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Hi. I am using Magento ver. I would like the product price on the recommended product slider on the home page to have the price centered like on the demo. Could you advise how to do this?



In product sliders you can set elements to be centered using parameter centered. All available parameters are described in the user guide:
6.1.4 Featured Products Slider

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How do I remove the brands slider from the sidebar and homepage?


Brand slider is displayed with the shortcode which is described in the user guide: 12.1.3 Brand Slider, if you remove that shortcode from your home page, the slider will disappear.

In the sidebar slider is placed inside one of the static blocks, e.g. block_left_top (all blocks can be found here: 6.2 Built-in CMS blocks)

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I’m getting a little bit of the second slide showing off to the right when the first slide is showing on the home page. Using Wide Menu, Boxed Slideshow, with Banners in Magento 1.7..0.2


In which version of the theme?


Is there a way to get the featured products slider streched full width?

Thank you!


The slider is as wide as the container in which it was placed. So you would need to customize the page template to create a container that spans full width.

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hello, I have a problem with the product reviews, the tab won’t show up and if you click on the be the first one to review it wont do anything now i’ve had a look in the files and changed a bit around to get it to work but I can’t get it to work what exact files do i need to paste over the old ones to have it working again? by the way im using version 2.1.2 of your theme Riccardo

I’ve deleted the whole theme and disabled compilation and cache merging of .csv and so on. Then installed the newest version 2.3.0 and still the review tab won’t show up, i’m kind of a bit desperate here :(


This works just out of the box so something overrides the theme in your Magento or causes some conflicts:
- third-party extensions,
- some custom modifications,
- custom sub-theme,
- some elements that left from previous theme etc.

Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide, check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

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I can’t seem to get the lightbox on product pages to work correctly. I am trying to have the lightbox show my product images at the proper resolution and it doesn’t seem to be working.

What I am trying to do is have the image displayed at the maximum resolution the screen will allow for, depending on the image size. FOr example, if my image is 1260px x 945px and the person is on their iphone browsing my site, the image should open in a small lightbox. However, if they are using a computer with a large monitor, the image will open at full resolution.

The way I tried to do this is set the “lightbox max width and height” at 95%, then leave the “Image Width / Height after zooming” blank. However, the image always opens in a 650px wide lightbox.

Any ideas on what’s happening here?


If you leave “Image Width after zooming” empty, then the default 650px will be used, so don’t leave it empty. If you want the zoomed image to be as wide as the screen, then you need to enter some large value in “Image Width after zooming”, for example 1920. You would also need to upload images of that size (or bigger, not smaller). But please note that this (large images) will affect performance of your website.

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I’ve changed this setting to something big. However, now when I click on an image when the screen width is small (like on an iPad), the image opens up larger than the screen, making it hard to exit out of the lightbox.

Is there a way to make this lightbox more “responsive” like the rest of the layout? Ideally there would be a set padding on the smallest dimension of the current screen. For example, on an iPad in portrait mode, the width is smaller than the height, so there should be a set padding on the width of that screen. The opposite would occur on a standard computer or laptop screen.


If you set “Lightbox > Maximum Width” to 95% (or something similar. 95% is the default value), then the image will not open up larger than the screen. Value “Maximum Width” is to prevent this.


I have an issue and a question:

I: My footer (colour) doesn’t stretch on the homepage, but does stretch on all the on the other pages. What could that be?

Q: Can I remove the lef and right arrow above the featured product slider?

Thank you!


- Some custom CSS (or other custom modifications) that changes default styling.

- You would need to hide those arrows with CSS, e.g. display:none;.

When you want to make some non-standard design changes (for which you can’t find settings in theme admin panel), you can enable additional CSS file custom.css, in which you can override the default styles of the theme. For more details about theme customization please refer to the user guide, chapters 5. Customization and 5.1.2 Override default CSS styles.

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Hello Fortis

When applying promotion catalog price rules the sale label doesn’t show. Please advice.

Thank you.

Magento 1.8.1 – fortis 2.3.0


Labels are applied to products which have “Special Price” specified on product edit page in Magento admin.

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Hi, I want to create my own custom block for the right sidebar with links to my blog. I want to use the accordion menu and I copied the code from the category menu. Can’t get the to work. I only need one class=”opener”.

Thank you!

Here is what I’ve done:
<div class="block block-vertnav hide-below-768">
  <div class="block-title"> <strong> <span>Buying Guides</span> </strong> </div>
  <div class="block-content">
    <ul class="accordion accordion-style1 vertnav vertnav-side clearer">
      <li class="level0 nav-1 first parent"><a href="resources/valuation"><span>The Musical Journey</span></a> <span class="opener" />
        <ul class="level0" style="display: none;">
          <li class="level1 nav-1-1 first"><a href="resources/musical-journey-your-size"><span>Your Size</span></a></li>
          <li class="level1 nav-1-2"><a href="resources/musical-journey-the-fitting"><span>The Fitting</span></a></li>
          <li class="level1 nav-1-3"><a href="resources/musical-journey-beginners"><span>Beginners</span></a></li>
          <li class="level1 nav-1-4"><a href="resources/musical-journey-experienced"><span>Experienced</span></a></li>
          <li class="level1 nav-1-5"><a href="resources/musical-journey-comein"><span>Come in!</span></a></li>
      <li class="level0 nav-2 parent"><a href="resources/valuation"><span>Your First Flute</span></a></li>
      <li class="level0 nav-3 parent"><a href="resources/valuation"><span>Your First Saxophone</span></a></li>
      <li class="level0 nav-4 parent"><a href="resources/valuation"><span>Your First Trumpet</span></a></li>
      <li class="level0 nav-5 last parent"><a href="resources/valuation"><span>Buying from eBay vs The Music Place</span></a></li>

Test site:


All you need to do is to copy the original HTML of the accordion:

ul class="accordion accordion-style1 clearer"

and paste it to your custom block. That will definitely work so I’m not sure what you are doing wrong here, please double check your markup etc. Maybe your menu just doesn’t have any nested blocks (UL inside UL) – in that case you will not see the “opener” (the [+] button).

Kind regards

Yeah, I got the nested ULs but now that I’m certain it can be done, I’ll get the sucker! Thank you!

Sorry…one more.

All the Static Content Blocks have a slight italics font style. For the life of me I can’t see where it is coming from. I need to remove it as I’m trying to keep the font from my WP blog and magento store visually consistent. Test site:


Your sidebars are wrapped inside em tags which by default in most browsers are rendered with slanted font:

This is not in the default markup of the page in this theme so this was added by some custom modifications.

Kind regards


I had a rogue [em] in a wordpress post I was pulling into the front page. Thank you for the 2nd set of eyes!

Hi Could you please tell me what did you update few minutes ago? I ask because i need to evaluate if is necessary to update my site. Thanks


We’ve just updated the Changelog, here’s the list of changes:

There are some additional color settings, for example you can now set the background color for the entire main menu so that it looks like stretched full width. Example in the Demo 4:

Kind regards

I’m trying to create a category page with a bunch of configurable products.

Problem is all of the configurable products show a price, the configurable product options are for different prices based on size. So customers will see the lowest price then click on the option and see the size they want is more and call and complain.

I’m using this code {{block type=’catalog/product_list’ category_id=’4’ grid_column_count=’4’ hide_toolbar=’1’ template=’catalog/product/list.phtml’}}

Wondering if there is a way to hide the price with this code. Like the way hide_button=”1” works with the slider.

By the way if you are reading this and thinking of buying this theme…buy it…this and ultimo are the best themes out there, my question is not based on a problem but likely something that either the theme can do or that I hope they will add soon.


Thank you very much for kind words!

How the price calculation works in configurable products is not theme related, it is the core of Magento. :)

In Fortis theme you can easily hide the price in:

System > Configuration > Theme Settings:
Category View (Grid Mode) > Display Selected Elements > Price_

If you don’t see this option in your admin panel, please upgrade to the latest version.

Kind regards

In the ‘FORTIS Home Page Demo 2’ have {{block type=”fortis/product_list_featured” category_id=”6” product_count=”16” breakpoints=”[1280, 6], [960, 5], [768, 4], [480, 3], [320, 2], [240,1]” is_responsive=”1” centered=”1” move=”2” block_name=”See Our Featured Products” hide_button=”1” template=”catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml”}}

for the featured products

and have

Product Grid
{{block type=’catalog/product_list’ category_id=’4’ grid_column_count=’4’ hide_toolbar=’1’ template=’catalog/product/list.phtml’}}

What is this product grid? What kind of products i put in this category?



It is the same grid as on category pages. In this example it will display products from category of ID “4”. You can specify any ID of existing category in this parameter:


Kind regards

When trying to add a collapsible block on a CMS page, it isn’t working correctly. The block is added and it’s able to be opened, but I am unable to close it. After I click to expand the block, the plus sign remains until I click it again. It is then replaced with a minus sign and nothing else happens. When I click the minus sign, the block remains open and nothing happens. Any ideas? Here is my code:

<div class="collapsible">
    <h6 class="block-title">Charts</h6>
    <div class="block-content">
        Check me out

I found the issue and fixed it right away. It seems that if I use my lightbox on the same page as the collapsible block, the collapsible block will not work.

It sounds like jQuery conflict (one of your extensions is loading another version of jQuery).

That’s what I was thinking as well. Thanks for the quick reply


We are trying to enable MAP pricing on Magento but when we enable it, the featured products sliders are being disabled. It will show the title but the products themselves disappear.

Please advise. Thank you!


In Magneto the MAP pricing is not enabled for home page. To change it, open app\design\frontend\fortis\default\layout\local.xml, you will find this code:

<!--<update handle="MAP_popup" />-->

uncomment it so that it looks like this:

<update handle="MAP_popup" />

But if you want to use MAP feature inside sliders then unfortunately sliders are not prepared to display pop-ups of MAP (pop-up will be clipped if it sticks out from the slider). So you would need to display products with grid. To display a product grid similar to the grid which you can see in category view, you can add this block code to your home page content:

{{block type=’catalog/product_list’ category_id=’4’ grid_column_count=’4’ hide_toolbar=’1’ template=’catalog/product/list.phtml’}}

Kind regards

Hi Infortis, I am trying to add a background image to the main page, however when i do so from the Theme Design it does not add it to the breadcrumb section as seen in example link here.

Same as with ‘footer top’.

Inner back ground of white is ok, however just the outer parts are just plain color and need to be same as per the rest background.


Don’t set any “Background Color” for those sections (only the “Inner Background Color”).

Kind regards


Is there any way that i can configure this fortis theme with main menu bar and footer with a shadow effect around it as similar to this ?


You can do something similar

In System > Configuration > Fortis > Theme Design > Effects if you set “Content Area Shadow” to “Yes”, then all sections with nontransparent “Inner Background Color”, will drop soft shadow.

For example, if you set any color in “Inner Background Color” filed in Footer–Primary tab, shadow will be displayed in the main area of the footer section.

Kind regards


Just purchased the theme and installed the Demo Package to check it out.

Had quite a bit of trouble but is was related to the .htaccess file, and this is a Magento issue. I will dig into that later, for now I have disabled it.

But now I have the demo installed and all seemed to go well, but:

The demo has no images for products, and I cannot navigate to any subsite.

ex.: The requested URL /test11/default/dress2.html was not found on this server.

Only the front page can be opened…

I can open the /select-demo/ page, but I cannot use any of them since the folders do not exist on my website.

Am I missing something out here or has something gone wrong, I’m not quite sure what was intended..

Note I installed the demo to a subfolder on my web /test11/

Thanks in advance

Still get Image not found, but it is looking in some cache folder that does not exist.

Flush all caches after installation.

Are you using the Quick Start from the latest version 2.3.1? In that version product images are not included so you will just see placeholders. If you don’t see placeholder the this is most likely file permission issue on your server or you didn’t upload all files.

Have it all running now.

The image issues were related to the /media/.htaccess that need to be tweaked a bit for my server…

Thanks for your help.

Looking forward to working with the theme :)

Hello, I have the new version of fortis that is responsive. I’m trying to figure out how to keep the aspect ratio on images on the slider and others I placed on the homepage when the screen size shrinks. The images get squeezed and scrunched on the x-axis where they look tall on any other view than the max screen size. I’m wondering how to handle images on pages and static blocks to make them size correctly when it is on smaller screen sizes and different devices.


You can enable:
System > Configuration > Fortis > Theme Settings > Keep Image Aspect Ratio

This option also affects product sliders.

Even if you didn’t enable this, images can’t get squeezed so your issue doesn’t seem to be theme related, you may have some additional custom changes (e.g. some CSS from extensions or from previous theme) which overrides theme’s default.

Kind regards