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Just bought the theme today. Great work! Really like the theme. Question… how do you enable the “Category” listing on the left column as shown on the demo?



Please, contact us through the contact form on our profile page for support: :)

Answering your question: If you – for example – want “Fashion” category to be displayed in the sidebar, go to Catalog > Manage Categories > Fashion > Display Settings and set Is Anchor field to Yes. Do the same for each category that needs to be displayed in the sidebar.

This theme looks very interesting!

Excuse me if the following sounds a bit like a dumb question, but:

Since this theme is not a sub-theme of the Magento “default” theme, but instead a standalone design package, can you than still use all the extensions available through Magento Connect?

Curious. Thanks.

There are no dumb questions. :)

You can still use all the extensions available through Magento Connect.

I just installed your theme and enabled it in the admin’s configuration.

Visiting the front-end, I am getting the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘Infortis_ThemeAdmin_Block_Slideshow’ not found in /www/htdocs/xxxxxxx/test2/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Layout.php on line 465

I was following the instructions of chapter 8.1 of your documentation, but the error remains.

Any help would be highly appreciated!!!

Please, contact us through the contact form for support:

Check if all the theme files are uploaded.

Solved – I have just uploaded all files file by file and it’s working now.

Thank you very much for your fast support!

Great Work! Thanks!)

Olá, boa noite. Desculpe a tradução, sou do Brasil e estou usando o tradutor do Google. O tema é compatível com o magento 1.5? O slideshow da página principal pode ter a altura reduzida, sem prejudicar sua apresentação? Podemos usar o menu em verde por exemplo? Há manual de instalação e configuração? A instalação pode ser feita através do magento connect?

graciously Ronaldo Ribeiro

Hello, good evening. Sorry about the translation, I’m from Brazil and I’m using Google translator. The theme is compatible with Magento 1.5? The slideshow of the home may have reduced the height, without harming your presentation? We can use the menu in green for example? There are manual installation and configuration? The installation can be done through magento connect?

graciously Ronaldo Ribeiro

Hello. Theme is not compatible with 1.5. Slideshow height can be changed easily in the admin. Installation is very simple: just uplod files to your server and activate the theme in the admin panel.

Suberb theme! And so easy to configure unlike so many others.

I have two questions :)

1) What is the ideal dimension for Categories images and logo size
2) I have deleted (very stupidly, I am moving from a different theme) my CMS home page, can you perhaps tell me what was is needed for fortis there

I have recreated a basic <div> </div> with a category slider in it.


Thank you for purchasing, I’m happy that you like it. :)

For support please contact us via the contact form on our profile page:

1) Ideal dimension for category images: 720 pixels wide, and any height. For logo: 85 pixels high, any width.

2) You can enable the slideshow in the admin panel, so on your home page you can put any content you want (it will be displayed below the slideshow). It’s best to use “1 column” layout for home page.

Hi. I love the theme…Magento themes must be very hard to code as this is the best theme I have seen on Magento. That is one of the reason I have stayed away from Magento.

I have couple of maybe dumb question but I have not used Magento so bare with me.

I own a toy store so I have put a lot of products per page. Otherwise there are too many pages for customers to navigate.

- Main Page products Is it possible or easy to put 5 to 6 products in a row instead of current 4 images by making thumbnails smaller?

- Category Page products Is it possible to put 5 or 6 products in a row instead of current 3 images per row?

Thanks…I am 90% convinced on purchasing the theme.


Hello, Kevin. Home Page products can be displayed in 4 or 5 columns. But a bit of customization is needed to display 5 or 6 columns on Category Page.


I love this theme! I’m having an issue with everything below the slider on the homepage not working, I sent you a message via your profile page including my url, any help would be really appreciated!

Hello, I have sent you an email few hours ago, please check your spam folder. :)

To fix your issue you need to replace default Magento home page content with your own content.

I have a number of magento shops on different themes including layover that I purchased from this site. I look through the themes on the offer from time to time trying to find something that would impress me and I think this theme is different from many others and is good. I am considering getting it. However there is something what is putting me off at the moment. As a shop owner I always try to look at the templates as if I were a customer. I tried demo site in firefox, chrome and explorer. The concern is that using explorer on my machine I was unable to buy a product on demo site and as soon as I clicked add to cart I received a page asking me to enable the cookies (already enabled) however there is one box that should be ticked in explorer setting which was not ticked on mine. In firefox and chrome I had no problem at the checkout. My thinking is that my own machine has setting typical for the majority of customers and although I personally prefer chrome a majority of customers are still using internet explorer. I do not think all of them will go deep into settings to tick that box so I believe I will be losing sales and customers if I get and install this theme. Once again this may be not a direct fault of the theme and can be rectified by changing default settings in internet explorer but this is a hassle only few visitors will choose to do. I have never encountered this issue with other magento themes I have had so far.

I would like to here from the developer in this respect. This is a serious issue in business terms.

On a different note I am still looking for a sort of wider or stretched template for magento not a typical narrow fixed design which I personally find to be a sort of cramped.

Which version of IE are you using?

Page displayed when cookies are disabled explains how to enable cookies – step by step. We’re trying to do our best, but we can’t be responsible for user’s web browser settings.

Best regards

The issue was related to Magento not to Fortis Theme. Than you very much for your help.

I’d rate this theme 6 stars if I could. Theme support via email is epic, best magneto theme and support on themeforest!!

Dear Infortis

To clarify – I am using Explorer 9 – not outdated version like 6 or others. Under checkbox I meant “always allow session cookies”. Cookies were already allowed for first and third parties but this box was the issue.

I appreciate you cannot be responsible for personal settings. However, I stressed that I looked at the issue as I were a customer. I have my own internet explorer settings by default as well as firefox and chrome – ordinary people not iT gurus as a rule do not change them. So other great themes I have such as layover and ultimento work fine in my explorer but not this theme (which I honestly liked in common with all other competent people here).

We will look into that. The theme has been tested on Explorer 9 with default settings, and we have never had this issue. We have been unable to reproduce this issue. Please contact me via the contact form on our profile page.

The issue was related to Magento not to Fortis Theme. Than you very much for your help.

Thank you, please keep us updated as we are actually interested in purchasing your theme. To be honest the other theme we purchased from this site (layover) turned out not to be 100% success as we had a number of customers who reported issues during purchases this is why we are considering moving to your theme. I also wanted to retest you demo site but it was down for some reason some time ago.

Will this work with the google product feed extension?

I do not know this extension, please contact me via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi, I am From Mexico and am really interested on your theme, but i have some questions before buying.

1) I have never used magneto only wordpress, I was wondering how hard is it to install and admin the theme with the user guide documentation that you give for a magneto starter?

2) Does magneto or the theme have checkout and payment methods like paypal or do I have to add them?

3) Can the currency be changed to mexican pesos?

Thank you very much for your comments

1) If you have Magento installed, you only have to upload theme files to install the theme, it’s very easy.

2) Magento is fully integrated with PayPal and other payment methods, you only have to configure it in the backend.

3) Yes, and you can also set multiple currencies.

Magento is a complex application, so you will need some time to learn how to use it. You may find this useful:

Bought the theme yesterday – easy installation – no problems. really great work! Author support is also very good!

I and can change the color, eg red to blue easily?

It will take you 30 seconds, including logging in to the admin panel. :)

Great! I will use the theme in Portuguese. Will there be any problem in the translation of the theme?

I’m happy that you like it. There will be no problems.

Hi infortis WHy my web home page ‘SLide’ no Picture

Please contact us via the contact form for support. I have sent you an email, but now I see that you already handled your problem yourself.