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We are probably not seeing it in the manual. Can you show us how to get the block_product_main_bottom static block to display the social elements as such of the demo site?

Thanks in advance

In our demo store we are using AddThis widget, but you can put any content inside that block, e.g. it can be Facebook “Like it” button or anything else.

Will this template install on MagentoGO?

No, it’s only for Community Edition.

Sorry to bother you again, but i cant make appear de menu navegation var, i already set up a few categories but it doesnt appear.

Please refer to this post.

Please do not use comments for support requests

Let’s keep the comment section clean and readable. Contact us via the contact form on our profile page for support.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

Hello, I’d like to know the value for Magento template installation on my hosting. Thank you.

Great theme!!! 2 questions. How do I edit the home page slider? I want to put in my own custom video player, so replace the slider code with my video player.

2nd question I want to have the very light header wit the blue nav just like site 6 preview on the bottom of your demo. How do I do this??

Thank you for purchasing.

Do you mean home page slideshow or product slider? Please contact us via the contact form on our profile page.

Light gray header and blue nav can be enabled in admin panel. Please refer to the User Guide: 3.2 Enable sub-themes/skins and 4.1 Design.

Also check out 6.3.2 Fixed position blocks. :)

How did you add the live chat image?

Great theme, just two things i noticed the Read This widget is appearing behind the slider and the products when it pops out, also the live support appears behind the slider and the top row of products, Can this be fixed? I am using Firefox 5.0?

I want to buy if you can fix this, Thanks

Thank you very much for your notice. This was fixed in the last update. We just didn’t have time to update the demo store.

I send you a message for support thanks

Hello, I just bought your theme yesterday and installed it and no item show up in my mini cart?? Please advise.

The theme is not compatible with Magento, that was the problem. But I’m glad it’s fixed now. :)

HI – Is it possible to use this theme with Magento Or duo I have to uprade my Magento installation to use this Theme?

Hello, It is not yet compatible with Magento In most cases it will work, but you would probably need some customization.

Thanks for your reply – Are you planning to make it compatible if I buy it? I need to find out how big a hassel it is to upgrade to first…

We’re working on it. But I can’t promise that it will be released, it depends on many issues.

Since this extension is a ‘stand alone’, if i want to install other extensions (shipping, M2E …etc) to add more feature to the site will it break this extension?

pls scratch my previous question…

just read through some of the comments and i have got the answer (yes)

that is great!

btw, you should let members to ask comments on here instead going through the support link. This give the opportunity for potential buyers to see the questions being asked that may help to their case.

Open is always great!

The contact form is connected to our support system so it’s much easier to provide help this way. :)

There is also FAQ available, we will add there often repeated questions.

I can’t get the menu’s to come up.

I followed your tutorial. And the menu’s popped up for one save and now I’m not getting any dice.

I’ve created 2-3 root categories. And some subcategories.

I’m new to magento, so I’m sorry.

No worries. :)

Create the root category (you only need one). Select this root category in System > Manage Stores > [your store] > Root Category and click Save. Add some subcategories with these settings:

  • Is Active – Yes
  • Include in Navigation Menu – Yes

Next, add some products to subcategories (not to root category). And it’s done.

Nice work, really nice design and work, congrats.

Thank you. :)

what’s the eta on 1.7 support?


Could you please explain what do you mean? :)

We will make our theme compatible with all new Magento versions. After Magento 1.7 (stable) is released, we will create an update to make Fortis Theme compatible.

Thank you. I guess adding the products is important too.

Hey, I want to purchase this theme for magento, but I have some questions: Is it compatible with the newest version of magento? Is it possible to have demo content already installed after setting up the magento cms? Thank you a lot! Seems to be a great theme :-)


The theme is compatible with the latest stable release: Magento

Sample products are not included in the download files. You can install sample products with ease by following this short tutorial on the official Magento site: Magento sample data. It must be installed prior to the basic Magento Installation.

In our User Guide you will also find a detailed description of how to create each of the static blocks which you can see in our demo.

hello infortis,

Can I please ask:

If i buy the theme now, do I need to purchase again when Magento release new version?


upgrade will be free for purchaser?

My appology if this question have been asked before.

thank you


“when utropicmedia says

what’s the eta on 1.7 support?”

i think this person mean to ask the expected release on this extension that will support 1.7 (i think lol)


We will make our theme compatible with all new Magento versions. After Magento 1.7 (stable) is released we will create an update to make Fortis Theme compatible.

After purchasing you will always be able to download the latest updated version for FREE . You just need to log in on your ThemeForest account and download Fortis Theme again.


Hi there,

I am interested in this theme. but i have one question. Is it possible to have a menu on the right sight with multiple category? I only see a horizontal menu on the top. I hope for a quick reply really want to buy a theme now :)


By default there is only a horizontal menu on the top. You can also display categories in the layered navigation block in the left sidebar – you can see an example in the demo.