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Hello Infortis,

I would like to repeat, that this theme is realy amazing, and the best one I have bought, until today. Thank you for all the excellent work and as well for all the updates supplied continously, enhancing the theme month by month!

With the latest update it seems that you have taken away some sample pages from your demos. Formerly you did have some sites inside the demo displaying different css formattings like alerts & List styles as well as the grid scheme. I was always using them as my css quick-guide when I wanted to customize something. Why did you remove this/these pages?

Could it be possible to bting them back to demo?

Another point I would like to repeat is the disapearing dropdown basket, when filled and viewed through safari browser. This is realy annoying because it could cost some customers (as they only hardly can call the basket to start the checkout process) and safari is a quite popular browser. I was hoping it would be fixed in the new update. Do you have any news about that?

I think this must be something theme related, because I do have that as well if I reconfigure to total original fortis theme.


1. That page is still in the demo but there’s just no link: There are also:

2. We remember about this issue. This is some browser-specific CSS conflict (CSS transitions are sometimes buggy in different browsers). We’re working on it.

Best regards

I’m trying to remove the category title on the category page, but I cannot find a view.phtml for category anymore. Removing/uncommenting .category-title h1 {} in styles.css has no effect.

How do I do this?


Removing CSS doesn’t remove HTML. Try this:

.category-title {
    display: none;

Kind regards

I’m trying to use the CloudZoom component on images that I have in my CMS articles without much luck. I am wondering if I have to include the JQuery script that is present on the product pages? If so, where should I include this and what exactly should I include?


1. CloudZoom plugin is only designed for product pages. To use it in on other pages, you would need a lot of customization, unfortunately we don’t have any ready solution for that.

2. This is the jQuery lightbox plugin which is used in this theme:

You can use the same lightbox on other pages. But by default it is only loaded on product page (for better performance) so you would need to customize the theme to load the plugin on other pages and initialize it for your custom images.

Colorbox plugin is added via layout file of the CloudZoom module: app\design\frontend\fortis\default\layout\infortis_cloudzoom.xml

Info about Colorbox usage can be found on Colorbox website.

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I just uploaded the latest fortis them 2.3.1, upgrading from 2.3.0.

Only change visible is that I lost space below the top links (account, login, cart) in the header (accept on the checkout page).

The header looks much better with space between those links and the menu. I used to look good now it doesn’t. I tested on firefox, chrome and explorer on my test server. Didn’t make the upgrade live. How can I add space between the links with Icons and the menu. Right now they touch. I have both icons and words in the links part.


That space can be now controlled in admin panel:
System > Configuration > Theme Design > Header-Top/Header-Primary > Additional Spacing

Kind regards

Thank You…That was easy.

I have a design customization question.

The Mega Menu hover effect to offset the text downward by x pixels where is that implemented. Havve been inspection all CSS but cannot find it. The color is in the _config css and the shadow in the common.css, but cannot find the offset. IS this done in script ?

Thanks in advance


Sorry… I found it, just could not find it with FireBug.

But it is in override-modules.css :)


I have an issue with the column blocks, I want to remove the right block. I have disabled the following blocks, however the block is still present but empty. How do I remove the block, so there is only 3 columns on the product page.

block_right_top block_right_bottom

Kind regards Bob


You need to apply proper page layout (“1 column”) for your products.

This is not them related, you can set it in on product edit page. Under Catalog > Manage Products select a product, open the Design tab and set the Page Layout.

Of course, you can update that filed in all products at once: use Update Attributes action in the Actions drop-down list under Catalog > Manage Products.

Kind regards

I’ve got an extra internal link working in the menu using this code

  • Sample Internal Link
  • Link looks great. Now is there a way to put children links under this? So I could have say “Hats” as the Link on the Menu bar and when it’s hovered over it says “women” “children” etc. I looked in the guide it’s probably there but I didn’t find it yet.

    2. Is there a way that I can make the background of the custom internal link a different color so it stands out…I’ve seen other sites do this for clearance items and I’m thinking about doing this also.


    1. You would need to copy the HTML of the drop-down block of the menu and use the same markup to create your custom drop-down.

    2. Custom colors inside your custom content can be easily applied with inline CSS. E.g.

    <li style="background-color:red;">Sample Internal Link</li>

    Your theme says that you support Google Fonts ? but Google fonts only support the heading not the whole site WHY ?


    By design. And also, most of the Google Fonts is not good to display standard text. But we’re planning to add more control over font settings in next updates.

    If you want you can easily apply Google Font to the whole site with custom CSS. Enable custom.css in theme admin and add this inside that file:

    body {
       font-family: "Open Sans", Arial, sans-serif;

    Replace “Open Sans” with the name of the Google Font which you enabled in theme admin panel.

    Kind regards


    Are you guys available for Custom work now?



    Unfortunately we don’t offer customization services at the moment.

    Kind regards

    Hi Infortis,

    For a client of ours we have prepared some mayor theme customizations. Improvements include:

    • changing the header by moving the toplinks up to the header-top
    • bringing down the search box for better visibility
    • changing the style of the main-menu
    • restyling the product stickers
    • adding SKU below the product name

    Here’s a preview of what the theme looks like after our customization:

    We are now ready to put this new look online for our client. But we see that you have a new update planned for March, including some improvements to the brand module that our client might be looking for. Does this include adding the brand logo to a two column product page layout?

    If yes, then we prefer to wait to put the customizations online. Of course all customizations were done according to best practice in a custom sub-theme, but we did modify some theme files (which we would need to check again after an update).

    What would be an estimated date of release for the new update?


    Yes, this change will be included. ETA is end of March.

    To move display brand in any place of the product page just use this line:
    echo $this->getChildHtml('product_secondary_top_placeholder');

    Place it anywhere you need in app\design\frontend\fortis\default\template\catalog\product\view.phtml

    Kind regards

    I’ve got a problem with the prices not showing up on product pages at – they show up fine in search, but not on the details page.


    It is caused by some changes you made or extensions you installed. You have “Call for Price” instead price – this isn’t how this theme or Magento works out of the box.

    Kind regards

    Hello, I am interested in your theme and I saw this demo/layout design – Where can I buy this exact layout? Thank you


    This is old version (Fortis 1.x). Theme was modified and improved, current version demo can be found here:

    Kind regards

    Hi, what is the main difference in your two magento templates? which is the easier to customize? Are they basically 2 different setups or is one more advanced? many thanks. Oh just want to add that responsive functions are important to me.


    Thank you for showing interest in our themes. Features in both themes are almost the same, differences are mostly in design settings. The code is very similar and in many parts is almost the same in both themes. The quality is the same. Both themes use the same modules for the menu, slideshow, brands and product page zoom, so the codebase is almost the same.

    Kind regards


    we love the theme, but want to change the image column width on product page down to grid12-3. Your config validation in system configuration didn’t let us do that. We had to change line 427-437 in the file app/code/local/Infortis/Fortis/etc/system.xml from:

    Line 429: <comment>Specify value in grid units ( between 4 and 8 ).</comment> Line 423: <validate>validate-number validate-number-range number-range-4-8</validate>

    to this code:

    Line 429: <comment>Specify value in grid units ( between 3 and 8 ).</comment> Line 423: <validate>validate-number validate-number-range number-range-3-8</validate>

    I guess changing this file isn’t update safe. Is there recommended way to change this validation in Magento backend to these values and be update safe like creating subthemes or submodules?

    Thank you, Timm


    You can safely replace number-range-4-8 with number-range-3-8. We will add this change in the next update (to make this element more flexible).

    Best regards

    Hello Infortis, this havn’t found the way to your theme (2.5.3) – so this is just a reminder! :-)


    We have a problem with the live site. The top links are not appearing on the header…

    the development site.

    We have enabled this in the menu setting.

    This was working on the demo site.

    Kind regards Paul

    sorry, please ignore this. We are trying a new install

    How would I go about adding the Ultra Mega Menu to the sidebar via XML?


    You don’t need to do this via XML, it can be easily done in sidebar menu settings. Since version 2.1.0 you can enable sidebar menu via admin panel, individually for: category view, home page, CMS pages, product pages (choose between left or right sidebar)

    Kind regards

    Hi infrontis.

    I am a rooky in eshop. I know nothing about web-programming and a few months ago, concepts like “site”, “template”, “theme”, “CMS”, etc were mixed up in my mind.

    I have a site developed in drupal that has a basic eshop in it, but nothing like the one I see in the demos. I have managed to customize it though, using the template’s features – am I making any sense up to this point?

    Now I am going to separate the informal site from the eshop, so I need a theme to make an amazing web-store.

    I have examined the demos and I like this theme. The things that I like most is the modern look & feel and the ability for customization.

    I have a couple questions though before I buy:

    1. What is the difference of Fortis vs Ultimo?

    2. Does Fortis support wholesale pricelists? Meaning a registered user of the site, can be granted a different pricelist from the retail pricelist which is for everyone. 3 wholesales pricelists should be enough. I don’t know if this is a feature that must be customized from Magento. I’m not familliar with it.

    3. How easily an item catalogue/pricelist can be exported in .PDF, .XLS or .XML formats? How customizable is this list?

    4. Can an item list be imported from excel?

    5. Is there any feature to export certain items to ebay or amazon?

    Thank you for your time


    Thank you for showing interest in our theme.

    1. Features in both themes are almost the same, differences are mostly in design settings.
    2. – 5. It’s all not related to the theme, these are Magento features.

    So it would be the best for you if you install Magento on your server (it’s 100% free) to test it for a while and check if it suits your needs, before you buy the theme.

    Magento is very popular so you can find tons of useful tutorials and articles on the web. Here are some resources for start:

    Kind regards

    Thank you very much. I’ll ruther prefer to start using magento with your template instead of studying first. I have no time for studies. You have covered me.

    Hello, Unfortunately, no pictures are shown in the article and category description. best regards


    Please check this chapter in the user guide: 14.1.10 Images are not displayed

    Kind regards


    I want to ask, How to make two different price for general buyer price and wholesaler price, can you tell me where ies the setting?



    This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, in Magento you can set prices for selected customer groups. Please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example: . More references can be found in our user guide:
    Help & Support

    Kind regards

    The theme is no longer showing the stars next to rating like on the demo. The ratings text is showing up like the demo, just no stars. Any idea what could cause this? Here is an example:



    Maybe you didn’t re-index Magento after some changes in the catalog? Anyway, this is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example:
    Magento user guide.
    More references can be found in our user guide:
    1. Help & Support.

    Kind regards