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I like your theme…

Is it possible to change the product list page to full page want to remove the left side menu…



Yes, it can be customized. However you can’t do it in admin panel.


Great design overall.

I’m pretty keen to use your new theme for a site redesign, once v1.7 is out and theme is updated if it needs to be.

One thing we want to make sure of with new redesign is our site meets w3c validation to ensure no browser slowdown or crawl errors, I did a quick validation on and your demo site has 9 minor errors and 2 warnings. I was wondering if you could fix these for your next release? as they probably won’t take you very long at all.

Of course, it will be fixed. We’re already working on it.

hi hi,

Could you please help me:

I install the theme up to the stage where i want to put the ‘Addthis’ plugin!

I download Addthis and loaded those files to my root folder

I can see Addthis in my Admin panel but on the product page ‘no show’

I have read the manual under point 6.3.4 Product page i can

make a ‘block_product_main_bottom’ that would be ideal for Facebook like etc

How can i stick Addthis into this block please

thank you in advance


We have never tried this extension, but according to the tutorial you can insert this code:

{{block type=”sharingtool/share” name=”addthis_sharetool”}}

into your block_product_main_bottom block content. But much easier solution is to insert the HTML code from into your block. You do not need any additional modules for this. :)


oh i forgot to tell you i follow this instruction on Addthis site

probably stuff it up lol!


sorry for my English but I am forced to use google translator.

Regarding the slideshow, I have built a block from statik tab CMS , Statik Block, then I have said the reference in the Admin Block Fortis, and the file path and name images , however, nothing works …

Could you help me to solve this problem which is the only one I’ve met …

thank you very much


Jeremy Carrez

Hello, Jeremy,

Please contact us via the contact form:

Hello, I asked before but I got no response. I’d like to know the value for Magento template installation on my hosting. I await response Thank you. :)


Please contact us via the contact form:


I was wondering if anyone else has been having trouble installing extensions and getting them to work with this theme. I think the ‘stand alone’ aspect of this theme is giving me some trouble. For example:

An extension I am trying to use expects the theme directory to be located:



but per theme install instructions it is here:



This is the exact extension… maybe it is their error, or maybe it is only this extension IDK .

I did submit this issue via contact form too but am interested to see if anyone else has had issues with other extensions?

Minus this, I really love this theme though!



Thank you for purchasing, I’m happy that you like.

If your extension is installed in Magento “default” theme’s directory: app/design/frontend/default/default

you will need to copy all its files and move them to Fortis directory: app/design/frontend/fortis/default

Almost every extension will work “out of the box” with Magento “default” theme. But when it is installed in the store with custom theme you will often need to customize your theme. You will need to “tell” it where the extension’s content should be displayed. You usually need to make two steps.
1. Add the extensin’s block in the layout update file in your theme:
2. Insert this block output into the template file.

For example:
you install an extension which displays a block with shipping table on the product page. In our Fortis Theme default Magento file app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalog/product/view.phtml which is responsible for product page, was overridden. So you will need to insert this block (the one with shipping table) into the product page manually.

We tried to override as little default Magento files as possible, but sometimes we just couldn’t avoid it. So it doesn’t really matter if the theme is a standalone design package or a sub-theme of Magento “default” theme. You ofeten need to customize the theme to insert the extension’s output.

We would like to hear from you and other ThemeForest members which way is better for you. What do you think? We’ll try to improve the theme as much as we can.

I’m sorry for my english.
Kind regards.

Hi, I see a blank screen, in SALES >> ORDER . How to solve? Thank You.


Please be more specific, contact us via the contact form on our profile page:

After installation log out from Magento admin panel, clear the store cache under var/cache directory, and log in again.

Hi, I see a blank screen, in SALES >> ORDER . How to solve?

--Your solution did not work

Thank You.


I’m sorry but this issue is not related with the Fortis Theme. There is probably something wrong with Magento installation/configuration. Which Magento version are you using?

Hello. It is great! I have a probrem on Home Page. I want to delete breadcrumbs on Top, But i don’t know how to that. Please re-comment to me. Regards,


Breadcrumbs by default are not displayed on the home page. You can also disable breadcrumbs on all CMS pages. To do that, go to System > Configuration > Web and set Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages to “No”.



Thanks for a great theme. And THANK YOU for the GREAT SUPPORT you are showing here. That is truly amazing, and highly valued.

I would like to request help on how to make buttons to the Slides, like in your demo. Also is there a way to make the slide-picture clickable, so that customer could navigate straight from the slide to the right place.

So, 2 things: -How to make link-button to slideshow -Is it possible to make slide as a link. If yes, how?

Best Regards, “seoensio”

PS. Sorry for my bad english!


Many thanks. :)

To display a link (or any other HTML ) inside the slide, you need to create a static block (please reffer to the chapter 6.1 in the User Guide ). Insert any HTML you want into the block content field. Write down block identifier.

After you create a block, go to System > Configuration > Theme Admin > Slideshow on home page and in the Displayed Static Blocks field enter that block’s identifier (chapter 4.3 in the User Guide). Click Save and now that block will be displayed as a slide. You can of course add as many blocks as you need.

To make the slide picture clickable, use this HTML as a block content:

<a href="{{store url='fortis-magento-theme'}}">
<img src="{{media url='infortis/_home/slideshow/01.jpg'}}" />

infortis/_home/slideshow/01.jpg is a path to your image located in media directory.

fortis-magento-theme is URL of the target page.

Kind regards

Don’t worry about your english, my english is worse. :)


Can you help me out? i’m getting this error in cloud ext:

<a href=” Fatal error: Call to undefined function getimgurl() in /home/atmyexte/public_html/app/design/frontend/fortis/default/template/infortis/cloudzoom/catalog/product/view/media.phtml on line 130 ....

i had it working before but now this. Also I cant see the cart drop down in IE9 .

Thanks….and great theme:)”>


We have tested cart drop-down and it works fine in IE9 . Please contact us via our profile page: We will look into these two issues. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


is there a tutorial availeble for this? I have edit the template with a column on the left but it gives compare products and not (root) category.

Or where can i find it in the manual. Thank you in advance. PS the theme is wonderful we love it :)

Thank you!

You can display categories in the layered navigation block at the top of the left sidebar. To display selected category in the layered navigation block, go to the category edit page in the admin panel: Catalog > Categories, click on the selected category and set Display Settings > Is Anchor field to Yes.

Now this category will be displayed in the layered navigation. You can do the same with all categories.

I hope it will help you.


Nice theme.

Any idea when Magento 1.7 will be released??

Would it be easy to setup and upgrade to 1.7 if I start styling and working on this theme with Magento 1.6?

BTW there is a problem with your product pages, information and images aren’t displaying.


Thank you for your notification. We are updating the demo, it will be available soon.

Magento 1.7 will be probably released in a few weeks. We will make Fortis compatible with Magento 1.7, so you will be able to upgrade your store. To upgrade the theme you will just need to upload all the files again and overwrite old files.

Demo store is already working. Thank you for your patience.

Hi, I am having the hardest time installing this theme. I’ve been trying for the past 6 hrs. and I have emailed you guys, but still have not gotten a response. Hence, I’m commenting here. I keep on getting this message: An error occurred while saving this configuration: package with this name does not exist and cannot be set.

I am currently hosting site via hostgator. I did the quickinstall for magento via hostgator. Followed the user guide. var/cache – i wasn’t sure about this… I’m assuming it was on hostgator cpanel. went to cpanel filemanager, public_html,var, cache – and deleted all the files. I’m assuming this is it. Then I extracted the fortis theme using winzip then, I downloaded filezilla. I uploaded the theme file to public_html (I asked hostgator and they told me this is where I need to upload it) – didn’t really know where the magento root folder is and it seems like the people at hostgator doesn’t know either. I uploaded the theme file only to public_html, went into magento admin and it still did not work. I logged out and cleared the var/cache as described above. I uploaded all of the extracted theme forest file to public_html via filezilla and still I got the same error message. I did a lot of research on magento, contacted hostgator, emailed you guys(no response yet), and I still can’t seem to get the theme uploaded. I am very new to magento, hostgator, filezilla, and your theme. I hope you can give a clear answer to this comment so I can get the theme to work. Examples would have been nice on the user guide for someone who is so new to all of this.

1. Is clearing the var/cache above correct? 2. Where is the magento root folder via filezilla? It doesn’t have this name anywhere in the files of filezilla for my website. I hope this helps others who are new to this. It’s been a one day learning experience trying to upload this theme.

Hello, cathyfaith,

We have replied to your email after a few minutes. Check your spam folder, please.

BTW consider that we may be in a different time zone. It was the middle of the night in our country. :)

Magento root folder is a folder on your server where Magento was installed. In your case it is public_html.

You need to upload all the theme files to your magento root folder.

To clear var/cache folder you need to delete all files inside var/cache. But do not delete var/cache folder.

Kind regards

All day yesterday, I uploaded the (theme) folder to public_html and followed the directions and I’m still getting the same error message:An error occurred while saving this configuration: package with this name does not exist and cannot be set. I’ve even had the hostgator rep uninstall and reinstall magento. Then reuploaded the theme many times, and it still did not work. I tried uploading the (fortis theme) folder to public_html and got the same message. I’m assuming it’s not the zipped file and it’s the folder itself. Or, do I have to go to individual folders within the theme folder (ex: js folder) and upload it this way? I’ve tried it so many times, followed the user guide instructions and I’m not sure why it’s still giving me the error message. I also noticed that someone had the same problem in the magento forum.

Currently, I put folders- (theme), (fortis theme) – extracted, and the zipped folder all into the public_html, and it is still giving me the same error message in magento admin.

I also didn’t do number 3 on the user guide: Backup your store database and web directory. Could this be the problem? I skipped this since this is a new magento store. And what does backup your web directory mean? thanks


It’s new installation, so you don’t need to backup your database and files. This is not a problem.

When you unzip the file downloaded from ThemeForest, go to Fortis Theme/Theme. Inside there are 4 folders (app, js, media, skin). Upload those 4 folders to your server, to the folder where your Magento is installed (inside this folder you can find index.php file).

You do not need to upload any other files, just those 4 folders.

Kind regards

Hi I have purchased this theme and I would like to add the search box inside the nav, where can I find the file to edit the nav?


You would need to edit more than one file. Please contact us via the contact form on our profile page.

Kind regards

very very nice theme, opencart version please!!! ;)

Thanks a lot, we’ll need to think about it. :)

Hi, is it possible to put a slider ( like the one on the home page but with different pictures) in each subcategory page?

if i have to make a static block what Html code i should use? Thanks in advance

Hello. Please contact us via the contact form on profile page.


Thanks for the amazing theme, one of the best magento themes I’ve ever seen. I want to know if it is possible to add statis CMS pages to the main menu, the same menu that the product categories are listed on.


Thanks a lot. :)

You can create a static block with links to all static CMS pages (or with any other content). Please refer to 6.3.1 Header in the User Guide for more details.

Hey, Great theme. I wonder if ever you’ll make this one for OpenCart too ?

Hello, Many thanks, but we do not plan to make it for OpenCart.

Is this tested in 1.6.2?

Yes, the theme is fully compatible with Magento 1.6.2.