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The touch menu does not seem to be working on the iPad at this site: {link removed}

Is there additional css required that is missing from the theme?


It seems you’re using older version, in which touch menu wasn’t available. Please re-download the theme and upgrade it in your store.

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It seems that the “block_name” variable is not working when trying to add the ultramenu block to somewhere on the site with the {{block}} code. Is there a way to get this working?



I don’t quite understand, what variable and what block you meant?

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I’m trying to add the ultramenu to a CMS page on my site via the following code:

{{block type="ultramegamenu/navigation" parent="53" depth="2" block_name="Custom Menu" template="infortis/ultramegamenu/categories.phtml"}}

However, the block_name variable doesn’t work. It displays the name I have entered in the admin panel.

Any ideas on how to allow for the block_name variable to be properly displayed?

Please clear the field “Fallback Block Title”, save the config.and flush the cache.


We want to make the availability and lead-time bold under the main product name. Please advise how we do this.

here is an example of a product page.


When you want to make some non-standard design changes (for which you can’t find settings in theme admin panel), you can do it by adding custom CSS. Enable additional CSS file custom.css in which you can override or extend the default styles of the theme. All the CSS styles placed in this file will not be lost after upgrading the theme in the future. For more details about theme customization please refer to the user guide, chapters 5. Customization and 5.1.2 Override default CSS styles.

Your elements (availability and lead-time) are not marked with any class so you will need to wrap each element inside a DIV with a class name, e.g.:

<div class="my-element1">Availability: preorder</div>

Then you will be able to style this element in your custom.css, e.g.:

.my-element1 { font-weight: bold; }

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We have tried to call a style in the default.css using the div class, however this does not work. “preorder” is attribute which is called using <?php echo $_product->getResource()>getAttribute(“availability”)>getFrontend()->getValue($_product); ?>. Availability: is text within the view.phtml. do we create custom.css in the same directory as default.css

1. It doesn’t matter if it’s attribute or not. Just wrap it all (the code which retrieves the attribute and the text “Availability:”) inside a DIV with your custom class name. This way you will be able to style what is inside that DIV.

2. Where to create custom.css is explained in chapter 5.1.2 Override default CSS styles

Is it possible to add a custom block under the thumbnail images on the product page as there is a large white space on our site. We were thinking of placing the related items here


You would need to customize the template file which is responsible for the product page.

When you want to customize a theme in Magento, you can display the name of template file of every block in the front-end by enabling the “Template Path Hints”. This way you can easily check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

And here you can see an example of how to add static blocks to Magento template files:

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Hi there, Do you plan to give an option of having icons set instead of category names? To see what I am talking about, please see this site: If u don’t, would provide a guide on how to do it, I am a developer and some of my clients have your theme and are asking that.



We’re planning to make it possible in one of the future updates.

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Sir Fortis

1. After creating a category.. the page contains a left side bar which by default contains “compare products” “community poll” “paypal” and “left_sidebar_bottom” block.. How do I edit this so..

A. contains a list of Products, with additional custom blocks B. How do I add my own personal custom blocks C. Which block/page contains the code so I can create my own blocks and then target those blocks for that side menu?

2. When I do create a “product” block and create a product. How do I create a product page for a given product that has a break down of that product. Each product break down page I would like to have the same CMS blocks on the left as noted in (#1 question) so customers can easily navigate through each product. (my store will not contain many products)

Thank you kind sir Fortis. Your regards are kindly regarded.


1. Sidebar blocks such as “community poll” or “paypal” are not related to the theme. These are Magneto blocks. There are no special settings in Magento to edit the sidebar blocks. You can disable those blocks (for details please refer to Magento documentation).

There are two predefined static blocks for custom content added by this theme to the sidebar: block_left_top and block_left_bottom

2. You can change the layout of each product (similar to CMS pages) in Magento so you can enable the left sidebar for all (or selected) products. This is Magento functionality.

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To assign blocks to specific pages you would need to use layout update XML.

You can do it for any CMS page: go to CMS > Pages, select a page and open the Design tab:

Design > Page Layout > Layout Update XML

You can also do it for any category: go to Catalog > Manage Categories, select a category and open the Custom Design tab:

Custom Design > Custom Layout Update

Here’s what to do:
1. So create a new static block, e.g. with the following identifier: my_custom_static_block
2. Add the following code in the Layout Update field:

<reference name="left">
  <block type="cms/block" name="my_custom_static_block">
    <action method="setBlockId"><block_id>my_custom_static_block</block_id></action>

This will add your block to the left sidebar.

And here some more reading :)

Hi I upgraded the website from 1.0 to the most recent update in one go and followed the update guide provided however the site is currently broken with this error code.

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Themeadmin_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/galawatc/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 547

How can I fix this error?


It indicates incorrect upgrade. Most likely not disabled Magento Compilation mode, or you didn’t remove the files of the old theme as described in the Update Guide (module “Themeadmin” doesn’t exist in version 2.x).

Also, please refer to the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the user guide to check the list of possible sources of problems in chapter 14.1.1.

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how do you make the thumbnails larger under the main product page image?


There are no settings to change the size of thumbnails, this would require customization (unfortunately we don’t have any ready solution for that).

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Is it possible to add third custom tab to fortis?

Thank you.

I meant to add like “block_product_tab3”. Thank you for your help.


You would need to customize the theme, by default there are two tabs. More blocks can be added the same way as the block_product_tab1/2 were added. Please see these files as an example:

  • app/design/frontend/<ThemeName>/default/layout/local.xml
  • app/design/frontend/<ThemeName>/default/template/catalog/product/view/tabs.phtml

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Hello there,

Some breakpoints stick between portrait and landscape at the higher resolutions on this site:

Any idea why?

The test device this has happened on is the Galaxy SIII, Nexus and HTC One.


You have set fixed sizes for your banners, e.g. block_home_preface>

min-width: 277px;

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If I have my related products in the top of the secondary column on the product page, is there an easy way to have a block to the right of the product tabs?


Related products can be displayed there (it’s an option in theme admin). But to add there another block you would need to customize the theme.

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HELP!! For some odd reason your theme doesn’t work with IE browsers; it looks fine on Firefox / Chrome but not IE. What did we screw-up? Our site is if you want to check. Thanks!!


Fortis is fully compatible with IE, and your site works perfectly fine. Please check your browser’s settings: disable Compatibility Mode etc.

Kind regards

We tested it some more and it seems the problem only appears on certain IE browser; I will check the version and report back. How far back is Fortis backward-compatible (ie. what’s the oldest version IE you officially support)?


we have got two themes from you ultimo & fortis. want to use them for two stores with one backend. Both stores should not have same pages and cmd blocks. that should be different? where can I change that? thanks in advance Fredde


Both themes use blocks with almost the same identifiers. So if you already have Ultimo installed and you want to install Fortis then you will see this message after you try to import static blocks of Fortis:

Unable to import items with the following identifiers (they already exist in the database)

  • But this is not a problem because in most cases you can use the same block (with exactly the same content) for both themes.
  • In Magento you can create many versions of the same static block (and page), each version for different store view. In case you need another version of a block, you will need to create it manually.
  • In case you need the original content of some static blocks, XML file with content of all blocks can be found in the following directory: app\code\local\Infortis\<ThemeName>\etc\import\
  • All available static blocks (custom content placeholders) are described in the user guide, chapter 6.2 Built-in CMS blocks.

Kind regards

Hello, because of how my server is configured I can’t import all the blocks and pages automatically. When I try to import it logs me out and probably has to do with my installation. I’m using 2.3.1 responsive fortis and wonder if you have a list of pages and static blocks so I can create them myself. The last version had a screenshot and a list of all blocks and pages and I can’t find it in the current documentation and saw that some of the names have been changed. Thanks!

+1 on the post above about using ultimo and fortis on magento multi-store. I’m wondering how to handle pages and static blocks if some have have the same names? Also, I don’t know how to configure a single template on multiple stores when the static blocks have the same names. I think it is similar to the question above from Fredde and it seems that I’m running into the same issue that he is using ultimo and fortis with magento multi-store. Thanks again.


XML file with content of all blocks can be found in the following directory: app\code\local\Infortis\<ThemeName>\etc\import\

With more details we replied below Fredde’s comment .

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I Would like my base theme to look like :

Is there any way to load this template as default, or am i suppose to change all the styling properties ?




Unfortunately there is no tool to import settings in Magento (we’re planning to add it in an update), you would need to set colors manually.

Here you can find screenshots with color settings from all demos:
(Click on each image and then click “Download” button to download the bigger version)

You can also install the Quick Start Package which is a copy of our demo site. It contains all the settings from all demos so you can check there every single detail of the configuration.

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Since this morning we’re unable to open our website in Google Chrome

We’ve tested it on 4 different machines and it’s displaying “processing request” and is very slow.

Is there anything you could to help?

Thanks James


It’s not theme related so I’m unable to advise. It’s something with your server or Magento.

Kind regards


How to change the location of the “brand” images. /var/www/html/media/wysiwyg/infortis/brands

The images in the folder / media are on a CDN.

I would like to have in local (excluding CDN)

To prevent images of “Brand Slider” disappear during a search Ajax



I create a top link custom but i would like display a icon like whislist, account, login

My top link custom, How add an another class for icon hover ?

  • Checkout


sorry my actually cutom top link code : <ul class="links"><li><a href="{{store url='checkout/onepage/'}}" title="order">Checkout</a></li> </ul>

sorry my actually cutom top link code :

<ul class="links"> <li><a href="{{store url='checkout/onepage/'}}" title="order">Checkout</a></li> </ul>


You need to copy the markup of the original link from Top Links:

<ul class="links">
   <a href="{{store url='checkout/onepage/'}}" title="order" class="feature-icon-hover">
      <span class="icon force-no-bg-color i-wishlist-w" />
      <span class="label">Checkout</span>

Kind regards

Thank you

Hello Author -

I’ve been experiencing some conflicts with “product slider”. It doesn’t work since updating to Mag.1.81 + Fortis 2.3.1. – I can’t seem to figure it out. I removed 3rd party extensions and pretty much did everything by the book. It also conflicts with the “brand slider”. Any pointers? I am sure it’s a simple thing I just can’t find.

Thank you~

Dear Author -

I think I found a bug. System > Configuration > Sales > Minimum Advertised Price > Enable Map + Apply Map = When both are set to “Yes” – The “Product Slider” does not display products. The slide is rendered useless.

Lot of trials to find this – it could be tied into something else. But so far, that is the only way I am able to identify to issue.

Thoughts? Take Care…

In Magento (for some reason which I don’t know) MSRP is not enabled for home page. To enable it you would need to open file app\design\frontend\<ThemeName>\default\layout\local.xml, and uncomment this line:

<!--<update handle="MAP_popup" />-->

so that it looks like this:

<update handle="MAP_popup" />

With this sliders should work but still the MSRP pop-up will not work. Sliders are not prepared to display pop-ups (pop-up will be clipped if it sticks out from the slider). So you would need to display products with grid. To display a product grid similar to the grid which you can see in category view, you can add this block code to your home page content:

{{block type='catalog/product_list' category_id='4' grid_column_count='4' hide_toolbar='1' template='catalog/product/list.phtml'}}

Thank you! I did uncomment the line and I did not notice any change re: slide function or aesthetics. My hat is off to you and your team for this awesome theme! When business takes off I’ll keep you in mind for gratuities. Cheers!