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Just sharing, I found out the way to hide add to cart from the category view, add to custom.css those to linee

.products-list .btn-cart { display: none; } .products-grid.centered .item .btn-cart { display: none; }


The Add-to-cart button in the grid mode in category view can be hidden through the user guide, no need to add custom CSS for this. :)

Kind regards

Hello! I wonder how do I add the menu and slider fullscreen as 4 Demo example.

I appreciate your help.


Slideshow config is explained in the user guide:
11.1.2 Slideshow on home page

To set menu color like this, just select some color in:
System > Configuration > Fortis > Theme Design > Main Menu > Background Color

Kind regards

It worked perfectly! Thank you! Well, I have another doubt now. I would like to add a grid of products equal to 4 Demo however it shows a lot of products. I would like to show only products 8, 4 per line, tried using the code below however it shows many products at once. How do I show only the initial 8 products page?

I am using the following code:

Product Grid
{{block type = “catalog / product_list ‘category_id = ‘4’ grid_column_count = ‘4 ‘hide_toolbar = ‘1’ template = ‘catalog / product / list.phtml’}}

This code is not valid (please use sample from the user guide). You need to strip all the added spaces
and use standard quotation marks (i.e.: ") not “ mixed with ‘

Also, disable Magento’s WYSIWYG so that it doesn’t process the code before you start editing the code. Turn it on only when it is needed. Go to System > Configuration > Content Management and set it as Disabled by Default.

can you guide me how i can set “product view” is 3 column

Hi, I’m struggling to add the icons to the custom top links like you have in the demo.

The block_header_top_links contains some code but it is not the code as in your demo, do you have the code please?

The documentation says the standard links can be disabled from the admin panel, I can’t find where I can disable them, could you clarify please?



In System > Configuration > Fortis > Theme Settings, you can find more details in this chapter: 7.9 Default Magento blocks

Blocks block_header_top_links and block_header_top_links2 after import contain some sample code with links and icons. Maybe you’re using some older version which didn’t have the samples.

In your static block keep the default markup to build links with icons:

<ul class="links">
        <a href="" title="This is my link" class="feature-icon-hover">
            <span class="icon force-no-bg-color i-twitter-w" />
            <span class="label">My Link</span>

More about custom icons can be found in the user guide: 6.5.3 Icons

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Thank you, System > Configuration > Fortis > Theme Settings solved the issue.

I am using the latest version of fortix (downloaded today) so the blocks do have some sample markup, I didn’t realise the top links with icons were defined from the admin panel. :-)

Where can I find the code to include a slide show on any page of my site, not just the home page?

If you’re using version older than Fortis 2.3.0 then you would need to upgrade to use slideshow on other pages.

I’m using responsive 2.1.2. Is the difference major or should the upgrade be seamless?

There were major changes in sliders, but it should be seamless if you didn’t have custom modifications in slider files. Test it first before going live.

I want to change sticker text. And it’s possible add more sticker in this theme.


1. All interface labels added by this theme are located in app/design/frontend/<ThemeName>/default/locale/en_US/translate.csv. This file can be used to translate the interface into other languages. It can also be used to change one text to another text. For more details please refer to the user guide: 4.9.1 Interface translation

2. Yes, but there are no settings for this in admin, it would require custom code. Code for labels can be added to: app\code\local\Infortis\Fortis\Helper\Labels.php

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Hello! Loving the theme, just one question:

Is there a proposed solution to properly display very long product image labels in the lightbox? Currently if a label is very long it looks like this:


Caption was designed only for short text (because of the absolute positioning of the lightbox elements). One option to change this would be to replace current style of #cboxTitle selector. Add this code to your custom.css

.catalog-product-view #cboxTitle {
position: absolute;
bottom: 50px;
left: 10px;
text-align: left;
right: 10px;
color: #000;
background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75);
padding: 10px;

The caption will cover the bottom of the image, something like this:

Kind regards


Where do I find price.phtml, or the equivalent of that file where it outputs the price onto the front end for the products?


If you enable “Template Path Hints” your frontend will look similar to that video. Please refer to Magento documentation for more details, this feature is not theme related, it is part of Magento.

Yeah, but it doesn’t seem to be functioning how it used to – is there any other way of doing this? Which files in your theme are used to display the prices on the front end on both category and product view? Thanks.

1. The correct way to enable it is shown in the video, this is the only way. If it doesn’t work, please refer to Magento forum, this is not part of the theme.

2. There is no file for price in the theme. Files responsible for prices are inside Magento “base” theme, we didn’t override those files because it wasn’t needed.

If some template file doesn’t exist in the theme package (because it wasn’t needed and the theme doesn’t override it), then Magento will use the original file from Magento’s “base” theme. If you need to customize this file, you can copy it from “base” theme to the Fortis theme package.

Please refer to chapter 5. Customization in the user guide for more details about Magento structure, customization and fallback mechanism.

Dear Infortis team.

"custom" menu drop-down does not show on mobile menu.

Can you please advice?

Thank you

Not out of the box. You would need to add another custom static block but only to the mobile menu.

Can you please explain more on how I can achieve this?

Thank you

I’m sorry but custom modifications are beyond the scope of our support.

Here you can see an example of how to add static blocks to Magento template files:

Menu bar is created mainmenu.phtml. Mobile version of the menu is between these tags:

<ul class="accordion vertnav vertnav-top grid-full">...</ul>

So the code that displays the static block should be added between <ul>...</ul> tags of the mobile menu.


With last version 2.3.1, it is not possible to disable display brand’s slider ? why ?

before there was an option to disable this slider in “fortis brand config” on the latest version fortis template is no longer offered

I would not display this slider in categories pages


This option was removed in updates. But slider can be easily removed. On category pages brand slider is displayed inside one of the static blocks:
block_left_top, block_left_bottom, block_right_top, block_right_bottom

If you remove the shortcode from blocks (CMS -> Static Blocks) and clear magento cache, slider will be removed.

Thank you

Can you tell me how to turn on the star ratings to show up on the product detail page? And how to turn on the zoom feature?



Ratings has to be created in magento admin, this is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example:

Zoom on product page is enabled by default. If you need to change the configuration please refer to the user guide for more details, all options are described there: 10. Zoom

Kind regards


I’ve noticed the search function on my store frontend doesn’t work well. It throws up wrong search results most of the time. Is there a way I can adjust/enhance the relevance of search results?


Search is Magento’s core functionality not related to the theme in any way.

For better search results you can use this free extension:

Kind regards

Hello, I am going to create image background and I was wondering how can I link the background image to a product or category?


Every page in magento has a unique class name in the body tag so you can apply unique CSS for each page.

Kind regards

Hi Infortis,

I would like to translate the “special Price” snippet inside the feautured Slider

I have already taken a look into


where it is located and already translated, bt obviosly without effect, and tried by editing


but as well without any result.

Can you tell me where this should be translated?



“Special Price” is Magento attribute so you can change it on attribute management page in Magento admin.

All interface labels added by this theme are located in app/design/frontend/<ThemeName>/default/locale/en_US/translate.csv. This file can be used to translate the interface into other languages. It can also be used to change one text to another text. For more details please refer to the user guide: 4.9.1 Interface translation

Best regards

Hello Infortis, thanks a lot, that solved it! Didn’t come to the idea to check attributes… ;)

And in addition another post from me, because I would like to refresh an important issue:

Do you remember the dropdown basket wasn’t popping out in Safari when filled, in my and another users installation?!

Do you have any help for that meanwhile?

I think this is quite important, because Safari is the most used Browser on wy website 41% and I think this should be solved somehow.

Nevertheless fortis is one the best themes I ever bought!

Thx in Advance

This is what is causing the issue: little drop-down box which shows product options when mouse is over the “Details” link in the mini cart has the following style in styles.css:

.truncated .truncated_full_value .item-options {
    position: absolute;

The drop-down box is shown by Magento script inside js/varien/js.js. Apparently this is causing some weird conflict in Safari. But if you get rid of position:absolute; the mini cart stops disappearing.

Of course position:absolute; can’t be removed) otherwise drop-down will not be a drop-down anymore. Instead add this style:

#mini-cart  .truncated .truncated_full_value .item-options {
    -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

Kind regards

Hello Infortis,

excellent! That solved it for me.

Thanks a lot for your help.

We will add this fix to upcoming update (there will be a little delay).

Ok so this is the problem. When I enable the Fortis theme the zoom & tabs work fine, but when I enable the subtheme everything works fine except for the zoom and tabs.

This is the error I get in the console: swing: function (x, t, b, c, d) { //alert(jQuery.easing.default); return jQuery.easingjQuery.easing.def; Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function (repeated 7 times) }, easeInQuad: function (x, t, b, c, d) { return c(t/=d)t + b;

any help is appreciated, thanks

it was a double call to jquery-1.9.1.min.js. Issue has been resolved

Hello dear. I noticed in configurable product, there is no attribute shown inside “Additional info” tab in details page. Although configurable product is set to use attribute set and all attributes are defined for configurable product. For example for “Configurable Phone” product inside “Additional info” tabs we have just “country of manufacture” with empty result. But for each associated product like “Simple phone” or “Phone Blue” we have attribute list in front end inside “Additional info” tab.


This is Magento’s functionality not related to the theme, please refer to Magento documentation for details, for example:

Kind regards

I found the answer. In attribute’s details “Visible on Product View Page on Front-end” must be YES.

Is there a way of getting the theme styles for the category pages applied to the home page if there is a category displayed on there?



I’m not quite sure what styles you meant. But when you want some existing CSS styles to be applied to some other elements you can always customize the theme and copy existing styles to other elements. Your custom CSS can be added to custom.css file. For more details about theme customization please refer to the user guide, chapter 5.1.2 Override default CSS styles.

Kind regards


After installing the template “Fortis”, navigation categories is very very slow, can you contact me to resolve this problem, please


Hello, You can always contact our support via the contact form on our profile page for assistance.

Kind regards

Hi, is it possible to show the categories menu on the left all the time? Currently it is not showing on sub categories, but shows on the main categories.

Also on my order confirmation emails it is asking me to upload my logo. How can I show my logo? I’ve added my logo on the design section. – Sorted this out


If you set the Parent Category option to Root (under System > Configuration > Menu), the menu should be always visible. Check the user guide for details: 13.4.5 Sidebar Menu

Logo settings are not theme related, logo can be configured under: _System > Configuration > Design > Header_

Kind regards