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One more question. Is it easy to make changes to top menu? Instead of current menu which is “Fashion | Electronics | Magento | Music | Books | Custom” I want to use menu structure that consists of shop by which consists of ” Category | Price | Color | Brand | Manufacturer” etc…

New stores with alot of products are using this new menu structure to make it easy for customers to find what they want easily.


Magento doesn’t have this feature by default. But of course you can create any categories you want, and all of them will be displayed in the main menu.

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme but i have a few questions. I not really great with magento but I’m learning:)

1. Can I create static blocks on the home page with html paragraph below?

2. How hard would it be to add LinkedIn icon social link in the same row with the other social links?

3. Can the dropdown main menu background color be changed?

1. On the home page you can create any content you want, either text or HTML .

2. There is a HTML snippet in the User Guide so adding a link will be a piece of cake.

3. It can’t be changed in the admin panel, but you can edit CSS file to change the color. We can assist you if you will need help.

Can I use this on Magento Professional ver. Or does it only work on community edition?

It is designed for Magento Community Edition, but you could customize it for Magento Professional.

How hard is that, in your opinion? I don’t actually know the differences between community and pro.

Magento Professional has got some extra features which are not available in the Comunity Edition:

Maybe this can help you a bit:

Thank you very much for your great theme and mostly for your support, glad i made the right choice .

nothing seems hard with great theme construction and guidance ..

thanks again :)

Earlier I reported an issue as to add to cart function in Internet Explorer 9. This issue has now been reviewed by the theme author and I am pleased to advise everyone that the problem has gone. Apparently the issue was related to Magento not to this Fortis theme. Thank you for good work.

Hi infortis How add Slideshow on Home Page ’’ More details ’’ I try to But always fail··


The menu bar does’nt appear on my website, I have add categories and configure the menu theme design though.

What I am doing wrong? I’m a beginer on magento.

By the way, GREAT theme !

Thank you. :) I have just sent you a message. You need to make sure that you have created the Root Category. Please follow this Magento tutorial:

Perfect theme & pefect support ! Can’t be more satisfied.

Hi, Great great theme – looking forward to seeing (and buying) more of your work if it looks this good – have asked a question (probably silly) via your support page and still awaiting a reply – guess your busy.

How do you add the links to the slideshow on the home page? Is it by making them cms blocks instead of images?

thanks, and again great work. S

Thank you, I’m happy that you like it. I’m sorry, we didn’t get your message.

You are correct. To display a link (or any other HTML ) inside the slide, you need to create a static block (please reffer to the chapter 6.1 in the User Guide). After you create a block, go to the slidshow admin page, and in the Displayed Static Blocks field enter that block’s identifier. Now that block will be displayed as a slide. You can of course add more blocks.

Is there anyway i can pay you a bit extra to get the Menu working? I can’t seem to get it working even though I have followed the instructions as stated in your link above.

Make sure that you have created the Root Category, and your categories have these settings:
  • Is ActiveYes
  • Include in Navigation MenuYes

Please contact us via the contact form on profile page. I’ll try to help you tomorrow (now it’s the middle of the night in my country).

Looks like a great theme. Can customers leave a review and provide a star rating for each product offered on the site? I didn’t see this capability on the demo site. Thank you!

Yes, of course. Please see this example.

I should have known to click around some more! Thanks for pointing that out to me.

I have a error with configurable products. At the product page there will not show the color options of the configurable products??

How can i fix it?

Thank you

Hello. Please use the contact form on our product page for support.

As you can see in our demo attributes are working in Fortis Theme. Make sure that attribute configuration is correct. You can follow this tutorials: Link 1, Link 2

Hey, nice theme. I have been playing with the demo and found a couple of bugs and wanted to let you know.

1. The Sample and Read This tabs on the side should have a higher z-index as they are coming up behind images and the slider.

2. The newsletter subscribe box – if you put a bad address in and it gives you an error, the input box shoots to the left to accomodate the error text.

Other than that the theme looks great and I will be purchasing soon. If anyone has already mentioned these bugs, sorry!

Thank you very much for your notice.

1. This was fixed in the last update. We just didn’t have time to update the demo store.

2. It will be fixed in the next update(in a few days).

Thanks again.

Hi Infortis,

Great Theme, just bought it. I would like to use lightbox for the images and installed Easy Lightbox but it does not seem to work. Can you please point me in the right direction as how to make it work? That would be great.

Thanks and greetings


Please use the the contact form on our profile page for support.

First of all you will need to disable Cloud Zomm in the admin panel. If the lightbox doesn’t work you will need to replace app\design\frontend\FORTIS\default\template\catalog\product\view\media.phtml with the same file from lightbox module.

When I applied this theme the security seems to be comprimised. The url shows a broken lock in chrome and firefox when I go to the account page. The last time I ran into this on a different theme it was something to do with web fonts being called from an unsecure location ( Tried changing that but it didn’t help.

Any suggestions?


That’s right, the issue is caused by web fonts being called from an unsecure location. It is already fixed in the current version. Please download the theme again.

I just purchased and setup in 10 minutes. Great theme, Great documentation, Great support.Perfect. Thank you

We are not able to get the footer “inline link” or the “custom top link” to line up. Please advise.


Inline links will be automatically aligned, if you use this simple HTML template from the User Guide:

    <li class="first"><a href="page1">Link 1</a></li>
    <li><a href="page2">Link 2</a></li>
    <li><a href="page3">Link 3</a></li>
    <li class="last"><a href="page4">Link 4</a></li>

is there an easy way to get the change currency drop down to show in the header as per the demo?

awesome theme btw. completely faultless installation.

Thank you. :)

The currency drop-down is displayed in the header by default, but you need to enable more than one currency in the Magento admin panel: System > Configuration > Currency Setup > Allowed Currencies

That’s what I thought, but I have 3 allowed currencies and yet the drop down does not show. Any ideas?

Also setup currency rates in System > Manage Currency Rates, reindex and refresh cache.

your theme is awesome, i am one of ur buyer, there is one request and i hope you can help me, would you mind posting ur current homepage design setting under cms pages to my email at and i like to add the online chat support as well, how can i do that, please assist, Thx again

Thank you for purchasing, I’m glad that you like it. :) Please contact us via the contact form for support:

Hi ,it support spanish lenaguage?

Hola! ;) Fortis Theme is suitable for any language, so there will be no problem with spanish.

Hi i bought the product i cat configure it, i go to Configuration->Infortis Extensions Tab -> Theme admin then magento tell me this 404 Error

Page not found.

No worries. :) Just log out, clear your cache in var/cache, and log in again.