theme settings\Product Page\Image column = 8

My screen resolution is: 1280px wide

I suspect using this layout at this resolution the main image width will need to be 700px (or thereabouts)

I would also like the ‘cloud zoomed’ image (inside) to zoom to 100% and the lightbox image to act as default (95% of window space etc).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Infortis. Please view this video it shows the issue I am having with the Zoom feature. Maybe I have misconfigured?

Please check the log files in var/log/ (log settings should be enabled in System > Config > Developer) for more information about the error, do you have there any logs after the page crashes?

No logs are being generated? (logging is on)

In category view, how can I set crop from the top, some images are long and it appears weird:

I’d like to get rid of that white space from sides and have snapshot from top. Please help.

Magento doesn’t have option to crop your image automatically. You need to prepare your images first in some photo editor.

It’s disappointing that you give excuse like this. I’ve done it before in Magento with your previous template version, but I cannot figure out how to do it in new version, because you’ve rewritten big chunk of code.

That’s not any excuse, Magento simply can’t crop images automatically. What you have on your screenshot ( ) is how it work by default in Magento: all images are resized to have equal height and the empty space at the side is filled with white color.

In Ultimo you can additionally enable “Keep Aspect Ratio” if your images are rectangular (when height is larger than width).

I’ve done it before in Magento with your previous template version

There was never any feature like this. Or maybe I just don’t fully understand what exactly you want to do. Please clarify a little bit.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am thinking of buying your Theme, but I am quite new to Magento and all its functionalities.

With this in mind, could you tell me if a beginner will be able to install and use this theme quite easily?

I mean, is there be a detailed manual included with this theme?

Will there be any coding necessary for using this theme or not at all?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks in advance!




In this theme you can configure everything without any coding. Our user guide contains many tips about basic Magento functionalities but it mostly focuses on the theme. So it would be the best for you if you install Magento on your server (it’s 100% free) to test it for a while and check if it suits your needs

It requires some time to learn, the same as any other system, but it’s currently the best e-commerce platform so it’s really worth to try.

Magento is very popular so you can find tons of useful tutorials and articles on the web. Here are some resources for start:

Kind regards

Is this template as mature as your Ultimo Theme 1.57 for Magneto? I am mostly looking for ease of changing the header area and like css differences on this template as well.

It does look on the surface that it has caught up to ultimo.. or not far behind.



Features in both themes are almost the same, they use the same modules for menu, slideshow, brands and product page zoom, the codebase is almost the same. Differences are mostly in design settings. In new version (1.5.7) of Ultimo we added some improvements, but they will also be added in the next updates of Fortis. Our goal is to keep both themes equally good.

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Hi, how to put category product design to homepage,like i see in this fortis theme


You can add this block code to your home page content:

{{block type='catalog/product_list' category_id='4' grid_column_count='4' hide_toolbar='1' template='catalog/product/list.phtml'}}

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Hi I am trying to use the theme with a layerd slider. Unfortunatly there seems to be a conflict with jquery-1.7.2.min.js.

Do you think it is possible to run the theme with jquery-1.8.0.min.js ?

I have tried to exchange the files for a test, but when I change the entry in


by exchanging the library the new library (jquery-1.8.0.min.js) will be added to the <head> section but not exchanged, so that the jquery-1.7.2.min.js is still loaded?


We haven’t tested it with newer version of jQuery so I can’t advise. You would need to test if all is compatible. Note that jquery-1.7.2.min.js file is loaded also by theme modules (in other XML files in that folder).

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In my website, at the product page there are this links: We’ll send product in 2 days. Read more… Call us now for more info about our products. Return purchased items, get your money back. Buy this product and earn 10 loyalty points!

Where can I modify that? I can’t find the static block where that content is


In the user guide in chapter 6.2 Built-in CMS blocks you will find all available blocks/placeholders for custom content.

1. block_product_primary_bottom
2. block_product_secondary_bottom
3. block_product_tab1
4. block_product_tab2
5. block_product_replace_related
6. block_product_replace_upsell

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In Fortis 1.3 when infortis/jquery/jquerytools/tools.tooltip-1.2.7.min.js still was included on the product page I used to display some additional information on delivery time with a tool tip:

<a id="deliverytime" href="#">Details</a> <div class="tooltip"> <p>Lorem ipsum</p> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(function() { jQuery("#deliverytime").tooltip({offset:[0,8]}); }); </script>

Unfortunately this jQuery plugin is not included anymore. Please let me know if there’s already a tooltip function in the included jQuery files.

Also if you could give me an example on how to use it within a template file of the theme, that would be great!



There’s no tooltip included, we’re planning to add it later (the old one didn’t work well).

Kind regards

Awsome theme thanks. But I have a problem.I am a newbea on magento. I kept to try for a week to solve this situation but i couldn’t. I have 4 different categories. All category has different attributes. First I added all attributes then set them all by categori names. But I can’t assign to category each separete attribute set so All categories show all attributes on their own pages. How can i filter attributes by categories. I bless your help thanks.


Attributes are not related to the theme. I don’t think they can be filtered by category but you would need to check in Magento documentation, e.g.:

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I would like to desactivate the cart drop-down and the drop-down menu on the main navigation to have more accessibility. Concerning displayed category levels: depth of the menu (configuration/catalog) is global and unfortunately i can’t change because i have another store which use it ? is there a way to change it only in your theme ?

Another question on the catalogue view…i would like to change the

white color of the product background in hover state Impossible to find the id/class, can you please help me ?

Thanks in advance Frederic


1. Unfortunately there are no settings for this, but you can hid all drop-downs with CSS. To find out which part of CSS you need to extend or override you can use Firebug (add-on for Firefox: and ) or other similar tool.

2. Colors of product background in category view can be changed in: System > Configuration > Theme Design > Category View > Item Background Color

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As is instructed in your Fortis User Guide, I insert the following code to add New Products Block at home:

{{block type=”catalog/product_new” products_count=”10” show_items=”5” is_responsive=”1” hide_button=”1” block_name=”New Products” template=”catalog/product/new.phtml”}}

As a result, nothing show up (Using Magento 1.7). Then after I change the {{ to > and ]] to />:

<block type=”catalog/product_new” products_count=”10” show_items=”5” is_responsive=”1” hide_button=”1” block_name=”New Products” template=”catalog/product/new.phtml”/>

With this change, I could make my new products show at home but

1. Without the New Products title as heading. Is like the block_name attribute is not working. 2. Without the slider capability as Fortis Demo New Products slider shows.

How can I fix this ?



Sliders works out of the box. So if you already marked some products as “new” in your Magneto, then re-index Magento and flush the cache. Then make sure the blocks code which you use is correct: you shouldn’t change {{ to <

Kind regards

Thanks for your response.

I noticed that I was wrong entering the code at the Design Tab´s XML Update Box instead of the Content Tab.

Hi, I’m working on transferring and updating our site however I’ve noticed that the Product Grid isn’t working correctly for our site – can you please advise? Thanks


The product grid on your site was not rendered by the grid template from our theme. Grid works out of the box, so if you uploaded all theme files to your server, then something overrides the theme in your Magento and changes theme’s default behavior or causes some conflicts:
- third-party extensions,
- some custom modifications,
- custom sub-theme,
- some elements that left from previous theme

You can also enable Magento’s “Template Path Hints”, it will display the names of template file of each block in the front-end. This way you can easily check which template file was used to render grid. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

Kind regards

I have a problem with the “Orders and Returns” form as shown in the image. How can i fix this?


We have just uploaded an update which fixes this issue, it will be available for download within a few hours. please see this comment for quick fix:

Kind regards

On the Product Page, is it possible to have just the image and description across the entire page without the right side custom block where Brand Logo and Related Products live?

Can it be 12 of 12? No left or right column?

It is limited in the admin to 8/12 but we can instruct you how to change it, if you would like to. This is simple change (replace 8 with 12 in a single file).

Ok thanks very much. I will ask for this info once I purchase your theme.

I cant see all (Homepage, Subpage, Cart, etc..) the PSD’s in the folder “PSD files”


Main.psd contains only the main page, since this is a complete theme, not a PSD template (, PSD files are only an addition to help you customize the theme.

We didn’t use any other PSD files when we were creating the theme because almost every element in the theme is created with pure HTML and CSS without additional graphics (all color settings are applied through the admin panel, which was our goal).

Of course there are also PSD files with all interface icons and images for easy customization.

Kind regards

Hi, just saw that there is an issue with the templates print view.. Most of the page has a black background.. (Issue in your Sample Theme) How can I resolve this? Thank you!


Thank you for notice, it was already reported so we’re now preparing an update with fix for this issue. Add this CSS to skin\frontend\fortis\default\css\print.css and clear the cache to remove the shadows from product page:

.pv-top-outline .product-top-wrapper { box-shadow: none; /*Top*/ }
.pv-top-outline .product-top-wrapper2 { box-shadow: none; /*Bottom right*/ }

Without the shadows printing will work correctly.

Kind regards


Just wanted to let you know that we already included this fix to the latest update.