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Could you please state the code needed to add rel=”nofollow” to Wishlist and Compare links in ‘app\code\local\Infortis\Fortis\Helper\Template.php’

Also, how do I add rel=”nofollow” to links My Account/My Wishlist etc?

And if possible where do I add rel=”nofollow” to layered navigation links?



Thanks for your great theme!

I’m using Fortis Theme 2.1.2, there should be lack of a picture in P85, which looks like P83.

Would you please update it?

Thank you!


I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by “picture in P85, which looks like P83”. Could you clarify?

Kind regards

The PDF user guide of Fortis Theme 2.1.2. The page 85 explain blocks of footer. There should be missing a screenshot, which is similar with P83.

Sorry for making you confusing, merry Christmas!

We didn’t prepare it on time before the last update (sorry!) so we didn’t add the screenshot there. But all blocks are briefly described. If you’re not sure where some specific block is located, please enable it, then add some sample dummy content and check where it is displayed on your site.

Merry Christmas to you too. :)

Hi, on IE there is a thin line below the current menu item. On FF + Chrome this line isn’t visible.

How do I get rid of this thin line? Please see this image:



This is browser issue, please make sure your browser’s zoom is not enabled. We’ve checked in all versions of IE and no line is visible with standard browser settings.

Kind regards


twj Purchased

Can someone please assist me with viewing this template, I have bought it and thats it, no information on how to view it or anything .

Replied below next comment.


twj Purchased

I have been trying for DAYS to get this template figured out and to no avail, all I get is to download it and did and then thats it, I dont know what in the folder to open to view the live template to edit it ect..this is just crazy!! and to top it of no one is replying to any emails you send to them.

You can find all info about Magento installation in Magneto documentation, for example:


twj Purchased

For someone who has little experience with this magento theme, this is absolutely NO HELP, you people need to make this thing a lot less complicated for DIY customers.

OK, but there is step-by-step instruction about how to install the theme – what else can we do to make it easier?

Basically all you need to do is: upload theme files, enable the theme in Magento admin. The rest of instructions is to help you prepare your Magento (clear Magento cache etc.). Please let us know how can we make it easier so we will improve the theme in next update.

Could you pass me the settings to make the colors and layout equal to your first demo? My footer is horrible with colors and would leave equal to their first demo.


Here you can find screenshots with color settings from demos:

Click on each image and then click “Download” button to download the bigger version.

Kind regards

Using these settings the colors are dark at the bottom. In its menu number 1 color is light gray footer. If I leave the dark color, the icons of address, phone, email and skype should be clear to the contrast.

Yes, we changed the colors of the footer in the 1st demo a little bit. With light background color, use dark text color.

To adjust the color of the predefined icons please refer to chapter: 6.5.3.B Predefined icons

I do not understand what means “Product Grid”, could you explain me what category is that?


It is presentation of products (the grid mode, grid layout) on category pages.

Kind regards


One thing I noticed is that the brands bar redirects to a catalog search but instead of searching the specific brands attribute, it search everything in the product. As a result other brand products will show up. How do we fix this?


Unfortunately this is how Magento search works. For better search results you can use this free extension:

Note that linking brand logo to search results is only an option, you can also link to categories or to custom CMS pages created for brands.

Kind regards

@ Infortis

is it possible to replace the small “page-up” Button at the right bottom edge ?



It is added in app\design\frontend\fortis\default\template\page\html\footer.phtml

It also has the following ID:


so you can hid it with CSS.

Kind regards

thx, that’s solved!


I’ve problem that pattern for header and footer didn’t appear. Why?


After setting it you need to flush Magento cache.

Kind regards

Will this theme work for Magento EE v1.12?


This theme was designed for Magento Community Edition. It will work on Magento Enterprise Edition, but you may need some minor customization (since Magento EE has some additional features).

Kind regards

Hello, I am facing a problem follows the error:

Failed generating CSS file: grid_default.css in /usr/share/nginx/html/skin/frontend/fortis/default/css/_config/ Message: Permission denied for write to /usr/share/nginx/html/skin/frontend/fortis/default/css/_config Failed generating CSS file: layout_default.css in /usr/share/nginx/html/skin/frontend/fortis/default/css/_config/ Message: Permission denied for write to /usr/share/nginx/html/skin/frontend/fortis/default/css/_config

I’ve done the procedure for permission to folders and files like talking on the chapter (14.1.4 File permissions).

Can you help me?

I’ve tested it on 2 different servers

Gave permission to 777 and now nothing

So still your server config is incorrect, message “Permission denied for write to …” indicates server issue.

File permissions may differ depending on server. In case of any doubts about permissions, please contact your hosting provider. Refer to this article for more details:


Do you have any varnish implement on fortis theme ? When I add product to basket and than go to any category or home page basket its empty.

Regards, Jem


We don’t offer any additional services related to varnihs.

Kind regards

The “Custom” menu dropdown disappears in tablet and mobile sizes. This is a great secondary dropdown. Is there a way to have it show up for tablet and mobile sizes?


There is no such feature in the current version but we’re planning to implement it in future updates.

Kind regards

is there a way to reset colors to factory restore…


Here you can find screenshots with color settings from all demos:

(Click on each image and then click “Download” button to download the bigger version)

Kind regards

I just wanted to be honest, I purchased this theme yesterday, it is a very good theme but few important things are missing based on the price I’ve spend , I think developer should update this theme with few new options please be kind enough to UPDATE THIS theme.

One Page checkout

Ajax Add to cart – as per current theme Varnish will not work with this as its keep emptying out the cart.

Responsive theme needs to improved as its looks like a long lengthy page and nothing else and its all confusing when you check your website from any iOS or Android devices.

Option to reset colors to back to factory restore.

And Please allow users to submit support ticket.

Above are my demands if you can please improve this . Thank you.


One Page checkout, Ajax cart – there are dozens of extensions which add this functionality

“Varnish will not work with this “
I’m not sure I understand you correctly. How problems caused by Varnish are related to the theme?

“Responsive theme needs to improved”
We’ll be happy to improve the theme but from your description I don’t know what you think is wrong in the theme, please kindly clarify.

Kind regards

Hello I have a problem with this theme my home page banner and slideshow was not working and also on the product page is not working can you please help me out on this ..Its quite URGENT


Can you describe the issue with some details? What banner exactly do you mean?

If you are referring to problems with sliders, then the Flexslider plugin which is currently used in the theme is not fully compatible with latest Chrome. So in the next update we’re switching to a different slider.

Kind regards

Hi Infortis,

I would like to open the reviews tab by url from outside, but unfortunatly it does not work.
This link


seems first to open something, but then will be refused by view of first tab of the product page. Looks like the initial URL target will be overriden by the standard page view, while loading the page.

Anyway do you have any idea, how I could direct users directly to the review tab of a product?



We don’t have any ready solution for that. Some custom JavaScript would be probably needed.

Kind regards

Hello sir,

I bought your template but in this last version im having problems in editing the over of the main menu.

I need the menu like in this website :

How can i do it?

Thanks in advance for your support.


That website shows the old version of Fortis.

In new version custom content blocks can be added to each 1st-level and 2nd-level category directly via admin panel. Blocks and all available menu options are described with details in the user guide: 13. Menu

Kind regards

Hello infortis,

I think you didnt understand my question, the thing is that we can’t put the menu the same way that it is on, instead of the white box when you put the mouse over the link in menu i want it to have the same transparency box without changing the position as it happens in this screenshot :


In new version menu is designed as tabs and name of the category always always change its position on mouse hover. To change it you would just need to customize the CSS of the menu.


I’ve been reading through some comments and trying to enable the YouTube Videos to be responsive.

Can I just check that the css code has been added as my videos are not responding to the change between sites…

For info..

I’ve added a Video attribute and added the code as follows when setting up a new product – however whilst I can see the video it doesn’t resize when looking at the site through a mobile??

<iframe width=”100%” height=”100%” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thanks Lind


You can add videos to product description. You can embed videos wrapping them inside “video-wrapper” class like this :

<div class="video-wrapper">
<iframe width="853" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And make sure you have this CSS in your version of the theme in skin\frontend\fortis\default\css\styles-infortis.css:

.video-wrapper {
    position: relative;
    padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */
    padding-top: 25px;
    height: 0;
.video-wrapper iframe,
.video-wrapper object,
.video-wrapper embed {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

Kind regards

This is great thank you – I’ve now managed to get this working.

However, what is happening now is that the video is taking the full size of the space available and removing the tabs.

I’d like to have the video code in an attribute and I know that you’ve mentioned in other posts about controlling the video size in the main site using the grid system – can you give me an example of what that code would look like please.

With the code below the video appears within the attribute area of the Product Description tab however it does not go responsive when viewing in a mobile site.

<iframe width=”420” height=”315” src=”//” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

If I just use the following code in an attribute whilst it makes the video responsive – it removes the product tabs and uses the full width available.

<iframe width=”420” height=”315” src=”//” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The same applies if I put it into the product description tab – when you click on it the tabs disappear.

It’s probably me just not coding it quite right – thanks in advance

You may need to “clear” the floats after the video. Try to add this after video code:

[div class="clearer"][/div]

REPLACE square brackets with < and >
(I had to replace them as ThemeForest comments system breaks the formatting without this change)